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Rubber stamp maker helps you create a brand for your company



Rubber stamp

Rubber stamp

In this article, you will learn about the main advantages of rubber stamps, their benefits for your brand, and the best ways to create one from scratch without considerable costs or experience in the field of design.

What is a rubber stamp?

A rubber stamp is one of the most convenient ways of putting seals on documents, agreements, or contracts. It is made by engraving on rubber, or by vulcanizing it. In cheaper versions of stamps, manufacturers use water-based inks, while the more expensive ones are loaded with oil-based inks. The main pros of rubber stamps are detailed impressions, long service life, and temperature resistance. P.S. Moving away from the subject, there is also such an idiom as “a rubber stamp”, whose creator was inspired by this item. Usually, this phrase describes a person who always impersonates anyone or mocks others.

Types of rubber stamps

There are 3 types of rubber stamps:

  • Traditional (wooden)
  • Self-inking
  • Pre-inked

Traditional stamps require an ink pad in hand, and the clarity of a seal depends on the amount of pressure that you apply. On the other hand, it allows you to get creative with the shapes, or ink colors. It is often used by artisans. It is possible to find a custom wooden stamp for less than 15$.

Self-inking stamps are really popular among executives and office workers who need to stamp documents on a regular basis. Its main advantages are simplicity of use and the small price, which starts from 15$. It has an integrated stamp pad, which provides a constant clarity of a seal.

Pre-inked stamps are the most expensive ones, but they don’t provide any noise and leave a very high-quality impression. These stamps are loaded with oil-based ink. That means that you can leave up to 50,000 clear and bright seals. Good pre-inked custom stamps cost around 35-60$, but it’s definitely worth its price.

Benefits of rubber stamps for your company’s brand

First of all, a stamp authenticates the document, so for some company’s seals are a necessity. Moreover – the presence of your seal on the paperwork will definitely give the impression of the company’s formality and status. Actually, stamps aren’t always intended for making the document official. Sometimes it is convenient to organize the paperwork by placing different stamps in each contract. It’s the quickest and easiest way of sorting the docs. Putting seals on documents instead of signing them yourself saves a lot of time and energy as well. Finally, a custom rubber stamp provides free promotion for your business. The more often people see your brand on documents – the more recognizable the logo becomes.

How do you make custom stamps?

Stamps can be designed in Adobe Photoshop, MS Word, Acrobat Pro DC, etc. There’s only one thing – you should be interested in the design and know the interface of these programs well. Otherwise, you will have to commission a design on a freelance platform. However, this option is not the only one available. If you want to get a stamp design promptly and for cheap, you should try online custom stamp makers. One of the most popular and convenient websites is MyStampReady. There you can create stamps of different shapes, add logos or signs of your company, enter text and explicitly edit these items. Here is the order of actions that you should do on a way to create the layout:

  1. Press the “New Stamp” button.
  2. Choose the shape of the seal that you want and its size.
  3. Edit the edging (if it is required).
  4. Add some more frames if necessary.
  5. Add the “Text in a circle / Text box / Text by triangle” element (depends on a shape), then enter your text.
  6. Add the element “Text”, which will be displayed in the center of your stamp, and enter it.
  7. Click on the “Image” button and load the image in SVG format. Next, adjust its position and its size.
  8. Last step: download the layout.

Another advantage is the ability to download the design in different formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, and DOCX. That gives you absolute freedom in the process of creating the stamps themselves.

Here is the short price list:

  • PNG – from $2.5
  • SVG + PNG – from $3.5
  • PDF + SVG + PNG – from $4.5
  • DOCX + PDF + SVG + PNG – from $5.5

“MyStampReady” also collaborates with the custom stamps fabricators, and you can deploy their editor into your website. If you are the founder of such a business, you can find contacts on their website.

What should I do with the finished layout?

The most reliable option is to contact one of the companies, who make custom stamps to order and send them the layout in a format they will request. It may cost a lot (the average prices of custom seals are listed in the section about the types of rubber stamps), but these companies usually offer discounts for wholesale orders. The main pro of this method is that you don’t have to do anything after transferring money to the manufacturers.

Anyway, if you’ve got a Cricut maker at home, or one of your acquaintances does, consider that it is suitable for creating a traditional stamp of an uncomplicated form. If you’re just an artist who needs a stamp for decorative purposes, this method can be for you. There are several tutorials on video hosting sites, in which they tell how to create stamps with Circuit step by step.


A rubber stamp is undoubtedly a very beneficial thing for the company, and its brand development. Although the process of choosing a seal type, creating the design, and searching for the right manufacturer may seem difficult, having thoroughly analyzed the process and its aspects, you will easily manage that. With the presence of a stamp on documents, your brand will instantly become more recognizable, and the status of a company will increase substantially, so the time and money spent on a unique stamp creation will definitely pay off.

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