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Best Steph Curry NBA 2K21 Build – How To Make Attribute, Badges and Animation On Steph Curry Build 2K21



As we all know Steph Curry has NBA season-high 62-points performance generates Myteam content, therefore he is absolutely one of the best builds in NBA 2K21. How to make an overpowered 2K21 Steph Curry Build? Next, we will bring you the most powerful and unique Steph Curry NBA 2K21 build with 99 overall, include the main attribute, badges and animation details on this powerful 3 pointer. Whether you need best power forward build guide or cheap NBA 2K21 MT​ you can go

Best NBA 2K21 Steph Curry Build – Main Attribute, Badges and Animations On Steph Curry Build 2K21

Position: Point Guard

Height: 6’8”

Wingspan: max

Overall: 99

Main Attributes

Now you are going to see the main attributes: we have 93 driving layups, 95 three-point shot, 95 mid-range, great ball handle, speed with the ball, perimeter defense. As for physical is solid and fast, with 91 stamina, 90 speed and 90 acceleration. This is the best pf build in 2k21 current-gen you will ever see.

Fishing: 93 Driving Layup, 37 Driving Dunk, 28 Standing Dunk

Shooting: 95 Mid-Range Shot, 95 Three-Point Shot, Free Throw 39

Playmaking: 72 Pass Accuracy, 91 Ball Handle, 94 Speed With Ball

Defense/Rebounding: 83 Perimeter Defense, 48 Offensive Rebound, Defensive Rebound 52

Physicals: 90 Speed, 90 Acceleration, 27 Vertical, 91 Stamina


First of all, acrobat is the most needed when it comes to shooting badges. All you need is Ankle Breaker, Bail Out, Bullet Passe instead of Dimer as playmaking this year in 2K21 Steph Curry build.

Finishing badges: Acrobat (Silver)

Shooting badges: Blinders (HOF), Deep Threes (HOF), Hot Shot (HOF), Hot Zone Hunter(HOF), Green Machine(Silver), Circus Threes(HOF)

Playmaking badges: Ankle Breaker (Gold), Bail Out(Silver), Bullet Passer(Gold), Handles For Days(HOF), Quick First Step(HOF), Unpluckable(Silver)

Defense/Rebounding badges: Clamps(Gold), Pick Dodger(Gold)

NBA 2K21 Best Steph Curry Point Guard Build Animations


Jump Shots: OOOP

Free Throw: Free Throw 49

Dribble Pull-Ups: Stephen Curry

Spin Jumpers: Stephen Curry

Hop Jumpers: Stephen Curry

Post Fade: 6

Post Hook: 1

Post Hop Shots: Post Hop Shot 4

Post Shimmy Fades: Shimmy Fade 1

Post Shimmy Hook: Shimmy Hook 2

Dribble Moves

Dribble Style: Quick

Signature Size-Up: T. HARDWAY

Park Size-Up: None

Basic Size-Up Packages: Pro 1

Size-Up Escape Packages: Pro 2

Moving Crossovers: Pro 2

Moving Behind the Backs: Pro 3

Moving Spins: Basic 1

Moving Hesitations: Pro 4

Moving Stepbacks: Pro 2

Triple Threat Styles: Normal 4

Dunk And Layups

Layups: S.Curry

Dunks Package 1: Rim Grazers Off One

Dunks Package 2: Rim Grazers Off 2

Others all None

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