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25 Ways To Make Money Online



Make Money Online

Make Money Online

If you want to earn money online this page will be your portal to a bright future, save it in your favorites

Each of the ideas presented on this page is free tutorials to learn how to make money online. To access the seminars you just have to click on the links.

In this site, I will be incorporating new strategies every month to learn how to earn money online. Little by little, we will analyze more than a thousand ways to earn money from the Internet by diversifying your portfolio of products, services, and strategies.

If you have any opinion you want to share or want me to work on a particular topic, send me an email or post a comment. Thank you.

List of tutorials, ideas, and strategies to make money online

Idea 1: Create a Successful Blog

Idea 2: Create a Niche Site

Idea 3: Create, publish and sell an Ebook

Idea 4: Email Marketing or newsletter from your blog

Idea 5: Create a Forum

Idea 6: Make money with online surveys

Idea 7: Sell ​​photos, images, vectors and illustrations  online

Idea 8: Create a classified ad website

Idea 9: Make money with Freelance Jobs

Idea 10: Create Sites with Paid Membership 

Idea 11: Create an Events Website

Idea 12: Create an Online Store

Idea 13: Create an Online Directory

Idea 14: Create a Wiki

Idea 15: Amazon Mechanical Turk

Idea 16: Create a Podcast to make money online

Idea 17: Create an Online Affiliate Store

Idea 18: Create an Online Comic

Idea 19: Create a Free Online Games site

Idea 20: Make money with 

Idea 21: CPA

Idea 22: Make money with Youtube Videos 

Idea 23: Make money with Ebay and Mercado Libre

Idea 24:  Make money buying or selling websites or domains on Flippa

Idea 25: Make money playing internet Games

Like any company, a well-done blog takes time to prepare and plan. All the work leading up to the blog launch will save us a lot of time in the future, and also get us started in the right direction.

The following information is useful both for those who want to start a blog from scratch and for those who already have a blog and aspire to improve it.

1. Steps to create a successful blog

1.   Choose the right topic

2.   Create the correct name and brand

3.   Essential wordpress plugins for your blog

4.   Create an attractive design

5.   Develop the social media strategy

6.   Create high-level content

7.   Create pre-launch content

8.   Launch the blog

9.   Build relationships with other bloggers

10.  Build the audience

11.   Use webinars, youtube, podcasts to expand the audience

12.  How to make money with the blog

Creating a successful blog  is the first step for those who want to embark on their path to financial freedom. The good thing about blogs is that everything we create remains on the web forever. With patience and work we will grow our project little by little and in a few years we will surely have managed to create a successful blog.

Once you have created your blog and as you have more and more visits, I recommend you find out as much as you can about your audience. For this, I recommend reading this post to learn more about the audience of your online business. 

How to choose the right topic to create a successful blog

 How important is it to choose the topic for our blog?

Choosing the blog topic is one of the most important decisions we must make.  The correct topic will make building a successful blog much easier.

Choosing the right topic can greatly facilitate your work , either because it will allow you to access information easily, because you are quite an expert and can create good content or because it is a good niche to generate business online.

Choosing the wrong topic can be a headache , frustrating, and leaving our company. If that happens to you, no problem, change the topic and start over, sooner or later you will find the topic that will help you make your blog a success.

Although there is no established method to choose the topic, there are certain guidelines that can help us a lot when making the decision.

Some of the things to consider when choosing your topic:

– Make it a topic that interests you intellectually

– Make it a topic that you are passionate about

– Make it a fun topic to tackle

– Make it a topic that allows you to help people

– Make it a theme that allows you to earn money

– Make it a subject that forces you to train to become more expert

– Make it a topic that allows you to connect with many people

Exercise to identify the topic of your blog.

Take a sheet and a pencil and do the following exercise:

1) Define what is the objective of your blog

It can change, but start by establishing one in total sincerity with yourself. The goals can be, achieve popularity, build prestige, connect with people, earn money online, have fun, etc.

2) Make a list of the topics that interest you .

Keep the list as long as possible, think about topics and subtopics, since many times addressing a niche is the easiest way to find a place in the blogosphere. To get an idea of ​​what topics are popular, think about the blogs you like, go to a bookstore and see what society is talking about, check out the Amazon best-selling list, read magazines on the topics that they attract you and look for topics that you think are for you.

3) Discard those topics that you like the least

Discard those topics that seem overly complicated and those that don’t match your goal.

4) Keep dropping topics until you have the top 3.

If your goal is to make money with the blog, you must be clear if that is possible with the topic you have chosen. For this I recommend that you explore blogs on the chosen topic and investigate how that blog makes money.

Reread the post of the  12 reasons that make a successful blog  keeping in mind the chosen topics.

Keep in mind that a well-done blog takes time. Are you willing to do research on the subject and write at least two notes a week? Do you think you are capable of generating quality content? What do you think you can do differently than all the other blogs on the subject?

Differentiation is the key!  As in any company, you have to differentiate yourself. Think about what I can do differently from others to win over the audience, how can I seduce them to come and come back?

It is not necessary to invent something new, you can choose a theme that you like and give it a personal, own or original perspective. Surely the topic you choose will already be being addressed by others, this is good! Later I will tell you why, for now I tell you that the competition are potential collaborators.

Wants and needs , these are the two reasons why a person does anything. Think about your audience, who they are, what their wishes are, what their needs are, what they need to read, what makes them laugh, what they don’t like (very important), who they admire, what are their fears, what are their frustrations, what are your challenges, etc.

Once you have a minimal idea of ​​the audience I advise you to survey the most important blogs on the subject. Other blogs are an inexhaustible source of information, inspiration and ideas.

It is interesting to think if there are specific sub-segments that are interested in the topic you have chosen. For example, if you are interested in writing about Yoga, you will find that there must be hundreds of thousands of blogs about it, but if you focus on some niche, such as Yoga for pregnant women, or Yoga for children or Yoga for taxi drivers, you are likely to find a niche that will allow you to gain experience, making a name for yourself and adding traffic to your site.

Should you think again what makes your blog different? What can you do to give it a unique approach?

And the last thing I tell you is, start today, choose your topic and start as soon as possible, you can always change the topic later or abandon it, but try to start now, so you gain experience, there is much to learn and with patience and effort everything is possible.

Create the correct name and brand of a successful blog

To create a successful blog you need good branding . Branding is called the process of creating a brand, in this case the brand must translate the identity and values ​​of the blog and the blogger.

The elements that make up the branding in a blog are the name, the logo, the “tagline”, the domain and the design in general, whether of the site, the newsletters, etc. In this post we are going to focus on the first four and we are going to save the design for later.

The difficult thing about creating a good name is that you have to choose a name that is representative and accompany it with the correct domain, when today many of the domains are already registered.

For example, if you want to set up a yoga blog and you want to register it as, you’re out of luck. Even many of the variants will already be registered, but don’t worry, there are ways to find a solution to the matter and we will explore them right here.

Let’s talk about the name first. You have to try to choose a name that has a lot of charm, that is easy to remember, that generates curiosity and that identifies with the theme of the blog.

When creating your name, think about how the audience will react to it.  Think about whether the name is provocative, inspiring, inclusive, exclusive, joyful, refers to a specific need, identifies with a desire, etc.

Try to choose a name that stands out, that is out of the ordinary, or that refers to the subject clearly or from a particular angle.

Find a domain for your blog

With almost all the individual word domains already registered, it is an excellent option to create a phrase for the blog, a phrase that meets the same characteristics mentioned above, for example my other blog is called Vivir es un Arte and the domain is  www. .

Spend enough time to find a suitable name for your blog , try different names and show them to your friends and family to give you their opinion if necessary.

How to register a domain?

When you are satisfied with the name chosen and you have confirmed that the domain is available, register it! Then open a Facebook account with that name, one on twitter, one on youtube, etc. Even if you do not plan to use these services yet, it is better to prevent then to find that the name is no longer available. And trust me, it is very likely that you will end up using all those resources and many more.

The domain you choose does not necessarily have to coincide with the name of your blog, although it is desirable.

There are many people who choose their own name for the blog, and in this way they aspire to build their personal brand and their prestige. There are many success stories in this regard as well. I think something important to keep in mind in this case is the level of exposure you want.

To check if the domain exists and also to register it I use  for only $ 9 per year you have your domain secured. It is quite easy to use but the site is in English. You have many additional options, from hosting to data protection, it is up to you, if you do not want any additional service registering the domain costs around 9 dollars per year. You can also register your domain with  Bluehost .

