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Top 7 Valuable Skills WordPress Developers Should Have 





A widely popular fact is that WordPress powers around 39.5% of all websites worldwide. This enables WordPress to claim a fantastic 64.1% of the market share. WordPress projects are now more common than ever, and the pursuit of skillful WordPress developers is on the rise. WordPress developers for hire are in great demand, and that is why they must have remarkable experience and knowledge that will answer the needs of technical recruiters or CTOs. For that purpose, CTOs should look at a specific set of skills that WordPress developers should possess. Let’s go over the details.

1. Programming Skills

Let’s start with the most obvious one – the programming skills. Of course, the WordPress developers must be proficient in the main programming and markup languages of web design such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, etc. The knowledge of the programming languages will help the developers set the basis of the development project.

When it comes to HTML, WordPress developers should know HTML in and out so that they can have a structured approach to website building. On the other hand, CSS is valuable to front-end developers as it defines how a WordPress site will look. Next, JavaScript finds its place both in front-end and back-end development. It is a framework that controls the interactive elements of the website, and together with HTML, it is the main component of web applications that gives them a dynamic interactive behavior. You can hire professional wordpress developer on this website.

Next, SQL is a crucial concept to understand, especially for the back-end developers, as it is responsible for communication with the databases. Finally, PHP is the programming language used to build WordPress, and it makes it possible for developers to connect the user interface with the database part of the application. Knowing PHP is simply essential when working on a WordPress Project.

2. Work with Text Editor

The following skill every WordPress developer should have is to know how to work in a Text Editor. Even though WordPress has already finished themes that are ready to use, coding must always be done by the developers, and the Text Editors is where they need to write their code. For beginner WordPress developers, Notepad ++ is recommended to use, while later, when they become more experienced, they can move to more advanced Text Editors, depending on their preference.

3. Photoshop Skills

When working in WordPress, developers must be skilled enough to try out different designing styles, for which they will need to have at least basic Photoshop skills. They might need to convert PSD files to HTML, so they must know how to work their way around the tools in the Photoshop dashboard.

Furthermore, Front-end WordPress developers can use all of the advantages of Photoshop when they work on defining the visual appearance of the WordPress website.

4. Online Security

Even though security in the IT industry is a whole niche that takes a lot of time to learn, WordPress Developers should be familiar with the basic security concepts so that they can protect the clients’ business website from cybercriminals and hackers. Developers should know the top security risks and test their projects for vulnerabilities to ensure protection against any potential security problems.

5. Knowledge of Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a framework that consists of the main HTML components, including Navigation Bar, Carousel, Breadcrumbs, Forms, Progress Bar, Modals, Accordions, etc., and it comes in handy when a developer must meet a deadline and avoid writing code from scratch. Bootstrap’s components are already built-in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and developers can simply copy and paste the code. Of course, they would need to do a little customization as well to meet the client’s needs and preferences.

6.  Feedback-Receiver

Apart from the technical skills the WordPress developer needs to have, soft skills are also very important. One of these is to be open to feedback. If the developer can’t accept constructive criticism, they are probably the wrong choice to hire. Also, how would a project advance if feedback is neglected?

7.  Focus on the Outcome

Another necessary soft skill of a WordPress developer is the ability to focus on the project’s outcome/result/goal. The web development process takes a lot of organization and planning, and losing focus might be detrimental to the whole project. Therefore, the web developer must have some knowledge and, even more, utilize project management tools, version control systems, and system development technologies that will help them ensure a smooth flow of the process.

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