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The Most Neglected Tech Development and Business Opportunities



Tech Development

Tech Development

There are tech developments and, therefore, business opportunities that have arguably been severely neglected across the world of business and industrial development. These are discussed below, with rationale presented for their neglect, as well as why they are genuine sustainable business opportunities.

Recycling and Going Green

The ability to make money from pre-used raw materials and then actually structure a business around such recycling or resource reuse is one of the most neglected opportunities that there are in the modern world. The technology has been improved and widely developed, and professional businesses, such as Recycling Balers, readily produce machinery to deal with all sorts of cardboard and paper waste that is currently being generated by a myriad of businesses. There is also the societal push for green business and creating sustainable business models that should be based on recycling and reuse of raw materials, such as cardboard and paper as a start. The sector is wide and varied and the recycling example mentioned here is but one of these that is used to show how the sector still has huge business potential.

Bespoke Small Business Apps and Support

The ability to design bespoke software and small business apps for specific business processes and systems is a sector that has not met its true potential. There are still a host of small businesses around the world that could be made more efficient and effective with specific business apps and software. The ability to automate business processes and provide 24/7/365 support to small businesses is also a related sector that has scope for further development.

Mental Health and Well-Being

Smart wearable devices are being used to support physical health, weight loss, and gym programs, and there has been a severe lack of this type of tech to support mental health and well-being. Yes, there are meditation and alternative therapy apps and sites, but overall, there isn’t the same kind of support for business initiatives set up around psychotherapy and mindfulness. The sector arguably provides a huge range of opportunities around the provision of solutions and help for the mental health and general well-being of people around the world.

Virtual Tours and Outings

The recent home working and hybrid ways of work have brought to the fore the use of virtual tech for meetings, planning, and socialization. There is, however, one related sector that the small to medium-sized business owner and start-up entrepreneur has arguably not made the most or best use of, and this is the virtual tour and outings. Lots of people still want to be entertained and to get out from the comfort of their own homes. Virtual museum and city tours have increased, but the linkage of these with social media and the latest virtual tech is a business possibility that has yet to be fully exploited.

This article argues that several business opportunities in the modern world are simply not being used to their full potential. The idea as premised herein is that these will continue to provide chances for business development and further innovation around the globe.

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