A good option in Spanish is  although registrations are usually a little more expensive, approximately $ 12. 3 dollars of difference is not so much, if we think of a blog as a future business investment, but the option is in your hands.

Registering a domain is not expensive , registration lasts for a year. When renewing it, prices usually go up to $ 20 per month, the reason why this happens is because the first year they give us a significant discount so that we can register the domain with a certain company and get hooked.

What is a good domain?

The best domains are .com  as they rank better in SEO, then follow .net and .org in that order. Don’t bother with other types of domains. If you choose a .net domain, be careful that there is no active .com domain, as you could have legal problems in the medium term. You don’t want to put years of work and effort into your blog and then have to pay thousands of dollars to whoever sues you.

Should I include keywords in my domain?

Including keywords in the domain helps to rank better in Google, which is why many people choose to do so. But the truth is that in the case of blogs it is more important to have good general branding than a particular domain. Someone is more likely to remember the name of a blog that is a specific, provocative and catchy phrase.

When choosing a domain there are certain things you should avoid: the use of numbers, hyphens, and words that are difficult to write. This does not mean that there are no exceptions to the rule, but the cleaner and simpler the better.

Create a Logo

Logos are very important in generating a connection with the audience. The logos must be unique, different, interesting and related to the theme of the blog.

For those who are not designers there are several options to hire freelance designers online for reasonable prices.

Some of these companies are  0 99Designs.

A good logo can cost you a few hundred dollars, but it makes an incredible difference, and really compared to the creation of any other company, the total costs of setting up a blog are far below, and well managed, they can give very interesting profits.

The design of the blog is also very important. We will talk about that soon, but I just wanted to suggest that if you contact a designer, you can ask for a general price to develop the blog, the logo and templates for newsletters.

If you dare to design your own logo in Photoshop, go ahead, look at other successful logos and copy the style. When you have the finished product, show it to the most sincere of your friends. Do not tell him that you have done it, put your logo on a sheet together with others that you copy from the internet and ask for opinions of each one, so you will know what people think of your logo.

If it doesn’t have a good answer, get rid of it (the logo, not your friend :)).

Create the Tagline

The tagline is the slogan of your blog. You must simply explain what your blog is about, trying to gain the audience’s attention. You must make a difference with the competition and invite visitors to continue reading.

A good tagline also helps you rank better on Google. The idea is that you include the keywords in the tagline but without overusing it. 2 times is ideal. If your site is about yoga and it is called yogalife in the tagline you would put something like “Yoga Life. The blog that brings you closer to the world of yoga ”. Thus, your keyword “yoga” appears twice in your tagline.

I will give a lot more information on this when I write a post on SEO soon.

Where to host the blog?

This is a very important question. You have to choose a place to host the blog.

I host all of my sites on a single Bluehost account  , it’s cheap (I pay less than $ 5 per month), reliable, and it has a fantastic 24-hour online support service. To register you have to pay 70 dollars (approx.) Upfront, which covers us for two years, but if the subscription is canceled at any time, they will refund the proportion of the money that you have not used.

When your blog starts to grow and you need another option,  Bluehost  offers you options to scale the power such as virtual dedicated servers, but hey, save that for much later. There are many professional blogs hosted on  Bluehost , starting at less than $ 5 a month.

Hostpapa  is another excellent option that also offers the platform and support in Spanish.

Either of these two options are excellent, and if you hire some of their services through the link that I include on this page, it costs you the same and they give me commission, which is great, because it allows me to keep this blog running, so THANK YOU to those who choose to do so!

What blog platform should I use?

I recommend using  WordPress,  not the version but the version in which you host the site. This means that your blog will be hosted on servers like Bluehost  and you will have complete control over how to use it and what features to install. 

WordPress is easy to customize, quite intuitive and there are also tons of tutorials all over the web on how to create a WordPress account and how to operate it.

There is no time to lose, go ahead! You are one step closer to creating your successful blog!

Essential wordpress plugins for a blog

Many times the success of a blog depends on wordpress plugins.

Having the right plugins can greatly improve your blogger experience . Some are essential for a better functioning and positioning in the network, others, can give you competitive advantages and bring you more business.

There are more than 20,000 plugins out there, here is a list of those that I consider essential and a list of optional ones to make your wordpress experience excellent.

Most of the plugins on the list are free,  and although they are free, they are of a very good quality. Some of the plugins that make up the following list are paid, they are the ones that next to their name have “(Premium)” written.

Indispensable wordpress plugins

All In One SEO Pack

Excellent free plugin that helps in the internal optimization of the site. It allows to incorporate descriptions to the website in general and to the posts in particular, among other options.

Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin is used to generate a map and index it in Google, so that our site can be found more easily.

Google Analytics for WordPress

Facilitates the integration of Google analytics in WordPress. Among other things, it also speeds up the loading of the site.


Akismet is the leading plugin in detecting and preventing spam comments. Totally necessary.

Broken Link Checker

Very useful plugin to detect links that are not working. Important and essential, especially as our site grows in content and information.


Service to generate a backup of your site. It is very important to generate backups on a daily basis. This can be learned by hook or by crook, I recommend prevention and that you pay attention to this advice since accidents happen and they happen often.

W3 Total Cache

Plugin that speeds up blog loading. Essential so that visitors do not get bored waiting and decide to leave the site.


This plugin incorporates a bar next to each post that makes it easy to share information through social networks or even by email.

Seopressor  (Premium)

This plugin costs 97 dollars. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s the standard in the blogger industry. Essential for our pages and our site to rank high in search engines. It allows us to optimize the pages and posts by concentrating on keywords, titles, subtitles, internal and external links and gives us a ranking about the probability of ranking high in Google that helps us optimize the content even more. Pure gold.

OptinSkin  (Premium)

Excellent plugin to design and modify the registration form for our newsletter. Allows you to locate it in seven different places on the blog or website. It offers excellent and eye-catching designs. Easy to use. I use it in Chau Boss.

Optional plugins depending on the required functionalities

Audio Player

Plugin to incorporate audio rows to the blog.

Subscribers Magnet  (Premium)

Plugin that offers the possibility of incorporating a button to register to our mailing list.

WP-Wishlist  (Premium)

It allows us to convert our site into a membership site. Very interesting for sites that sell information or content or for those that generate Premium content and only give access to registered users. If you are interested in learning more about membership sites, I recommend reading  this tutorial .

RSS Footer

It allows to include a footer with a call to action for those who read our posts through an RSS reader. We can invite them to follow us on Facebook, to read other blogs, to go to a certain link, etc.


Plugin that allows you to easily incorporate videos to our blog.


This plugin allows us to conduct surveys with our visitors.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

This plugin allows us to create a list of posts related to the current post, encouraging visitors to stay on our blog for longer, offering them information that may interest them.

Context widget

Very interesting and easy to use plugin that allows us to decide on which page we want the widgets to appear. In this way we can choose that certain widgets appear on the home, single post, page, etc.

ManageWP  (Premium)

Very interesting plugin for those who operate several wordpress sites. It allows to operate them all within the same Dashboard, saving us considerable time. Up to five sites is free, and thereafter you need to pay.

WP Google Fonts

Allows you to easily add fonts from the Google Web Font service.


Excellent plugin that facilitates the search for free use (Creative Commons images) in Flikr and adds them to our posts with the author’s reference.

Create an attractive design for a successful blog

How important is the design of a blog?

Successful blogs have great designs.

How many times have you come across a site or blog with a poor design, a horrible design or no design at all? Think, when you arrive at a site with an impressive design, how does that affect your disposition towards the blog or website?

Apparently people stop for 10 to 20 seconds each time they enter a site, and if they don’t find something to catch them, they just keep going. Having an attractive design will make visitors stay longer , attracted by curiosity and aesthetic richness. If your goal is to generate a site with considerable traffic, a good design is something that sooner or later you will have to invest.

Good designs also provide credibility and confidence to the reader, give a greater sense of professionalism and durability.

The aesthetics of your blog must accompany your proposal and must mark your differential.  The colors used, the shapes, the lines and all the components of the design must harmonize and match your value proposition.

How to design?

Hiring a designer to design your blog can cost you a lot of money , hundreds to thousands of dollars, although there are several options to address the design issue and we are going to explore them right now.

The first thing you can do is buy a predesigned template, they  usually cost around $ 70 . Companies that offer good designs are  StudioPress  and  Templatic , they have many options available and are easy to install, once you buy them it can take you a few hours to adapt it to your requirements and that’s it! Another option is WordPress templates, with several price options and with the advantage that the site is in Spanish.

