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5 apps that will make lockdown more bearable



Till date 20,120,919 confirmed cases have been confirmed by world health organization, and a whopping toll of 736,766 deaths.

Businesses are on an all-time low as the demand is negligible. Top business owners are filing bankruptcy; people are losing their jobs, companies cutting down their expenses and a lot more.

Many people have been seen to end up their life due to this blow they have faced financially in this COVID pandemic.

Companies are struggling for their existence and are taking up every possible measure to help themselves and the employees associated with them.

To cut down the costs most of the companies have started giving work from home option to their employees and save the office expenses as such.

Apart from this, the other thing that people have to fight in this COVID pandemic is the boredom while they are confined within their house. Watching TV shows, series and movies being the top ways.

Fighting with these two major issues has been made possible because of certain apps, which helped the companies as well as individuals to carry out their activities in a smooth manner.

I am going to list down some Apps which have becomes extremely popular in this pandemic situation. These apps are loved by both companies and individuals

Here is the list of top 5 apps that will make lockdown more bearable. These apps are loved for many reasons that include the easy to use dashboard and utility.


Zoom Video Communications, Inc. is an American communications technology company with its headquarter in San Jose, California. This is used by almost all companies today for teleconferencing and even by schools and coaching institutes for online classes. People have started using this software for videoconferencing to curb boredom.


This app offers free access to all premium features for nonprofits and qualified individuals who are offering emergency aid and information as a public service. This app allows free weekly onboarding and live office hours also.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

This app is an online multiplayer battle royale game. This is developed and published by PUBG Corporation. This  corporation is a subsidiary of Blue hole which is a South Korean video game. This app was already a hot favourite of people worldwide and pro gamers and but after this COVID this app has recorded a massive rise in the number of downloads. This has helped people team up with people from different part of globe to fight boredom.


Google is yet another app that has helped business a lot in this pandemic situation. This allows 250 people to participate in a single call and allows live streaming for up to 10000 people. This has proven to be a boon for many businesses out there.


Discord is an instant messaging and VoIP application. This is again a free app and gives a super live streaming experience. Initially, it supports 10 persons but now this number is raised to 50. A perfect fit for small teams.

There are many other apps in the list but as of now based on popularity, these are the top 5 apps. Try them once and you will find the things moving at a smooth pace.

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