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Quick guide for extended enterprise training using an LMS              



Quick guide for extended enterprise training using an LMS        

Quick guide for extended enterprise training using an LMS        

Global businesses should emphasize staff training when using an LMS rather than focusing solely on a single audience when it comes to corporate training. The need of the hour is to broaden your perspective. It’s for this reason only that smart businesses are putting their money into Learning Management Systems (LMSs). With a smart LMS like Looop mobile, partners can use LMS to teach their customers, partners, resellers, franchisees, contractors and end customers, and others a.k.a the extended enterprise.

Benefits of using LMS for extended enterprise training

You should use an Extended Enterprise LMS for a Variety of Reasons. An extended enterprise LMS assists your organization in addition to the conventional benefits of an LMS like reaching distant learners, automating training modules, and integrating your knowledge base. They lead to the following results that can prove to be worthy of investment:

Increase customer trust

Customers realize all the benefits of utilizing your product and the challenges it answers through extended corporate training via an LMS. Customers will benefit from extended enterprise training since it demonstrates how your solution integrates into their life. Customers will remember your brand if you use it frequently, and they will be more inclined to come back to you for their next purchase or to renew their subscription.

Boost your sales

Your consumers and business partners may both assist you in increasing sales. Extended enterprise training with an LMS provides a thorough grasp of your product or service and its advantages to business partners. This implies that suppliers can more persuasively market your goods since they can supply the best answer to your customers’ demands. Customers that are pleased with your service submit good reviews on social media, which helps to increase your visibility.

Create a consistent and powerful brand image

Offering training also distinguishes your company since you go above and beyond to interact with clients in a manner that few businesses do. It’s a fantastic approach to develop your brand and demonstrate your individuality. Everyone involved in the sale of your product, whether directly or indirectly, should adhere to your brand image and contribute to a pleasant client experience. Using a learning management system (LMS), you can ensure that the brand value and corporate vision are maintained throughout the training process.

Make improvements to your product

As they understand more about what you’re attempting to accomplish, business partners might also give useful remarks. You have a wonderful chance to acquire early feedback and improve things that aren’t functioning by training third parties, whether it’s product features, your advertising approach, or even your market strategy.

Fulfill company’s objectives

You can include extended enterprise training in your marketing strategy or your employee training program with an LMS to help reach business objectives together and faster.

Increased revenue

Customer training that improves the customer experience will, sooner or later, convert into higher sales from existing customers and new ones who will be drawn in.

Facilitates a faster and efficient onboarding

If you’ve ever worked for a company, you understand the importance of investing in employee development. Employee training broadens your employees’ skill sets, instills confidence in them, and moves your business ahead.

Promotes increased product acceptance and engagement.

It helps your company to provide a Customer Experience that is superior to that of its competitors.

Support staff’s workload is reduced

Your support team’s time will be saved up by establishing a list of these common questions and answering them throughout your extended enterprise training.

Improves your retention rate

Training improves the retention percentage of your clients and partners by assisting them in overcoming pain spots that obstruct their progress. It allows you to more effectively instruct them on the value of your product and the features you provide, as well as provide better support.


Extended business training will assist you in meeting your company’s objectives and achieving long-term financial stability. However, it, like any other sort of instruction, must maintain the interest of your extended audience.

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