If you are interested you can also try crowdsourcing sites, in which case I recommend . In these sites several designers compete to win your proposal. You offer a certain amount and the designers offer their designs, the more money you offer, the more designers will be interested, the more proposals you will have to choose from and the higher quality of the designs.

Remember that every time you click on any of the links on this page I receive a commission, which helps me to keep the blog updated and active. It is a way of helping me for having helped you. Thank you!

I recommend launching your blog with a good design, to be able to start to retain visitors from the beginning, instead of seeing people who come to our blog, disappear in seconds and never return.

Another excellent option to design, which is the option that I have chosen, is  Thesis . Thesis is a product that has facilitated the adaptation of blogs by automating the writing of HTML. Thesis , while easy to use, requires minimal learning and I only recommend it for daring beginners. The good thing about Thesis is that it allows much more design and adaptation possibilities than the other platforms. Chaujefe, and many of my other sites, are made with  Thesis .

If you choose to design your blog yourself, I recommend that you look to other blogs and designer sites such as  Smashing Magazine  and  Dribbble , which are sites that host cutting-edge web designers.

If you decide to hire a designer you can search for him on  or also on  Dribbble .

Remember this Steve Jobs phrase “ design is not only how it looks, but also how it works ”. How does this apply to your blog? Make the design provide clarity, make it easier to read and let the reader know where to find the information they are looking for quickly.

Create a unique design with personality and you will be a little closer to creating a successful blog!

Social media strategy to create a successful blog

Importance of social media

To create a successful blog it is important to make good use of social networks .

Social networks are the perfect complement to a blog and a very useful tool for bloggers. There are numerous benefits to staying active on social media, the most notable of which are:

– Derive traffic to the site .

Social networks are great sources of traffic to websites . In addition, due to the ease in which information is shared, it allows us to continually expand the boundaries of our audience.

– Connect with the audience .

An excellent way to build loyalty is by connecting with them . It is possible that at some point the number of followers is so great that it is impossible to connect with everyone, but it should be a constant practice to answer our followers, as much as possible.

– Build prestige and establish yourself as an authority on the subject .

The ease with which information is shared on social media will soon let the community know who we are, what we do and why we do it . By establishing yourself as an authority on the subject, you become a permanent point of reference for those who seek information on a specific topic.

– Build relationships with other bloggers .

It is one of the best ways to generate genuine traffic. Links from other active blogs help a lot to rank better in Google. You have to think of other bloggers as allies, not as competition, or as healthy competition.

– Get information about the tastes of readers .

When you keep  an active blog you post two to five times a week . In social networks one can send as many notes or links per day as he wants. This, in addition to generating a link, offers the possibility of testing interesting articles and topics to understand which are the readers’ favorites.

What social networks do you need?

Of all the existing social networks my favorite is Facebook, then Twitter and finally Google+. Depending on your audience and the theme of your blog, you will choose one or the other, or all.

There are certain  good practices that help you get followers on social networks . Next I tell you what they are:

– Build the fan base. The first thing you should do is invite all your friends and contacts, in order to have a fan base that helps further expansion.

– Include links to social networks in the blog, posts, newsletters and in everything possible.

– Generate top-notch content with the potential to be shared or go viral.

– Show your appreciation for the content of others, either with the “like” of Facebook, or retwitting.

– Interact with people.

– Link and mention other people.

– Follow other people, and comment on their posts.

Facebook Ads.

If you have extra money that you want to invest in getting followers, you can use the Facebook Ads service. Keep in mind that the investment per contact is not cheap and that you have to have the monetary conversion of your site quite optimized for this movement to be profitable.

Eventually, when your blog starts to generate resources, you could decide to reinvest some of that money in marketing and launch a campaign on Facebook Ads to increase your fan base.

 How often should I post on social media?

Try to stay as active as possible , posting 7-10 times a day, this may seem like a lot, but it will help you expand your reach and build audience and speed up the process of creating a successful blog.

How to create great content for a successful blog

It’s the content, stupid!

THE CONTENT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING OF A SUCCESSFUL BLOG, it  is the reason why a person comes to our blog and decides to return or not to return, it is what makes our blog successful.

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs in the world, and thousands that start every day. Why are people going to choose our blog over others on the same topic?

The content is what  gives value to the readers , that’s why the content has to be excellent! And no less than that, if the content is very good it is not enough, it has to be incredible, excellent.

How is the excellent content?

Great  content  reflects the values ​​of the blog and blogger, identifies followers with the content or story, solves a need, brings a new point of view, inspires people to take a course of action, or helps with a decision. In short, an excellent post  modifies , there is a before and after having read it.

Excellent posts are those that connect us with people, put us in their place and them in ours, identify us with their needs or desires.

The million dollar question is  how do you create that  great content ?  The good news is that it is possible to learn how to create that type of content, and that is what we are going to explain in this post.

12 actions to consider when generating content:

1-  Aspire for excellent content

It is a good start, because it predisposes us differently to the construction of content. If we intend to be non-conformists, we will have taken a big step, and little by little, we will become excellent writers and excellent bloggers.

2- Experiment .

Try different variables, formats, long posts, short posts, include images, little text and links, a lot of text, use humor, include infographics, etc. Fly and let your imagination be the limit. Explore what works for your blog and exploit that resource.

3- Create an excellent title .

An excellent post has a title that grabs, draws attention, generates curiosity, promises something. Bloggers aspire to become masters in the art of headline posts.

4- Observe what others are doing .

There are hundreds of blogs on whatever topic. You have to explore those blogs, see what articles have worked and try to understand why. Be inspired by posts that have been successful.

5- Vary the topics .

Don’t be monothematic, try to expand your reach so as not to get bored and not boring.

6- Find your voice .

Being human, passionate, transmitting the personality in the post, this can take time, it is called finding your own voice, finding the voice that every time readers read something that you have written, they know it was done by you.

7- Educate, entertain and inspire .

Try to write posts that have these three characteristics, or at least two.

8- Write “How to do” posts .

People are all the time searching the internet for solutions to problems, if you are an expert in something or know of a possible solution to a problem, write a post!

9- Give urgency to the content.

Use current affairs, example “All about the latest Apple phone”

10- Conduct interviews.

Find relevant people according to your topic and interview them.

11- Use Google Alert.

Program Google Alert to keep you updated and alert about a specific topic.

12- Follow the news of the sector.

Read magazines, other blogs, newspapers, etc. You are an information sponge looking for opportunities to write posts.

Now start writing, or keep writing if you have already been doing it, trying to observe these recommendations and make your content so good that it becomes viral.

Create the pre-launch content

Creating a successful blog  is a delicate art, and as such, certain rules must be respected, although like any art, creativity and improvisation are very important.

There are many ways to make a blog known, some even use paid services such as Google Adwords, or banners on other sites or blogs. Some prefer to start writing a blog hoping that finally at some point the public will begin to notice it and thus grow little by little until they have a considerable audience.

Explosive start

The best tactic tested so far to  create a successful blog  is the “exploding start” , which involves a launch with excellent content and having generated sufficient prior interest. We will talk about this soon in another post, but there can be no “explosive start” without excellent content that accompanies it and generates a group of instant followers.

The previous content can be no more than four or five posts, which are totally useful and relevant to the audience. They have to refer to the heart of the topic of our blog, perfectly represent what we want to convey and interest the public who comes, and most importantly, that they are wanting for more.

To build great content we will use the techniques explained above in  How to create great content for a successful blog . We must write 4 or 5 posts of more than 500 words each (this is important to rank better in Google, which I will also talk about in a post soon) using allusive images whenever possible (it is not necessary to buy the images remember that in post  Essential wordpress plugins for a successful blog   I suggest you use the Compfight plugin, excellent for getting free images).

In my case, when launching this blog, I wanted it to have information that many users found interesting at launch, so I wrote about 6 posts about how to create a successful blog, out of a future series of 14 posts in a beginning. I say at first because creating a successful blog is one of the sections of the blog in which I will surely continue writing many other posts in the future.

Remember,  you must create top-level content , 4 or 5 posts that you know will interest and engage the public, and that they will come asking for more. Once you have the posts written you can focus on the launch stage. That we will talk about in the next post.

Launching a successful blog

Why launch?

The objective of launching a successful blog  is that when it is launched  , our site will obtain a  considerable number of visitors , from which it will be much easier to generate an even larger audience.

