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How to earn money with app builders?



earn money with app builders

earn money with app builders

Mobile apps have a variety of monetization options. And, they do make tons of money as well. Moreover, with the growing usage of mobile applications, the number of apps downloaded from the mobile app market has also drastically risen.

Whether you create a free app or a paid app, you can get a good income with the suitable monetization method.

Suppose you are an app developer or run a mobile application. In that case, it is high time to incorporate suitable and multiple monetizing ways in your app. That’s what we are going to see in this post. Proceed to learn about the various ways that could enable you to earn money by making mobile applications using app builders.

Hence, if you still wonder how to earn revenue from free app builders, you can get insights by following the methods given below.

Selling your App

The easiest method to make money through app builders is by creating a paid app. The higher the number of app downloads from mobile app stores, the higher the revenue conversion.

Since paid apps limit the monetizing sources, you can offer your app free of cost. When you publish your app on the App Store or the Google Play Store, this process will be automatically counted as in-app purchases or subscriptions.

Nonetheless, there is another way to sell your app that some app builders provide along with the subscription plan. Take the example of the Andromo no-code app builder. This app-building platform allows many monetizing options to its users. One such option is to become an app seller. If you go with this option, you get access to sell apps on Amazon or Google Play.

Another similar benefit offered by the Andromo app builder is building custom apps for your clients and taking a commission for the same. Thus, if you can create a satisfactory mobile application for your clients, you can earn a handsome amount of money with your app-building skills. You ca hire best app developer from here


Various studies have found that digital advertising on mobile platforms is more profitable than on web-based platforms. In-app advertising is more effective in reaching the target audience. And for app developers, advertising is the most usual way to increase earnings from free apps.

Mobile advertising also has various modes. For instance, the no-code app builder Andromo offers users the most versatile mobile advertising tools like Google AdMob and Facebook Ads. So, let us see what the other options for easy monetizing are.

  • In Content Native Ads

The integration of native ads on apps usually comes off as the app experience for the users. They appear as sponsored video content threads in the app based on the user’s past activities. It is one of the most efficient money-making channels.

  • Transitions Interstitial Ads

You must have seen many pop-up ads on the side of the app screen at times. These pop-ups are the interstitial ads that periodically transition as news, content, and messages when the app is in action.

  • In-App Banner Ads

This type of advertising monetization option can be seen at the bottom or top part of the screen. Banner ads usually do not hamper the user experience of the app. However, it seems annoying at times when not relevant.

The most profitable monetization strategy that you can opt for is in-app advertising. Whenever the app user interacts with the in-app ad, you will get paid for that.

Referrals and affiliate income 

Earnings through referrals and affiliate marketing are the most modern way of using the mobile advertising approach. For mobile apps, integrating Google Admob is the most suitable way of earning through affiliates. You can promote the affiliate product or service on your app through the use of “in-app stores” or ads as a marketing strategy. Then, as per the cost-per-action model (CPA), you will receive a commission from the accumulated revenue. Well, the payment model could vary depending upon the affiliate company to CPM (cost-per-mile), CPC (cost-per-click), CPV (cost-per-view), CPI (cost-per-install), CPS (cost-per-sale), etc.


Mentioned above are the most common monetizing methods for mobile apps. Many app builders nowadays offer these methods to convenience the user of any publishing and monetizing of the mobile apps. So, even if you build a free app, you can make money from it.

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