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Understanding YouTube CPM: How Ad Revenue Works for Creators





Do you know how YouTube payment works for youtubers? Making money producing content in video format can be a good deal if you know how to create an active, dynamic channel that arouses your audience’s interest.

Therefore, it is worth learning more about the topic, checking YouTube’s monetization possibilities and the best practices for earning income from your content.

Want to know more? Follow the article below to understand how CPM works on YouTube.

When did YouTube start monetizing?

The YouTube platform was created in February 2005, when Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim registered the access domain. In 2006, the site already stood out and caught the attention of Google — at the time, the technology giant was trying to enter this market and had a much inferior system, Google Videos.

With that, the creators agreed to sell YouTube to Google. However, it is worth mentioning that only in 2007 did the platform arrive in Brazil with the proper translation. It was at this time that the platform also started generating revenue, allowing contributors to earn money from content.

At that time, the platform’s first partnership program was created — Content ID. He paid for copyrights and for the advertisements that ran on the video . However, as the site undergoes constant evolution, other ways of monetizing YouTube have already been developed.

There are 7 different possibilities to earn income from your channel. But before getting to know them, it is worth understanding better about YouTube payment for youtubers and other details of this platform, as you will learn in the next topics.

How does YouTube CPM payment work for youtubers?

YouTube payment for youtubers is done by Google AdSense and you need to accumulate at least USD 100 (US Dollars). The youtuber must reach a minimum number of followers and video display. For every thousand views, the digital content creator who owns the channel receives a corresponding amount in dollars.

When does YouTube make the payment?

Even though it is a free platform, it is possible that the creators of highly relevant videos are paid based on what is watched or published on their channels. To be eligible for YouTube pay for youtubers, the channel owner must first achieve:

  • 4,000 valid public viewing hours in the last 12 months;
  • no minimum thousand registered.

You also need to be in a country that allows monetization, like Brazil, and have a Google AdSense account. Only then, the content producer can register for free in the YouTube Partner Program to pursue different monetization opportunities.

It is worth noting that content creators also receive support from YouTube via email and chat to help with their journey, in addition to access to the Creator Academy . Additionally, they gain access to the Copyright Match Tool, which helps with copyright protection of content.

How much does YouTube pay?

There is no single, predetermined amount that YouTube ADS pays to YouTubers. Earnings depend on a number of factors — such as whether you pay per view or ads.

In addition, there are other ways to earn money with the platform , which also impacts the payment that will be made.

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