It is much easier to grow our audience if at launch we get between 500 and 1000 views . We can’t expect everyone to be interested in the blog or the content, but if we get 50 or 100 loyal followers, that will help generate a quick multiplier effect.

How to launch a successful blog?

By then we will have already created our pre-launch posts, with at least two articles with excellent content that will catch our readers, we will post these articles after launching the blog.

One week before the launch we will send an email to all our contacts telling them about this new project along with the email signature where we will include a link to our new blog. In our blog we will put only one page that will say something like “I wait for you from Friday, January 10” or something like that, showing only the design, and offering a small explanation of what the blog will be about.

We must do the same with our contacts on social networks, facebook, twitter, etc. We will send a message telling you about the project with the link to our new blog.

We must find out which are the most important forums on the subject on the internet, register and post a comment announcing the launch of our blog.

On the day of the launch we will post one of  our excellent articles  and then we will send an email to all our contacts to invite them to see the recently launched blog, doing the same with our contacts on social networks.

Re-visit the forums in which you have registered and post messages announcing that the blog has been launched and inviting the audience to participate.

Three days after posting the first article we must post our second article. It is advisable to post articles between two and three times a week at the beginning of the blog, but this will depend on the time you have and when you see fit, as long as you don’t let more than a week pass between each post.

Remember that keeping a blog updated is very important to rank well in Google , and above all it is very important so that our readers always get new information.

It is important to respect this step to give your blog an explosive start, which can be the difference between creating one more blog, and creating a successful blog.

Relationships with other bloggers to Create a Successful Blog

To  create a successful blog it  is essential to build relationships with other bloggers. Most of those bloggers who make money from their blog, or have popular and successful blogs, have built relationships with other bloggers.

By building relationships with other bloggers, it is much easier to create a successful blog, as well as being fun and opening the door to immense opportunities, such as joint projects.

There are many reasons why building relationships with other bloggers is important, below are the ones I think are most important to creating a successful blog:

  • It brings a feeling of belonging, and makes us feel that we are not alone in this odyssey
  • It makes being a blogger more fun and motivates us to move forward with our project
  • We feed each other with good ideas
  • They send us traffic and we send them
  • We interview each other and expand our profile among the audience
  • Joint projects may arise
  • They help us promote new products or services

It is important to demolish the myth that if we send traffic to another blogger our readers will abandon us, this does not happen, what usually happens is that those readers who like our recommendation usually also follow the recommended blogger.

If you really aspire to create a successful blog, you must lose the fear of creating relationships with other bloggers, you have to stop perceiving them as competition and start perceiving them as potential friends, and start creating relationships little by little, without forcing anything or doing things for mere interest, since that usually generates the opposite effect.

The attitude we must adopt is frank, open and sincere in the hope of building a potential friendship. With the huge number of bloggers out there, you don’t need to force things, just build relationships with people you connect well.

Ways to build relationships with other bloggers

Read and comment on other blogs

A good way to start is to read other people’s blogs, then start posting comments, eventually linking from our blog to yours, most bloggers have a Google Alerts account with their name, and every time someone posts their name. The message reaches them, so they find out that someone has posted a link to their blog.

In some cases we can send a private message to indicate that we have included a link on our blog to yours. This usually makes a good impression and is a good step to start building trust.

Guest posts

We can also invite to write a post for our blog, or offer to do that mutually, so we both make our blog known to another audience.

Conferences and exhibitions

Another great way to meet bloggers is by going to blogger conferences and meetings, there are numerous events bloggers frequent, you just have to search your local city and by attending you will find so many others like you.

Chat, email and Skype

Many times it will not be possible to meet a person due to the distance, but e-mail and skype are excellent ways to have conversations with bloggers.


They are a great way to meet another blogger, as well as contributing interesting content to our blog. We must conduct interviews without expecting reciprocity, but many times it happens that when we interview a blogger, he interviews us and that makes us get to know each other.

Creative groups

Creative groups are essential to creating a successful blog. They work like brotherhoods, but they are not like those in American movies, which get together to drink punch and all wear the same clothes with inscriptions, it is rather a creative group that get together with a certain frequency (weekly, monthly, biweekly, etc. ) to discuss ideas, projects, next steps, strategies, learnings, etc.

These groups are incredibly important as they bring different points of view, knowledge and support. The groups must be small, of no more than 5 people so that the dynamics flow.

Take the iniciative

Don’t wait for things to happen alone, take the initiative and connect with other bloggers, they will make it much easier for you to create a successful blog.

Build audience to create a successful blog

Who is the audience?

In a successful blog, the audience is those who visit our site often, recommend it, subscribe to our database and interact with us and other followers.

Building an audience is a delicate matter, there are many things that must be done, always assuming that content is the most important thing. Always remember that the content must be excellent since on that pillar we will build our blog and our audience.

There are numerous strategies and tactics to generate traffic to our blog, once someone arrives on our blog our mission is to make them stay with us, if possible, forever.

Interact with the audience

It is important to respond to readers’ comments, to the extent that we are able and we have the time to do so. Everyone who writes a comment is waiting for some kind of response, and although it is almost impossible to do so when you have a famous blog where you receive 400 comments per post, it is very important to respond to all comments at the beginning of a blog, then, as As our blog grows, we must continue to do so, but instead of responding to all comments, we will choose one, two or as many as we can.

One of the essential things to build an audience is to have a list service, such as  Aweber  or  MailChimp . Building lists is an excellent way to retain readers, as well as being a powerful marketing tool that will allow us to offer products and services in the future.

If you want to know everything about how to build lists and newsletters, read this tutorial called  Email Marketing  in which I tell you everything you need to know about it.

Generate Backlinks to improve positioning in Google

I have written an extensive post about  How to generate Backlinks  that I recommend you read.

Guest posts

Guest posts are also a good way to build an audience, as we make ourselves known to others’ followers and offer others the chance to be known by our followers. You must send emails to bloggers in your niche or bloggers that you admire or like what they do and offer to make a post. Try to do this every week, to expand your network and expand your audience.


Our blog should be created in a way that is easy to share information. When our content is excellent, people will tend to want to share it, this will make other people know about us and take a tour of our blog.

Connect and participate

It is recommended that you identify the most important forums on the topic of your blog. Actively participate in these forums, leave comments with links to your blog or to articles you have written, this is a way to generate traffic and at the same time build authority.

Follow to be followed

Become a follower of other blogs related to your topic, comment frequently on these blogs, leave links to your blog, and build relationships with other bloggers.


Include links to other blogs that you like, this will help you create relationships with other bloggers and will also help you rank better in Google. Google really likes inbound (to the blog) links but it also likes outbound (to other blogs) links.

Be active and constant

Be active, try to post every day, and if you can’t, you should at least once a week. Leave comments every day on social media. Tweet frequently.

Expand the reach of the blog using Webinars, YouTube and Podcasts

To create a successful blog you need constant traffic. As we mentioned before, the most common sources of traffic to our blog will be links from other blogs, social networks, captive traffic in our lists and RSS and search engines. There are also numerous other free ways to generate traffic to our site.

People enjoy watching a video much more than reading, and the videos give us the possibility to explain things step by step, showing the screen and what we are doing. Podcasts and videos have become one of the most popular tools, and they also have an enormous capacity to convert traffic into sales.


YouTube is the second most important search option, after Google, so creating videos is an excellent tool to generate traffic to our blog. YouTube is also the third most popular site on the internet. For getting more reach you need to create Twitch account and buy twitch followers for growing your social network.

Of course it is not for everyone, as some prefer anonymity or do not feel confident about getting in front of a camera. But if encouraged, videos can make your blog go much further faster.

Making a video today is very simple with all the programs that exist on the web.

The possibilities are almost endless, some speak in front of the camera, others screencast (when they show the computer screen and speak showing what they are doing), some mix both options, others conduct interviews, or show photos, or tell stories, etc. …

To make screencasts there are numerous free online tools, the same there is a lot of information about how to make a video, you just have to google a little.

YouTube is easy to learn to use, and the possibilities are enormous, there is a lot that can be done in terms of generating traffic, but we will leave that for another post, for now, if you are excited about the videos, do not stop trying. .

Create a Podcast

Podcasts are an excellent tool to build audience loyalty, as well as being an excellent communication weapon to generate traffic. Creating a podcast is not difficult, although you need to invest time, but the results are worth it. To learn how to create a podcast I recommend you read the strategy  How to Create a Podcast  on this blog.


