Top 7 Future Technologies You Should Know About in 2018

Future Technologies are the key to more comfort in our life. Technology is always evolving, and new things are still on the verge of making the breakthrough in the world. In this continuous journey of innovation and evolution, it is essential that you keep yourself up to date. You might have noticed that the rate at which human beings are learning new things is exponentially growing over the years.

In the early 2000s, it would take about a couple of months to achieve something which is done in a couple of days today. Being a citizen of this modern world, the last thing we want is to be left behind. So with that in mind, here are top 7 future technologies that you should know about in 2018.

1. Self-Driving Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles Tech On PC

In our list of Future Technologies, Self-Driving Cars are at the top. It is the future, mates. Humans no longer have to drive heavy trucks into dangerous terrains manually.

These vehicles use advanced machine learning algorithms along with a set of the camera to navigate their way from point A to point B. It will not only save human lives but also minimize the accidents that happen on the road due to human error.

Tesla has already implemented semi-autonomous driving on their vehicles such as lane detection and autopilot. It’s a matter of time before Global leaders come together and make it a standard for all the vehicles and other significant automobiles to be self-driven. It will not only save time but also prevent last life and property as well.

Use Brain Waves as Passwords

Use brain waves as passwords Tech on PC

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? It is the next breakthrough in biometric security technology. According to a study done by a team at the Binghamton University of New York, the computers were able to tell apart two individuals who read the same list of acronyms. If you want more tech updates then Digitizd is a good platform for Tech News.

It was done by analyzing the brain signals which were generated at the time by the two volunteers. Though the list of abbreviations which they read was same, each person was reacting differently enough for the computer to tell apart the two individuals by the accuracy of 94%.

It means that in the future, we might as well be authenticated by our brain waves and not some silly passwords and pins. Biometric authentication has always fascinated me, but this one takes the cake! Wouldn’t you agree?

Floating Farms

Floating farms Tech On PC

It has been protected by the United Nations that our population will increase by 2 billion people by the end of 2050. That insane bump in society, the already existing food shortage will get worse.

Affected by the time, 80% of the population living in cities and most of the food that we consume will be from the urban areas. Is there is a problem of having big enough real estate as well, the only logical solution is to build a farm on the vast Ocean bodies?

Design plan put together by Javier Ponce, architect, describes the three-tier structure with solar panels which are kept on top to provide energy. Vegetation will be grown by using nutrient liquids and not traditional soil.

A patch of 350 X 200 meters of this free farm will produce an estimated amount of 8 tonnes of vegetables and also 1.7 tons of fish per year. That would feed quite a lot of people.

It will help countries like Dubai which imports an insane 11000 tonnes of fruits and veggies every single day.

The Breakthrough in Thermal Insulation

The breakthrough in thermal insulation Tech On PC

Thermal insulation is one of the most prominent factors to consider while developing consumer electronics. Especially in applications such as refrigerators mobile phones, insulating the outer body from the heat generated within is crucial.

Until Now, not be a perfect insulator Western completely block heat from escaping through it. But aerogel is a material that could change that. It is full of tiny holes and is made by extracting all the liquid from the material. It seems to have 90% of those which are very small so that gases cannot pass through them.

The breakthrough in thermal insulation allows aerogel to block heat from passing through it ensure of it’s incredible is insulating nature. Other than thermal insulation, aerogel also seems to exhibit some unusual electrical properties.

It would also indicate that they can be used as antennae for satellites and mobile phones since they are both lightweight and practical.

Atom-Sized Chipsets

Atom sized chipsets TechOnPC

Recent episodes have been continuously getting a size reduction over the years. It appears that in about ten years from now we will see chipsets which are the size of atoms.

What is the benefit of shrinking down the chips you ask? Well, smaller the chip, less power it draws. Also, these atomic chipsets are incredibly efficient in performance, meaning that they provide better functionality at a lesser cost.

Where would be down to about 7 nm in mobile processors, meaning that the process used to manufacture these chips relies on just 7 nm of space? It not only saves physical space on the device but also takes up the job of providing the balanced performance between power and efficiency.


Neurohacking Tech On PC

I am of course referring to mind reading! It could be possible in the future, for scientists to analyze your brain waves and pretty much product precisely what you are thinking. Scary, isn’t it? I mean, it’s not so difficult to believe, considering that we already brain mapping techniques to tell whether you are lying or not.

Neurohacking involves the technique by which you decode the brain Signals and try to understand what exactly going on in the thought process of an individual. It will not only help in crime detection but also will help to understand the ailments of people who have dementia or some other complication which cannot be described verbally.

Apparently, there is another site to this technology which is quite frightening. If this gets into the wrong guys, literally nothing is secure anymore. Information on your computer as well as the one in your brain can be hacked! You just don’t put it correctly to what extent. At least, not yet!


Surrogates Tech On PC

Remote holiday scene from a movie named the same. starring Bruce Willis, silicates a humanoid Androids which mimic everything that we do. They are already plenty of successful Sarah gets out there, which use Artificial Intelligence and advanced materials for their functionality.

These robots can understand human logic, mimic hundreds of facial expressions, recognize variation in individual voices and more.

Surrogates and humanoid robots are some of the most advanced and exciting advancement in technology of recent times. Undoubtedly, they will only get more and more common in the future.

Final Words

So these are the top 7 Future Technologies that you can probably see at the end of 2018. If you know about more technologies then comment below. We will surely update our list. Stay tuned for more Tech News. You know you can use iMessage on PC if you use our method. Give it a try.

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