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Why Choose Vendita To Help With Your Organization’s Oracle Compliance



Why Choose Vendita To Help With Your Organization’s Oracle Compliance

Why Choose Vendita To Help With Your Organization’s Oracle Compliance

Oracle compliance is always a priority for any organization as failure could result in penalties and fines that can set them back quite significantly. This is why most companies invest in software asset management as it enables them to reduce IT costs by correcting the payment of unnecessary licenses and avoiding risks associated with non-compliance since it ensures that the company holds a license for the use of every piece of software they use.

Software asset management can often be complex and requires a mastery of all the laws, so it would be best if you left it to a professional, and not many companies are well suited for this job more than Vendita. It is their area of expertise, and according to, they even have developed their own unique proprietary software that ensures seamless and efficient software asset management. So why choose Vendita? Well, there’s a lot of reasons for this, some of which are down to them as a company and others down to you as an organization benefiting more from outsourcing your software asset management.

Master Automated Solution

As mentioned earlier, Vendita has developed its own proprietary software that makes software asset management a walk in the park. This software is known as Master Automated Solution (MAS). It is specially designed to identify areas of non-compliance within the Oracle environment through a graphical UI detailing your license usage. MAS has been tried and tested many times before, and its results are very pleasing. It has an easy-to-use interface and can run scripts and processes, migrate and manage data, and apply system-wide changes quickly and easily. This eliminates any chances of trouble or difficulty in usage when being put to on-the-ground work.

Big Name Partners

Vendita has long-standing relationships with some of the biggest software companies, such as Oracle and IBM. They are very close, especially with Oracle, and have even been named Oracle Partner of The Year twice in succession, so that should tell you something about their connections. With such partners, organizations that get their Oracle compliance help from Vendita stand to enjoy a great deal of benefits. For starters, having a partner such as Oracle means that they have extensive knowledge about their license requirements which makes them the ideal candidate to help you with your compliance. Secondly, you will always be the first ones to know when there are any licensing changes which gives you enough time to react and change tact. Lastly, having partners such as Oracle means you could get discounts on licensing purchases, and who doesn’t love a good discount?


Having been in business for close to a decade and a half, the team at Vendita has loads of experience when it comes to software asset management. They are conversant with all the practices related to software asset management and can therefore be relied on to be efficient. With experience, they have been able to learn the tricks to the trade, which benefits you and your organization since you get to be compliant while still reducing any costs involved, which, to be frank, is the best of both worlds.


By hiring Vendita to do your Oracle compliance, you get to save on a lot of unnecessary costs. For starters, it eliminates the need for having to hire an entire department to take care of the software asset management side of things. With this, you get to cut on wages as well as other costs that are associated with having more employees. It also frees up the IT department to focus on other more productive things which could generate revenue.


Since software asset management is part of the things they have specialized in, you are likely to get better results when you outsource your software asset management to Vendita. This is their area of expertise, and they have therefore invested in the best talents as well as top-quality technology that maximizes savings while reducing risks.

Vendita is one of the best companies you can outsource your software asset management to, and based on their reputation, you will not regret it. For more information, you can visit

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