Webinars have the highest conversion rate of all online tools. About 30% of the people who attend your webinar will buy the product or service you offer. In addition, the audience that accesses the webinar is our target audience, someone who is looking for what we offer.

The good thing about webinars is that once it is finished you can turn it into a video that will remain in your collection forever and will continue to generate passive income.

How to win money with a blog

There are numerous ways to earn money through a successful blog , so many, that it is almost endless to put in a post, in any case, we are going to cover the essentials so that you can get your first dollar through your blog.

It is important to understand that before monetizing the blog it is necessary to generate an audience, since without traffic there is nothing to monetize. So I recommend patience and that you focus on the content, post daily if you can and little by little you will generate a torrent of visitors. When you have at least 2,000 daily visits to your blog, you can think about monetizing.

The most common ways to get money through a blog are the following:

–           Adsense

Google’s advertising service . Depending on the number of monthly visitors, you can generate interesting income every month.

Sell ​​advertising spaces

There will always be a company or person who is interested in the niche to which we are targeting , many times those companies or people will contact us to put a banner on our blog with a link to a website or to a certain product or service. This can also be done proactively, if we know of someone who may be interested we can contact them and offer the service.

Affiliate products

Perhaps  the most common way to make money through a blog , is to recommend products or services for which a commission is obtained each time the person makes a purchase through our link. Without going any further, there are several affiliate links in, when people buy products through these links I get commission, and the good thing is that the buyer does not pay more, and it helps me to continue with the Blog.

The most common way to promote products is through as it has an excellent affiliate program. Don’t forget to check Amazon UPC codes if you are planning to sell your product on Amazon.

Another interesting platform to explore is, where there are a huge number of products that can be recommended and receive commission when people buy through our link.

My opinion is that you should only recommend those products or services that you have tried and are convinced that they are excellent and that buyers will be satisfied.

Create e-products

There are many bloggers who create an ebook or a video or a podcast referring to a particular problem and sell it on their blog, there are some bloggers who have not one but many ebooks, podcasts or videos.

Creating e-products has the advantage that you can also offer them through other platforms (example, since if it is a good product, there may be other people interested in promoting it.

Create a membership site

Membership sites are those in which you must enter a password to access the content. If you can create content that people are willing to pay for, creating a membership site is a great option. Creating these sites is very easy, all you need to do is install a plugin ( WP-Wishlist ) in wordpress and that’s it.

These types of sites are so important that I have written a full tutorial on  How to Create a Subscription or Membership Site .

Generate Premium content

This is very typical in some newspapers or magazines of a certain genre, they offer free content and, in addition, to access certain content it is necessary to pay.

Sale of links to other pages

When your blog has a minimum Page Rank of 4, other blogs or websites with a lower Page Rank can offer you money to publish a post on your blog with two links to their site, in this way, that helps them rank better in Google. , in addition to generating traffic, since many of your visitors will click on this link.


You can use the strategies you want to generate money with your blog, but remember that the most important thing is to generate traffic, and for that you need excellent content. Post daily, at least once a week, and with time and patience you will begin to see results.

Successes! And keep me posted on your projects so we can help each other.

2. Create niche sites

How to build niche sites

An excellent way to make money online is to create  niche sites . A niche site is a blog targeting a specific niche and a certain keyword.

The good thing about  niche sites  is that they require little maintenance, and if they are well managed and monetized, they can offer permanent earnings, also called passive income.

It is a myth that to create a site or a blog one must be a scholar on the subject. Today all possible information can be found on the internet, and sometimes we may have to turn to a specific bibliography, but that happens rarely.

The good thing about creating a niche site with the system that I am going to show you is that it is easy to get to be first in Google, and that by itself already generates profits through advertising (Adsense), although I will also teach you how look for other opportunities to monetize the blog.

I clarify that for some of the services that I show in this document, I get commission when you hire them, you don’t overpay, and it helps me to continue working on the blog, so I thank you in advance, and I also think it is a good practice blogger buy products through affiliate links, so we help each other.

Next I am going to tell you what are the steps to create successful niche sites. By clicking on each of the steps you will find detailed information on how to do it:

1-       Identify a niche with potential using Market Samurai

2-       Create the site

3-       Create the content

4-       Generate backlinks

5-       Monetize

6-       Maintain and automate

How to identify a niche with potential using Market Samurai

Creating a   successful niche site is much easier when we choose a niche without much competition and with potential.

Next, I am going to tell you about the process I follow to identify successful niche sites. To find  keywords  and successful niche sites I use a program called  Market Samurai , which I highly recommend, is used by all those who are professionally dedicated to this, it is a worthwhile investment, and if they choose to buy it through the link from this page, I receive a commission, and you don’t overpay.

The first thing we must do is write in a Word document or on a sheet of paper between 30 and 50 activities, events, actions, sports, hobbies or whatever. For example, a list could perfectly be the following:

– Wine

– Surf

– Latin music

– Mediterranean cuisine

– Aquatic exercises

– Gardening for your balcony

– Sport fishing

– How to build a website

– Tuberculosis

– Teeth whitening

– Learn to draw

– Dance steps

– Math exercises for children

– Art books

– Cook

– Cars

– Etc, etc, etc …

Are they getting the idea? It’s easy, write a list of all the things you can think of. Once we have at least 30  keywords  we must go to  Market Samurai  and study in which of these words there are potential niches, and of those potential niches which are the most convenient.

When typing in keywords you can use general terms or more specific terms, for example “wine” is a general term, and once we use  Market Samurai , we will get information about all relevant variations. I know it sounds weird, but you’ll see how simple it is.

Finding niche sites with Market Samurai

  • When starting  Market Samurai  the program we will click on “new Project”
  • It asks us to write the name of the project. Here we will write our first keyword, “health”.
  • Remember to change the language to Spanish, choosing “spanish” where it says “language”, the rest leave it as it is. If you want to search for keywords in another language, just change it to the language you are using. Then click on “Create”.
  • You will find the screen that appears below, click on “Keyword Research”
  • On the next screen click on “generate keywords”. Then you have to wait a few minutes patiently, since the program returns information from Google and that takes a while. This will give us a list of all the most important keywords related to “wine” that are searched on Google.
  • Once we obtain the result we must click on “keyword analysis”
  • The first thing we must do now is to order the keywords by relevance, for this we will click on the top of the “SEOT” column. SEOT means how many people can potentially reach your site if you are first on Google with that keyword.

What we are looking for is a niche without much competition with a good number of potential daily visits. For this, we will establish a minimum SEOT of 80 and a PBR of 35%. PBR means how specific the keyword related search is, the more specific the better, the higher the PBR the better. In addition, we will establish a minimum CPC of 0.8.

What follows is to test each of the results and analyze the competition. To do this you must click on the small key next to each keyword.

Clicking on all the terms one by one and analyzing the competition, I found this niche that can be interesting. “Best wines” with 250 SEOT and 82% PBR.

You will see that when you click on the small key, the keyword appears next to the main one above. Now click on “best wines” above.

Next,  Market Samurai  will show you a list of the ten best-ranked sites in Google for that keyword.

What are we looking for or want to see? Much green and little red and yellow. Especially in the columns PR (Page Rank) and BLP (Backlinks Page). The DA column refers to the age of the domain, not much you can do in this regard unless you buy an old domain. Pay no attention to the IC column or BLD (actually I usually click on DA, IC and BLD to get a clearer picture).

In this case, we see that there are seven sites with zero Page Rank on the first page of Google with little or no BLP number (except for two sites), which means that it would not take us as much to get to the first page of Google.

As you can see, the process is simple, all you need is a little time and patience. You will see that there are many niches still virgin or without much competition. Keep in mind that being on the first page of Google for a good keyword, the site already generates profit, and if you can position it in the first position of the ranking, even better.

Market Samurai  also offers in its left menu options to find content “Find Content” and to monetize “Monetization”, although we will explore both options in more detail in the following posts.

Remember, it is important to follow the steps indicated so as not to end up in niches with too much competition in which it is very difficult to create a   successful niche site , I tell you from experience, after creating three niche sites that will never reach nowhere.

Create niche sites with WordPress

Creating a niche site with WordPress is very simple, for this we will follow the same steps as in the Create a successful blog  section  of this blog.

