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The People You Need for a Successful Salesforce Team





The abilities and experience of your Salesforce team members determine how well your business uses this CRM software to achieve its goals. Here is the list of the skilled people you need to create a successful Salesforce team.

Salesforce Code Specialist

As the name suggests, a Salesforce code specialist handles coding and programming related work. He designs a unique solution to every problem and then incorporates it into the system to improve its performance. Though there are many Salesforce tools that you can use without having coding related knowledge, a Salesforce code specialist can help you create customized and distinctive solutions that automated tools do not offer.

Salesforce Architect

Salesforce architects are highly experienced, and their main role in the team is to use their extensive knowledge to design a whole system by keeping in mind the goals of the business. They have the unique ability to identify Salesforce tools and features that the business would need.

Salesforce Admin

Salesforce admins play the “guru” role in a Salesforce team. Compared to the other members, they have several skills that they use to perform different tasks simultaneously. They should have more than a year of experience. Though Salesforce admins know several skills, they are usually not really aware of the technical stuff related to coding and programming.

Salesforce Project Manager

They perform the typical tasks that a project manager performs. Salesforce project managers assign work along with deadlines to each member. They keep an eye on the project progress rate, and inform stakeholders about it from time to time.

Salesforce Business Analyst (BA)

Salesforce business analysts evaluate the needs of the business. After this, they make a list of the business-related goals, and craft a solution using their experience to help the business flourish. They provide tools and resources to their team to ensure their success.

Salesforce Quality Assurance Handler

Salesforce quality assurance handlers test different features and tools to check whether they are working efficiently or not. They perform automated testing, load testing, security testing, and manual testing to evaluate the performance of a system.

Hire Staff Augmentation Service Offered by Cloud Pacific

If you are short of Salesforce team members, or want to hire a proficient Salesforce admin, considerSalesforce partner – Cloud Pacific ( This company is based in Hawaii, and it provides a Salesforce team to businesses that need support.

Depending on your business needs, you can hire a Salesforce team for 3 to 12 months, or even more. Cloud Pacific experts will handle your business by crafting solutions that match its individual needs.

This service can help your business if:

  • Some of your Salesforce team members have left, and you need replacements for the time being.
  • You have implemented Salesforce, but do not know how to optimize and manage it efficiently.

So, hire a team of qualified Salesforce experts and let it implement, optimize and manage Salesforce according to your needs.

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