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The Art of Old Photo Restoration



Old photo means a lot

Old photographs hold immense sentimental value to most people. An image can keep and preserve memories. Antique portraits sometimes serve as heirlooms or are treasured by families as it keeps the traditions and how the generations before lived.

Most old photographs are faded, damaged, or are withering away. Years of being kept away catch up to the framed treasures. Damages caused by water and folds that, later on, evolve into creases or holes and frayed edges caused by rats can ruin the image. For this specific reason, people find old photo restoration vital, a precious memory-preserving photograph.

An old photo restoration is an art form that transforms alongside technology. In recent developments of different software that allow people to do specific tasks, restoration of images has become much straightforward and uncomplicated. Online applications and multiple software are now readily available to help in the old photo restoration. Programs such as InPaint, Retouch Pilot, Image Mender, PicMonkey, AKVIS Retoucher, and GIMP alongside Photoshop are of great help to every beginner editor.

Suggested Online services for old photo restoration

Turning to edit software is a trouble-free option for people who are looking for convenience. The mentioned programs are open for Mac and are unchallenging to master as many tutorials are effortlessly available online. These programs are helpful for simple touch-up on faded photographs. These are also pleasant to use for removing flaws such as holes, creases, rips, frayed edges, or colorization of black and white images.

1.1 ForeverStudio

Many brands are offering professional restoration services. Forever Studios offer old photo restoration that they are charging per item and per service. They work on multiple damages that can be challenging to fix. They can repair discoloration, fading, rips, tears, cracks, and creases on precious images. Moreover, some damages are considerably beyond repairs, such as water damage, and mold, fire, and tape damages on old photographs.

Forever Studios is a highly-acclaimed brand that offers exceptional repair work. They accept scanned photos in multiple file formats for images and create digital copies of edited photographs. Moreover, they can edit and fix even blurry framed treasures in black and white with an additional payment. The company then will mail the final and official edited image to the customer.

1.2 PhotoGlory

Hiring professional photo restorators might be way too costly, while you might be concerned that you need a background in photo editing to restore your old pictures yourself. Well, renovating your vintage images requires no more than casual PC user skills if you use PhotoGlory, an AI-powered photo restoration software. This mighty program allows you to rescue aged images automatically, which will come in handy for newbies in photo post-production. 

The photo renovation process is super quick and easy. Just import your image, hit a single button to colorize or restore the photo, and get the result in an instant. The program will automatically give your washed-out black and white images color, remove stains and scratches, recover torn edges, and straighten creases. Then, you can further edit your photos manually: enhance, color correct, crop, and rotate them, add captions or dates. The Batch Processing mode will allow doing everything listed to several images at a time. 

1.3 ImageColorizer

Human is likely to commit an error. Thus, artificial intelligence is developing, especially in one of the most popular programs for old photo restoration, ImageColorizer. ImageColorizer is one of the most highly-acclaimed programs with excellent ratings. It utilizes artificial intelligence to colorize an image in black and white. It can also repair blurry or low-quality portraits in a short amount of time and with minimal human intervention. Moreover, it can retouch faded and withered photos. It can also restore images that are slightly damaged or with slight scratches.

1.4 Phowd

Several choices from a group of professional editors and a pool of styles and aesthetics are always almost preferable. Phowd is a website where you can find professional designers or retouchers to do old photo restoration for you. There, you can find multiple professional editors with varying prices that fit your ideal aesthetic. Moreover, it is interactive, and you can arrange your terms with the preferred professional editor.

They let the customer choose the best professional editor they want, which gives them varying talents and styles. The site allows the customers to monitor the progress of the work done. The customers can choose which of the photos presented by the editor they like best. More importantly, the site allows the customers to view the professional editors’ sample works, which leads to more opportunities for the editors and more choices for customers. The payment comes after when the customer has picked the edited and restored images.


Old photo restoration and preservation is the closest one can get to relive the memory a framed portrait keeps. The recent developments in technology are catalysts for the growing possibilities of photo restoration. Multiple websites and companies are now offering restorations with the help of professional editors. Some are even utilizing the excellent capabilities of artificial intelligence and entrust their framed-treasures in the hands of advanced computer programs with minimal human intervention.

The programs listed above are only a taste of the hundreds of available old photo restoration software. They have features that are efficient, highly-rated, and stand out among the other programs.

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