The steps we will refer to are the following:

1- Create the correct name and brand

2- Essential wordpress plugins for your blog

3- Create an attractive design

Creating a site from WordPress offers many advantages , simplicity and speed are two of them, another important advantage is that you can include a page with a blog on the site. In Chau Boss we can see that there are several sections (also called pages) and one of them is called “blog”. The advantage of having a blog on a niche site is that it helps to update content, and that greatly helps to position ourselves better in Google.

We can also build a static site if it is our interest, but the trend today is to incorporate a section with the blog, and thus take advantage of constant and fluid communication with our audience.

An excellent example of a niche site is . The Yoga benefits site is one of my online ventures, I found the keyword with  Market Samurai  and I have put together a site targeting a specific keyword, which is “Yoga Benefits”. All the notes on this site are aimed at certain keywords all related to the benefits of yoga practice.

It is observed that a mountain of content is not necessary to appear on the first pages of Google, it is more important to  identify which keywords are important  and to design the site and the articles to position ourselves perfectly in that niche.

Regarding the maintenance of niche sites, once the sites are created and working, maintenance is minimal, updating some plugins, making backups and publishing articles. We will deal with the content of niche sites in the next post.

How to create content for niche sites

Creating content for niche sites is similar to creating great content for a successful blog. If we want people to come to our site, refer to it as relevant, and come back, we must deliver value to the audience.

I recommend reading  how to create high-level content  as a fundamental first step, it is a post that I have written for the section  creating a successful blog .

Once we have assimilated the importance of creating top-notch content, we have to proceed to create it.

Where to start?

I recommend you go from the general to the particular, for example, if you have created a niche site on  how to create web pages  (like the example I include) we will see that one of the pages is called “before we start”, and from there It guides us to the different tools and things we should know about the world of creating a web page. I clarify that what I like about this site is how it structures the information, the design seems poor and the logo should be more professional.

If you created, for example, a site about tuberculosis, you would start by telling what it is, another article to explain the problems it generates, another about how it is spread, another about prevention, etc. Always try to create different pages that cover relevant topics, as I have done in Chau Boss, and as you can also see in  how to create web pages . The good thing about creating pages with different sections of information is that Google ranks pages, not domains.

Try to make the articles you publish at least 500 words long, as that also helps you rank better.

Write articles yourself or outsource them?

When creating articles you have the option of writing them yourself or outsourcing them. For several of my niche sites I have hired freelancers to write the articles, saving me considerable time.

I have used  and  Freelancer , I usually hire the basic quality and pay 5 bucks for a 500 word article. Elance and Freelancer are sites where people offer their freelance services, so in addition to content writers we find a lot of other things, designers, programmers, photographers, illustrators, etc. They are easy to use platforms and what is generally done is to publish a job and people offer to do it. Then you negotiate a price and choose who you think is the most convenient. If people have done jobs before they have evaluations and comments from previous employers.

There are other similar platforms, these are the ones that I have tried and recommend, but use whatever seems to work for you, try it and decide for what suits you best.

When you hire a professional to write your articles, give them the highest possible specifications, article title, number of desired words, keywords to include, percentage of keywords over total text, etc.

It is a good idea to write articles aimed at selling a specific product. For example, if I have a niche site on aerobic exercise, one of my articles will be about this wonderful product that helps you measure your heart rate while exercising, and at various points throughout the article I will include an affiliate link to the item, and every time a person buys the product I will earn commission.

How Often Should I Write Articles On Niche Sites?

When starting a new niche site I usually write 10 initial articles and post them once a week each. Then it will depend on the site, if you see that the site appears promising and that people are interested in your articles and your visits increase, then you can increase the frequency, or decrease it.

I’m patient, I know that a lot of times niche sites take a while to start getting noticed. At a minimum I write two articles per month per niche site.

Where to get information about what to write?

The easiest thing is to put the name of the keyword + forum in Google, so if our site is about race bikes the search must be race bikes forum and this will give us many results about forums related to the niche, you must register in those forums and read what people are interested in, and write notes to that effect.

Backlinks Strategy or External Links

The  Backlinks  or  external links  play an important role in the algorithm that Google uses to rank websites. Some SEO experts predict that backlinks  will soon  become less relevant, due to the abuse that websmasters have done trying to trick search engines to rank better.

Nowadays backlinks still have a considerable weight when it comes to positioning our website, but Google gives more importance to those backlinks that come from sites with a higher Page Rank and that are relevant to the topic of the landing page.

The easiest way to create a backlink is to post a comment on a blog, forum or site including a link to our site.

Creating good backlinks or good links is a slow process that requires a considerable investment of time, since the backlinks that are produced in massive quantities through some programs or the backlink packages that some companies sell no longer generate the desired impact from from the last update made by Google.

Also, not all links are good, if you have a forced link from a site that is not at all relevant to your niche, or in another language, that can even generate the opposite effect.

So the question is what are the relevant backlinks and how to create them?

Backlinks from Forums

The best backlinks are those generated by people who genuinely come to our site because they are interested in what we offer. For example, a great way to generate backlinks is by participating in forum discussions, and we include a link to our website in our signature. It is recommended that you participate in the discussion, provide your opinion and not just a spam comment with your signature.

Backlinks from other Bloggers

One of the most important things for people who decide to create blogs and niche sites is to create relationships with other bloggers, this allows among other things to make guest posts. Guest posts are when another person writes a post on our blog or we on theirs, in which we include a link to our blog.

Backlinks from other own blogs

A useful way to generate backlinks is to create blogs on other blogging platforms and include links in the content that point to our site.

It’s simple, you just create a blog on any of the platforms listed below and then write two or three articles, creating links to your website and that’s it.

It is not necessary to generate cross links between these sites, just concentrate on generating new blogs and pointing them to your site. You can do as many as you want, be careful not to do more than 10 per day to avoid penalties from Google.

List of platforms to create blogs:


Backlinks from Social bookmarking sites in Spanish

Sites that are like article directories or web sites are known as social bookmarking. Posting articles on these sites with a link to our page is a great way to get other people to our website.

There are some sites like  Stumble Upon  where we can enter our entire pages and people are surfing on different pages related to a specific topic. Stumble Upon  already has a version in Spanish and in a large number of other languages. In addition, it has the Paid Discovery  service  which is an excellent paid promotion tool for your site. I don’t recommend using the Paid Discovery service  until your site or blog has enough content to interest the audience, but once you think you’ve created enough content, you can make small investments, say $ 50 to give your site a small barrage of visits and then Evaluate if it has worked for you or not and you can repeat it in the future or invest more money if you see fit.

Most of the social bookmarking sites in Spanish consist of pages that accept that we upload articles on any topic we want. The way in which backlinks are generated in this way is by rewriting an article that we have already published on our site and uploading it to these sites, including a link to our original site. The need to rewrite the article is that Google penalizes duplicate content, and if we did that we would be generating an effect contrary to the desired one.

Many people use programs called Spinners that what they do is modify an article by changing the words for synonyms and changing the paragraphs in order to fool Google robots. In this way, they get thousands of articles similar to the original without being detected and in seconds. My nose tells me that Google is already working on this issue and that they will soon find a way to counteract this effect, so my recommendation is still to rewrite the article, which can take us between 4 and 6 minutes per article once we have practice. As I told you before, generating quality backlinks is usually a slow process, but it pays off in the end.

Here is a list of the best sites for social bookmarking in Spanish:

List of sites for social bookmarking in English

  •  (Pagerank 6)
  •   (Pagerank 8)
  •  (Pagerank 3)
  •  (Pagerank 5)
  •  (Pagerank 4)
  •  (Pagerank 3)
  •  (Pagerank 2)
  •  (Pagerank 0)
  •  (Pagerank 2)
  •  (Pagerank 3)
  •  (Pagerank 6)
  •  (Pagerank 6)
  •  (Pagerank 0)
  •  (Pagerank 3)
  •  (Pagerank 4)
  •  (Pagerank 3)
  •  (Pagerank 3)
  •  (Pagerank 0)
  •  (Pagerank 0)
  •  (Pagerank 0)
  •  (Pagerank 1)
  •  (Pagerank 2)
  •  (Pagerank 0)
  •  (Pagerank 1)
  •  (Pagerank 2)
  •  (Pagerank 0)
  •  (Pagerank 0)
  • Business and (Pagerank 4)

DoFollow or NoFollow

Something very important when it comes to generating backlinks is to know if the sites where we post our links or links are DoFollow or NoFollow. The sites that have been programmed for NoFollow do not offer any value in terms of positioning, even when these links generate traffic.

Therefore, if our intention is to generate backlinks or  external links  in order to improve our positioning in Google, we must look for sites that are DoFollow.

