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Four things to remember before you decide to move



things to remember before you decide to move

things to remember before you decide to move

Moving to a new city is a lot like getting a makeover. Except it’s not just your hair or your fashion sense you’re changing, it’s your entire life. You’re not just switching the house you grew up in for a PG near BTM Layout 1st stage for gents, you’ve got to adjust to a new language, new culture, new cuisines and new weather patterns. That’s a lot, especially in this new post-pandemic world with its restrictions, shortages and greater fear levels. So, how can you ensure that you have a smooth and hassle-free moving experience? Whether it’s your first or umpteenth time moving to a new city, we’ve got a set of things for you to remember so you can ace the move.

Be the early bird

The best thing about planning to move in 2021 is that a lot of other people are choosing to move as well. And unlike previous years, the advent of work-from-home means that there’s a lot of out-migration happening from major metropolitan cities like Bangalore. That means, there’s a huge likelihood that the flat you’re planning to move to has been empty for a while. So, why not ask your landlord if you can move some of your belongings in earlier than usual? If you can get that permission, you’ll be able to ship bulky items ahead of time and break up your moving process so that it will be easier and more affordable. And last but not least, for all the waste and items that are no longer useful to you, you don’t need to bother fitting them in the boxes, rent a dumpster today instead and let a waste disposal company handle it.

Pack strategically

When you’re packing up all your belongings, the tendency is to group like with like. So, all clothes go into one box, your books in another and so on. And while this can be a sensible option, it can make unpacking a huge chore, as you’ll have to re-segregate your entire life. Instead, try packing up your things according to the rooms in which they belong. So, all the clothes that will go in your wardrobe can go into one box, but the winter sweaters you won’t need for the next six months can sit with your extra linen and storage items. This will make unpacking a much quicker and easier process, taking a lot of stress out of moving. Don’t forget to also pack a smaller bag of essentials with your toiletries, a change of clothes, and any important documents so that you’re able to survive even if it takes you a day or two to unpack the rest.

Don’t move in immediately after the previous resident

This may not be something that’s directly in your control, but if the flat or hostel you’re moving to had a previous occupant, it’s best not to move in immediately after they move out. The reasoning for this is simple. If you have a little bit of time when the accommodation is empty, you can negotiate with your landlord to finish any maintenance or repairs that the property might need. You don’t want to negotiate getting a fresh coat of paint for the walls, while also juggling unpacking. And you don’t want to be repairing a leaking tap in the kitchen minutes after you move in. So, make a note of the improvements and repairs you need done, and give your landlord some time to do it. Then you can move into your new home once it’s good as new.

Move in the middle

When you’re planning the logistics of your move, you might think the weekend is the best time to carry it out. But booking your packers and movers in Marathahalli in the middle of the week is going to be a lot cheaper. The same logic applies to booking a move in the middle of the month, rather than in the first or last week. Not only will your booking rate be cheaper, arranging other utilities and services will also be a lot easier as weekdays tend to be less busy.

These four simple reminders can make moving easy as a breeze for you. So, don’t stress over the process, keep our pointers in mind and pack your bags. Your new city is waiting to welcome you.

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