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How to Create a Responsive Website in Six Easy Steps



Responsive Website

Responsive Website

Irrespective of business size and nature of operations, having a website is a must. Industries today compete on a global scale so there’s a dire need for a platform where to execute strategies. The Internet proves to be a perfect solution and for that, you should’ve a website.

To share ideas, vision and mission with the rest of the world, crafting a site is an excellent way. If you don’t have one yet, it’s going to be costly and challenging so how to meet up with this heavy investment!

With so many characters, tags, pictures, hyphens and more, you may think of it as overwhelming but not anymore as we’ve provided some proactive guidelines for fresh programmers. Readers will definitely find the information quite useful. And another important fact, the details shared below are from a leading website development company in Dubai so you can surely count on it!

  1. Be inspirational from the start

Designer must’ve a keen sense of aesthetics and understanding of basic design principles that immediately attracts viewers. Not just the layout but every piece of information available on the site must’ve precise information, links and resources. Get some idea by comparing similar websites and whatever you do, keep the design simple and precise.

  1. Purpose of existence

You should know the purpose of a website’s existence and understand how it’ll serve billions of users and business entities. Also define how and why your services are better as compared to others. News, entertainment, blogs and ecommerce are profitable niches so if your site is dedicated to one of these, it’ll definitely be adored by many though, make sure it’s updated.

  1. Devise the blueprint

Whether creating a website from scratch or modifying the present version, it takes time and money. Your strategic plan shouldn’t be long and over complex with flashy graphics. Go for a simple layout especially if it’s the first time and remember, it should generate traffic so consider the user’s preferences.

  1. Amass content

The growing significance of content in the online world is staggering. It’s considered the lifeblood, soul of a website that can either make or break it depending on services provided and overall layout. Most of us are under the impression that content revolves around written text however it encompasses various aspects such as image alignment, A/V files, tutorials, downloadable content and much more. For instance, if you’re designing for ecommerce, it should’ve everything from an electronic card, online form, 24/7 customer support, home delivery and so on; consider Amazon and eBay.

  1. Improved interaction

To ensure long-term success, the best way is to make notes of your services through customer feedback. This’ll help you realise where your site stands among competitors. Furthermore, having a fully activated contact centre is important to assist viewers via live chat sessions or provide a website’s roadmap. Highlight business contact and relevant details without exposing personal information unless called for.

  1. Development essentials

Be sure to have lots of options at your disposal when executing development strategy. Carefully decide the budget and come up with the best available tools. If you seek professional yet website design for your business, Traffic Light provides the ultimate solution so better consult the team.

website development

website development


With a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others, you can come up with an astounding website quite easily. Creating set-up menus, blog posts and dozens of interactive themes is now possible so do try it. Following the above steps, website development has never been easier!

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