For this there are two easy-to-use plugins that are added to Firefox. The first is called ” Search Status “, what it does is highlight those links that are ” NoDoFollow “. Another plugin that works for the same is “NoDoFollow”. The advantage of ” Search Status ” over ” NoDoFollow ” is that the former provides additional information that can be useful, such as Alexa ranking, PR and other SEO tools.

Backlinks from .edu or .gov sites

The algorithm that Google uses to rank pages is known to attach great importance to backlinks from .edu and .gov sites. Generating backlinks from these types of sites is not that easy since the first thing we must do is find a site that is relevant to our niche site or blog and that also allows you to leave comments in which we can include a link to our site.

There is a simple way to search within Google itself for those .edu and .gov sites, what we must do is enter in the Google search engine the searches that I am going to write below, and then leave a sincere comment in the discussions that you participate.

To Search WordPress Blogs:

site: .edu inurl: blog “keyword”

site: .gov inurl: blog “keyword”

To Find Sites made with  Expressionengine :

site: .edu “powered by expressionengine” “keyword”

site: .gov “powered by expressionengine” “keyword”

To Find Sites made with  BlogEngine :

site: .edu “powered by expressionengine” “keyword”

site: .gov “powered by expressionengine” “keyword”

Final considerations for creating Backlinks

Take all the time you need to build your backlinks, don’t rush, never do a lot in the same day, as that is an indication that you are forcing those backlinks. Make a routine of generating a certain amount daily or weekly. Write down in a document what those sites are to use them again at another time if you need to. And remember to click once on your own links on those pages where they are posted.

Monetize a niche site

There are several options for monetizing a niche site. It will always depend on what type of niche we are talking about and what are the particular opportunities that the niche offers.

First of all, I recommend you read the post I wrote for the section  How to create a successful blog  on  how to make money with a blog , where the classic ways to monetize a blog or website appear. The ways mentioned in said article site are:

– Adsense

– Advertising spaces

– Affiliate Marketing

– E-products

– Membership sites

– Premium content

– Links to other pages

In addition to the forms mentioned in the referred article, there are other possibilities depending on the particularity of the niche.


The accessories or related products page is always important to incorporate. The audience that reaches our specific niche is very likely to be looking for or needing one of these products. The way to offer them is through affiliation with different suppliers or sellers of those products.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Networks

PPC stands for Pay Per Click (pay per click), it is the well-known ads that appear on the right in Google searches. Although I have already mentioned Adsense, there are other alternatives to sell PPC from our site.

List of PPC networks:

–           Google Adsense

–   (they manage the Yahoo and Bing network)

–           Infolinks

–           Kontera

–           Vibrant Media

–           GumGum

–           Chitika

–   (which in addition to PPC offers CPM)



CPM Networks

CPM networks pay us money for the number of people who see the ads, unlike PPCs that pay us for those who click. These networks require that we have a large number of visitors per month in order to be part of their networks, so most of them will not work for small niches. That being said, it’s always good to know what the alternatives are, you never know how popular a niche might get.

CPM network listing

–           ValueClick Media

–           Tribal Fusion  (500,000 unique visits per month required)

–           Casale Media




There are hundreds of other networks out there, these are just a few, test if they accept them and if they work for your site, and if you do not look for other options, do not get a negative answer and abandon the cause.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Networks

Cost Per Acquisition or Cost per Acquisition networks These networks pay a fixed amount for each action, an action can be each email entered, or form filled out. There are a huge number of these networks (literally more than a thousand) that appear every month, many go bankrupt quickly, so I recommend you configure the services so that they pay them in small amounts and thus be covered in an eventuality.

List of CPA networks:

–           Neverblue Media

–           Clickbooth



–           Adscend Media



Affiliate Marketing Networks

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn money from niche sites and blogs.

List of the most important affiliate marketing networks:

–           Amazon Associates

–           Commission Junction (

–           Clickbank

–           SkimLinks

–           LinkShare

–           ClixGalore

–           eBay Partner Network




Sell ​​advertising space on your site

Selling advertising space is always an excellent option. Of course, it will depend on the amount of traffic we have on our site and the interest of others to access our niche.

List of the best options to sell advertising space:




Sell ​​Links

The sale of backlinks or external links has become very popular because Google gives great relevance to backlinks when it comes to positioning our site.

It is still a questioned practice, but the market is huge.

List of sites to sell links:

–           Text-Link-Ads


–           Digital Point Forum


Lists are a powerful marketing tool and essential to the long-term success of your online business. This matter is so important that I am going to dedicate a whole section to it in this blog. I will soon include the corresponding link on this page.

Final thoughts

Remember that monetizing a niche is a matter of trial and error until you find the perfect combination that maximizes profit and minimizes time invested. Try until you find your perfect formula and try to automate it.

We will talk about automation in the next post “Maintaining a nciho site”.

Maintaining a niche site

The ultimate goal is freedom? and to achieve freedom it is necessary to automate as much as possible all the processes that involve the maintenance of a niche site.

Delegate design and programming

The first months (and sometimes years) of creating a niche site are the most difficult and require the most investment in time and money. Depending on our capital, and how much we want to invest, we can delegate more or less tasks. For example, if we do not want to invest the necessary time in designing the site, or we do not want to buy a pre-designed template, we can hire a freelance designer from sites like  or  and pay him whatever is necessary (he can get to be quite expensive depending on our requirements).

Some prefer to start small and invest in the site as it makes a profit, which is what I advise.

Some sites will require programming tasks that are beyond our possibilities, and for that we can also use  or .

Delegate content creation

Once our niche site is generating income we can start to automate processes, for example content. If your site is already in the top positions of Google, and it is generating enough income to justify it, delegating content production is an excellent option that will save you a lot of time to dedicate to other new projects. Depending on the income you generate, you should be thinking of posting between 2 articles per month upwards, everything will depend on how much competition exists in your niche and how the periodicity of the publications affects your positioning, only you will know that, and you will act accordingly to the circumstances.

I recommend reading this  article on content creation  if you haven’t seen it yet.

Delegate general maintenance

If even delegating the production of content, your site continues to leave interesting income, you can delegate the administration of the blog, assigning permissions from WordPress to another person to be in charge of uploading articles, searching for images, updating plugins, making backups, etc. or what is the same, general maintenance. You would no longer even have to be in charge of hiring the items, that is the task of whoever performs the maintenance. All you have to do is pay those who create content and who does the maintenance.

This may seem like a lot to you, but once you start to have a considerable volume of niche sites, you will know that maintenance tasks take a long time, and that your time is worth much more spent on other more important tasks.

If you have managed to delegate the content and maintenance, you will have freed yourself from a significant number of hours that you can use for other projects or whatever you want.

In  or  you can also find people who perform this type of service.

Delegate payments

If you want to get rid of more tasks, you must delegate the payments you make to writers, designers, whoever performs maintenance, etc. To do this, you must find a trusted person who can execute your payments, it can be your accountant or someone who takes care of your finances.


Unless you have created an empire, where you will be forced to delegate even control, it is very likely that you will end up doing this task. You should make sure that all payments from sites that generate income are in your account and that you have made all the corresponding payments. The control could be carried out by the person who makes the payments if it is of your absolute confidence, although never stop looking closely at what happens with your income, since they are the reason for your business.

3. Create an Ebook

On this page I am going to include a step by step guide so you can create your own  Ebook  and start generating extra income, and who knows, you may decide that this is your job niche, become an expert and generate a lot of money.

Why an Ebook?

Creating and publishing an  Ebook  is a very interesting way to earn money online, in addition to generating passive income since depending on the content, our book will remain available for a long time.

Before going to the steps to build and publish an Ebook I would like to refer to the advantages that I believe exist of publishing an Ebook over publishing a paper book in the traditional way. The advantages of publishing an ebook over traditional books are extensive, but I think the most important are the following:

Advantages of creating and publishing an Ebook

– Ease of management

It just depends on you, you don’t have to deal with publishers, publishers, distributors, printers, etc.

– Scope

Distributing a paper book is a complex task, and reaching all available points of sale is very difficult, which is why we always leave out a large part of our potential customers. An ebook has a much greater reach, and much faster.

– Automation

Once our Ebook is finished and uploaded to the corresponding sales sites (we will see this in detail) the rest works automatically. It is true that there is a marketing task to perform, but you do not have to take care of payments, commissions, etc. All of that is done by publishing sites.

