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Important Factors To Consider When Redesigning Your Website



Important Factors To Consider When Redesigning Your Website

Important Factors To Consider When Redesigning Your Website

As a website and business owner, there will come a time when your site needs refreshing, and you will want to have a redesign. There are many benefits of doing this, and it can help enhance the user experience of your site and increase sales. However, there are many factors that you need to consider before redesigning your existing website, and you need to address these before you start work. Below are some considerations you will need to factor into your website redesign to help you get started and ensure you do it correctly.

Analyse Your Current Website First

One of the first things you will want to do is evaluate your current website. You will need to look at the things that work and those that do not and incorporate the effective parts into your new website design. You can use your website analytics to help discover the most effective features of your website so that you can replicate these on the design of the new site.

Define The Goals Of Your New Website

You will also want to define and set goals for your website to gauge how effective the new design is. You can set various goals, such as increasing the number of website users, generating more sales, or something else. You will need to be specific, think about how you want the new website to benefit your business, and set relevant goals to judge how well the new website is performing.

Protect Your Current Rankings In The Search Engines

Hopefully, your new website will rank well in the search engines, but you will not want to start from scratch, so you will need to protect your current website rankings. To do this, you will need to migrate your existing website to your new one, which can be a complicated affair. You will need to find a reputable Cardiff digital marketing agency, for example, and have them work closely with a web designer to migrate your website and ensure you preserve your rankings.

Update Your Website Content

When you are designing a new website, it is the perfect time to also refresh the content on it. You can find that when your new site goes live and your new content is indexed, it can give your website rankings a boost and help improve its online visibility. It can also help enhance the user experience for your website and encourage users to spend more time browsing other pages on your site.

Ensure Your New Website Is Responsive

You will also need to ensure that your new website design is responsive and appears correctly on all devices, paying particular attention to mobile ones. If your website does not open correctly on all devices, users can click straight off it when there is an issue. As well as being responsive, it will also need to load quickly, as there is little patience for slow-loading websites, and customers will often take their business elsewhere.

These are a few considerations you will need to think about when you are planning a website redesign, but there are more. Look into various references online to get more advice and ensure your new website design goes live with as little hassle as possible.

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