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10 Ways Technology Has Made Sports Better



Football Match

Football Match

Sports is an activity that does wonders in bringing people together. It pits people against each other in a test of skill and experience to decide who comes on top in their respective sport. And these activities present a great source of entertainment for the public. Before, it might’ve been harder to keep up with your favorite teams, but technology is here to make it easy. So, here’s a list of ten ways technology has improved sports!

10 Ways Technology Has Made Sports Better

1. Replay

Sports is a game where if you turn away for a second, you might miss the most exciting thing to happen in a game. And it’s even worse when it’s a boring game, but you miss the only exciting thing to happen.

So, thanks to replay functions, you can now scroll back by a few seconds or minutes to playback the moments you miss. This method helps you watch things you wish to experience again. Moreover, replaying makes it easier to see how a situation led to something in a game.

2. Watching More Games

The internet has made it easier for you to get to more channels showing your favorite sport. Thus, you can now keep up with sports like football, basketball, and even golf!

Streaming services have accelerated due to the number of people using them to watch important games. Ranging from different languages to rare sports, you can watch games in any country with a streaming service. Additionally, you can take part in viewing your favorite sports by watching live streams through online services.

3. Keeping Up with Scores

Let’s say an important sports event might be on currently. You won’t always be able to watch the entire thing play out. So, for situations like this, your phone is your best friend to help you keep up with the game of your preference.

When matches go on, there are websites and apps available that update real-time scores as the game progresses. Hence, though you’re stuck at the office, you can keep up with whether your favorite team is leading or behind on the scoreboard. Just download an app. It’s that easy!

4. Explaining the Game

It’s mind-churning to keep up with so many rules in a game. That’s why technology is here to make things easy for us. So, through technology, we can get a broader play-by-play explaining what’s going on in a game.

We get charts and 3D visuals of how the players scored or what they could’ve done to get more points. It is harder for casual fans who don’t know all the rules to keep up. However, technology can explain the ins and outs of the game. It’s a wonder how easy we have it with game analysis.

5. Player Safety

Sports, while fun, can also be something that can take you on a one-way trip to the ER. If you’ve ever played football or baseball as a kid, you might not be a stranger to ball-related injuries.

It gets worse as an adult when you get crashed into by a 200+ lbs. footballer. So, you will need all the protection you can get. Thus, technology has helped to reduce fatal injuries with durable protection. And protective pads are the only thing keeping them from surviving on the field.

6. Improved Equipment

Sports using bats like baseball, cricket, and golf now possess a dramatic improvement in their equipment material. Before, we had wooden bats that would break after every few games. On the contrary, we now have baseball bats or golf clubs made entirely of metal.

The good thing about this is that it keeps the equipment longer in use due to the sturdier material. Even sports shoes have improved due to technology, getting lighter while improving grip for a faster running speed.

7. Better Stadiums

If you look at the state of stadiums from 20 years back to stadiums from now, you’ll see a significant difference in quality. They’re built better and sturdier and bigger to hold even more substantial amounts of people. Modern facilities such as food stalls and stores will benefit from these changes.

You can enjoy your late-night games, too, with better lighting no matter where you sit or how dark it gets. And giant tv screens on top are there to help if you can’t catch a glimpse of what’s going down on the field.

8. Purchasing Tickets

Imagine waiting hours in line to get tickets to your favorite sports to watch it all get sold out before you can get yours. No longer will you have to sweat out hours in the sun to get your tickets.

Thanks to online payment, you can now purchase your tickets online to any sports you want. All it takes is a click, and voila! You just got your tickets!

9. Scouting

Technological advancements have made it easier for scouts to keep tabs on potential players. If they want information on a specific player, they must pull up the players’ sheet to view their stats.

This lets them see who is better than whom to weed out the players they want to recruit. So, players can also use this system to see where they stand regarding training and improvement scopes.

10. How the Game Plays Out

Through stat sheets and analysis of past games, it is possible to figure out how a future match might play out. So, if a team has played well the entire season, there’s a chance that they’ll do well in the future. But wait! Analysis provides a better reading of the future.

Thus, you can use these services to determine how good of a chance your team has in the following matches. Hence, online services have made it easy for anyone to access match predictions.


We can’t deny how easy we have it with technology making everything simple for us. You only need one click on your phone, and you can watch your favorite sports instantly. Athletes have also gained a lot through better gear and training machines which lower the risk of injury when training. So, we’re likely to see more improvements with sports technology as time goes on.

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