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Guide to Hire a Dedicated Development Team





With the business environment taking on the pace and the immense alterations the pandemic has brought in within a few past years, the approach to running business has changed. Now it urges companies to capture emerging trends, and respond to them as fast as possible by integrating them and seeking modern ways to drive business forward.

Outsourcing has long been on the IT radar as a method of hiring necessary talents for your projects. In the new normal, its role is not underestimated, as more and more companies are seeking to hire a remote dedicated development team.

A dedicated development team (DDT) is an outsourcing type that involves experts to work on the specific task. It offers a wide range of advantages, including wise distribution of resources, cutdowns on expenditures and greater focus on business strategies. What is the dedicated team development model? Read more here.

Pros and cons of the dedicated team outsourcing

Outsourcing allows companies to hire experts from a strong pool of talent, not limited geographically or culturally. Outstaffed teams demonstrate greater dedication and focus to the projects and significantly cut development expenditures, avoid hidden costs related to hiring in-house staff, and  shorten the time-to-market.

Using external help for your projects has several downsides, for example, for burning tasks, since it still takes some time to gather the team. It may also involve communication issues, i.e. language and time zone barriers, if these aspects are not discussed in time. That’s why it is crucial to create a hiring framework and plan all the steps to avoid potential hazards.

How to hire a dedicated development team

The first step in hiring dedicated developers is research and selection. Define the scope of the project and make a list of wanted specializations, and look for references online. After you have the list of potential companies set up, evaluate their experience and past work.

There are a few tips on starting to work on communication with the potential outsourcing companies:

  • Clearly state your project idea and business strategy
  • Provide a dedicated development team with your vision and expectations from your future cooperation.
  • Define potential risks and ways to mitigate them
  • Specify the managerial aspects of the cooperation between you as a customer and outsourcing team

DDT could be a great solution for long- and short-term projects that will enable you to cut costs and get optimal results.

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