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Ruby on Rails Blogs You Should Be Following





In case you didn’t know, Ruby on Rails is a server-side web application framework created in Ruby under the MIT license. Rails could be seen as a model view controller (MVC) framework which features built-in support and offers a structure for web pages, web services, and a database.

About one million live websites utilize this framework today. That’s why companies are starting to support the platform along with their solutions, such as Retrace, to make sure no errors slide through the gaps as deployments get pushed into production.

You will also find many different courses online, such as YouTube channels, blogs, tutorials, guides, and online courses, ebooks, topics on WYSIWYG editor, and so much more. You will find many online communities made by the Ruby creators that answer frequently asked questions. 

In today’s post, we will present you with some of the most highly sought and dependable online blogs you should be following to learn more about Ruby on Rails. Keep in mind that such sources are presented to you after careful resources and thorough analysis. Hence, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these blogs. 


This is ideal for Ruby on Rails fanatics out there. Do you love the framework and craving for more success stories, news, and knowledge about it? This is where got you covered. The blog website presents a new post every hour or so. If you have the drive and time for it, you are certainly bound to find some informative reads here.

  • Ruby on Rails Subreddit

This is not a blog, but we suggest Reddit’s sub-thread for all Ruby on Rails enthusiasts out there. Take note that this option is not suitable for regular use. However, you can expect some of the best news and insights weekly or monthly there. 

Bear in mind that this website is a tight-knit community. Hence, it is much quicker and simpler to get all your burning questions answered here. 

  • Rubyland Blog

Jonathan Rochkind, a software engineer, created Rubyland Blog. This blog website is one of the most dependable and popular websites you could go to when talking about tutorials. What’s more, they provide comprehensive, efficient, and simple-to-read guides on everything connected to Ruby on Rails.

The community on this platform is also active, with more than fifteen posts updated every week.

  • AWS Ruby Blog

Are you one of those people wanting to know more about how to deploy Ruby on Rails on apps like AWS? Then this platform is the perfect option for you! AWS Ruby Blog is loaded with informative insights on system administration and various choices you have accessible with elastic beanstalk.

It’s worth mentioning that it takes the frustration and stress out of running a Ruby on Rails app on a staging setting on AWS.

  • Everyday Rails

Would you like to test with utmost confidence? Then Everyday Rails will help you with that. It adds dependable tests to your applications and provides useful insights on how you could get as close as possible to 100% test coverage for your RoR software! The best part here is that it also covers upgrades, code reviewing, Rails backups, and security essentials. Isn’t it wonderful? 

  • Ruby Inside

One of the most highly sought Ruby on Rails blogs is Ruby Inside, founded by the British developer Peter Cooper. This blog website covers a wide array of related topics that involves control dispatch, future versions, class hierarchy, and template rendering in Rails. 

Would you like to learn more about faster app development? Maybe you like to dig deeper on untangling Ruby threads. No matter what your choice would be, Ruby Inside can be your ultimate go-to place!

  • RubyFlow

Did you know that RubyFlow is a global and active community of developers focusing on how you can simplify and optimize RoR and adapt it to suit your unique development requirements? The blog is often updated with tips and tricks, concepts, and news and covers more general testing and coding subjects.

The link-log collects Ruby on Rails-related information from across the web, from companies to developers, and brings you the most meaningful and important content. 

  • David Heinemeier Hansson’s Blog

You may not know about Hansson, but he’s one of the founding members of Basecamp and also the co-creator of the Rails framework. Hence, are you into more high-level information on that programming language? Then expect to get professional insight on how to maximize your business from David Heinemeier Hansson’s blog

Hansson also shares a huge amount of productive hacks and productive ways to simplify your workflow. 

  • Ruby Weekly

Ruby Weekly is not a blog, but it’s a newsletter intended only for Ruby on Rails. It shares the best content on all and any topics linked to the programming language. It’s not just an excellent source of updates and information but a community where you can find different RoR services.

There you have it! Which of these Ruby on Rails blogs will you visit after reading this post?

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