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How White Label PPC can be used for your business      



White Label PPC

White Label PPC

White Label PPC refers to the outsourcing of PPC services made available to resellers and wholesalers in the digital marketing community. A recent White Papers on Entrepreneur Media called “PPC Power Hour: Outsourcing makes sense” discusses some of the benefits with outsourced PPC creative. Find out what this could mean for your business! White label PPC, or Private Label Search Engine Marketing, is when a business resells its traffic.  One of the most popular online marketing methods White Label PPC creates for this is Text Link Ads. In this article we will cover how you can get it set up and running your own Text Link Ads in just minutes! Google Adwords is an advertising and marketing program that allows businesses to buy placement on the search engine based on keywords related to what they are selling. This article breaks down how white label PPC can be used for your business, as it provides a platform in which you can be more hands off, while still being able to reap the benefits of creditable advertising.

Definition of White Label PPC

White Label PPC has been around since the early days of search engine marketing. The process involved advertisers paying search engines like Google to display ads specific to their advertisement buyers via pay-per-click methods. What is often overlooked with this new definition is that White Label PPC can work in any industry, such as your own blog or website. White Label PPC platform is a form of PPC services in which advertisers, on behalf of an advertiser, bid for the opportunity to display ads on Google or Bing search results pages. Companies that are interested because they provide white label PPC services must be approved by Microsoft and Yahoo to provide this service under their names. White label PPC typically have lower fees than their non-white labelled counterparts.

How White Label PPC is starting to work in the digital marketing industry

Consider White Label PPC. Perhaps you’re thinking of how different this is to branded pay-per-click advertising. Regardless as to whether you’re a business owner or not, White Label PPC is one of the most innovative and potentially profitable moving parts in any marketers’ arsenal. Do your research before stepping into the branding game, but know that there’s an opportunity to excel within this niche. White label PPC allows businesses to pay a third party platform to allow their campaigns to be shown without their ownership. This has become a trend due to the increasing competition of digital marketers. Although the white label PPC aspect of digital marketing is still a relatively new concept, it is adapting faster in this diverse and constantly growing industry. To start using white label PPC for your business, you will need to find a company that can implement the intricate process for you.

What are the advantages?

When you talk about advertising agencies there is a long list of benefits that come with this service. It can save money by targeting specific audiences and its high-quality guaranteed ads for an extremely low price. Another perk of white label PPC is visibility through your own account in the search engine sites where there is a good chance you can be ranked highly due to your company name being on the ads. White label PPC gives you the ability to generate multiple accounts, offer varied keywords and bid on large terms all in order to get a higher spot before your competitors. It gives you more control over your campaign by analytics, account creation and settings. You can also add pages and an affiliate program in order to maximize your earnings potential. White label PPC gives you the ability to brand your campaigns, any landing pages, and queue queues. Start by introducing your keywords and make sure the traffic is engaging and converting in the way that works for your business. This reduces wasted marketing dollars for other competitors in your niche.

What other industries are using it?

White label PPC allows you to impersonate a reputable company for their PPC campaigns, which will result in a sudden increase in sales. It is already being used by food companies and can also be used for oil, liquor, beauty products and more. As with any new industry, White Label PPC is still under speculation. The technology offers a complicated and difficult process before actually reaching the success it was designed for. However, with the world progressing towards more accessibility and transparency, companies can offer products in openings that were previously impossible to travel through . White label pay per click campaigns are becoming more popular, especially for

small businesses who do not want to take the time to manage their own advertising or prefer to use a third party company. White label pay per click often allows companies to outsource the entire process and save money with in-house staff and equipment.

How Google’s White Label Partners are growing their businesses

Marketers who want to utilize the benefits of white label PPC are turning to Google’s White Label Partners. They can pay for it as-is or they can use the platform on their own site and receive an increase in ad revenue. White label PPC is a great option for new marketers or those without the capital to start their own program. White label partners are partnering with Google to sell ads and this is opening up new opportunities for your business. From Google’s perspective, it’s all about scale. Google wants to increase the number of advertisers on their network, which is why they are willing to share costs with white label partners in order to make sure everyone joins in the shared pool and drives profits forward.


White label PPC can be a valuable tool for many different types of businesses and it’s up to the business owner to decide which approach is best for them. These White Label PPC resellers provide ongoing marketing with a computer program, as well as providing optimized tools and advertising space without any out of pocket expenses. White label PPC is discussed as a marketing channel in the article. White label PPC distributes your ads to their own private network without the registration functionality.

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