– Supplementary businesses within the ebook

Ebooks give us the possibility of including links in them. When we recommend a product or service we can include an affiliate link and make extra money with commissions. In fact, the best Ebooks usually generate more income from commissions than from the sale of the ebook itself.

– List of clients and followers

Unlike traditional books, Ebooks offer us the ability to retain the information of our buyers. This is an extremely valuable capital that allows us to continue offering products in the future or to incorporate them into our mailings from where we advertise other products, always referring to the product they have purchased.

Now, here are the steps to follow to create and publish an ebook. Each of the steps is a link to a post where I expand the information to cover the entire process.

Steps to create and publish an Ebook

1-       Choice of topic

2-       Structuring of the information (index)

3-       Content generation

4-       Essential sections

5-       Design

6-       Landing Page or sales page

7-       Sales Platform

8-       Define the price

9-       Marketing and promotion

10-     Sales Force. Affiliate program

By following these ten steps you can create your own ebook or electronic book and start generating passive income.

I also leave you a small bonus, a  guide with the 20 most popular sites and platforms to create, publish and sell your ebook or electronic book .

The potential to earn money with ebooks is huge, also think that the Spanish internet market is a growing market and quite incipient compared to other markets. Everything is to be done.

So, let’s get to work, not to waste a second.

Is the topic I choose for my ebook important?

Choosing the theme for your ebook is the first fundamental step that will define the product. Many people think that to write an ebook you have to be an expert on the subject or choose a subject that you are passionate about, nothing is further from the truth, of course it helps to be an expert on a subject and that makes things much easier if the We are passionate about subject, but those are not the only two variables to choose a subject for our ebook or electronic book.

Most of the people who have made writing ebooks their business, choose topics that people are interested in, and for which there are buyers. On the internet you can find information for anything, and if you put your mind to it, you can write an e-book about almost anything, and it happens.

What is the best method to choose the subject of my ebook?

There is no single method, but there are some things to keep in mind that can help us when choosing the topic to write our electronic book or ebook.

Tips on how to find relevant topics for your next ebook or ebook:

1- Enter sites like  and after registering, they access “Marketplace” and look for the ebooks in English that have the best conversion, and then decide to write one in Spanish on the same topic, many times “inspired” by that product .

2- Similar to the previous method, but entering

3- Enter  and see which are the best-selling books related to “How to do” (which is usually one of the best-selling ebook niches) and then create an ebook on the same topic.

4- One of the most effective ways to find out if there is a market is through  Market Samurai . The method is the same as that I have explained in the section  Creating a Niche Site , specifically the article  How to identify a niche with potential . Through this method we will be able to know which are the most important searches related to each keyword and if there is commercial value in writing something related to the topic. We know that there is commercial value for the indicated niche when we configure  Market Samurai  to show us only those responses with Adwords CPC greater than 0.80. Do not worry if you do not understand, read the article that I refer to in this paragraph and all your doubts will be clarified.

5- Use “ Google Keyword Planner ” (Google the term and it takes them directly, they may have to open an account, they are free). Enter keywords of the topics that interest you to write an ebook. If your search numbers don’t exceed 20,000 per month, search for another keyword or topic. They have to make sure that there is a market that will buy their e-book, if there are no people interested in the subject, fewer will be people interested in buying something related to the subject.

6- Go to traditional bookstores and see what is selling to find inspiration. Especially the “how-to” sections

7- Go to specialized magazine kiosks and see what types of magazines exist. If you like a particular topic, buy the magazine and see what topics appear inside and what topics could be used to write an Ebook. Then apply methods 4 and 5 from this list to those topics.

8- If you already have a blog or more than one, you can check what are the keywords by which the public comes to your blog (through Google Analytics). You can also easily see which are your most commented or shared posts, this is a huge indicator that the topic is interesting and relevant.

To the methods mentioned you can add any that you can think of, there is no limit and there is no ceiling for imagination. My advice is that you always check if there is a market for the product, because you can choose to write an ebook on “What do caterpillars eat in tropical areas”, and even if it is the most interesting book in the world, if your audience is small, the book it’s not going to sell very well.

Information structuring (index)

Once I have chosen the topic, what do I do?

The next step after we have decided on a specific topic is to structure the information, or in other words, create what will be the index of our ebook or electronic book.

We have to  think of the content as a story , and create a common thread that goes from the general to the particular, or define an adequate number of sections and think about each of those sections in detail to discover that other sub-sections exist. The better structured the information, the better the electronic book will be, facilitating the reading of those who choose to buy the product.

Let’s think for a second about this section of the blog itself. The title of this section is ” Create and publish an ebook or electronic book “, and if you look at how I have put together the sequence of different articles you will realize that they follow a logical order from beginning to end. You should do the same when creating an ebook.

Mental maps

A very effective way of thinking about all the sections of an e-book is to  draw a mind map , or create it with one of the many programs that exist.

There are plenty of  free programs for mind mapping,  or you can use the traditional pencil and paper method.

The good thing about making a mind map is that they can write down all the related ideas that come to mind with the ebook or electronic book and then find the meaning and direction, group some ideas, discard others, etc.

Put yourself in the shoes of readers

Think about your audience,  who the book is for, what they need to know, what they would like to read, what they would love to read, what they would pay to know, that will help you get the right perspective to develop an ebook that contains value. .

Think different

Also think about  how to differentiate yourself, what you can offer that others have not offered, it  may be better information, clearer information, more reader-friendly design, updated information, or whatever you can think of that clearly marks a difference in value between your product. and that of the competition.

Ask your followers

If you already blog about the topic you plan to include in your ebook, you can consult your readers and ask them what you should include in your book and what should not be missing. The best and most sincere answer will be given to you by those who already trust you and who read your posts often.

Generate content for an ebook or electronic book

Write or delegate?

Once you have defined the theme and structure of your book you have two options,  start writing or hire a freelance writer  to do it for you.

If you decide to hire a freelance writer I recommend you look at  or . Once you publish your request, you will receive offers from those who are interested in the job and you can choose the one you think is most convenient. Always check people’s comments and ratings before hiring them, also ask for examples of their work if necessary.

If you decide to write the e-book yourself, you will have to take the matter seriously so as not to put it off indefinitely.

Recommendations to facilitate the writing of an electronic book:

1-       Define credible deadlines and goals, and meet them.

2-       Get different sources of information  and order them according to the topics on your mind map.

3-       Reserve a certain time per day  or certain hours per week to dedicate yourself exclusively to writing.

4-       Write articles for your blog related to the topic you have chosen  and then use those articles in your ebook or electronic book (expanding some concepts or presenting them with a more friendly and attractive design).

5-       When you sit down to write, disconnect from the rest of the world . You can try some programs that exist that make your screen just a word processor, avoiding the temptation of mail, the Internet and other capital sins. Try  Dark Room (PC)  or  Write Room (MAC)

6-       Save your work frequently  and make several backups in your mail, USB device, etc. Accidents happen and are very demoralizing if we are caught off guard.

7- If it is more comfortable for you, record  yourself while you talk about the different topics and then make a transcription  (yourself, a freelancer or sites like ).

8-       Choose a title with high impact  and that summarizes the idea of ​​the ebook.

9- If you use information from another author,  cite the sources .

10-    Hire the services of an editor for the final review . As good as you are at writing, never underestimate the value of an editor. All professional writers work with editors. You can find publishers on  or  and other such pages.

11-    Beat procrastination!  Stop procrastinating and get to work. I recommend you read this post on how to beat procrastination published in Living is an Art.

Essential sections of an Ebook

Each ebook is unique and will be organized differently, but all should include certain information to avoid legal complications, make it easier for the reader to use, and expand the scope.

Sections that cannot be missing in your ebook

Disclaimer and copyright

Including a disclaimer is a good way to cover yourself in case someone wants to sue you for something you say in your book that could be misinterpreted or someone gets hurt doing something that you recommend in your book (for example poses of yoga).

Disclaimers often say something like “the information in this book does not guarantee that the same results as described by the author will be achieved” or “I will not be responsible for the results obtained using this method”, “always consult a professional before making any decision “,” any action you take will be your own responsibility and I will not be held responsible for having instigated the fact “.

If you mention a company in your book, you can include a sentence that says “I have no affiliation with such and such a company.” Also, to protect your content you should add things like “no part of this publication can be reproduced or retransmitted without prior consent of the author, etc”

Author page

On that page you explain a bit who you are, what you do and why you publish this book. It is a way to generate more intimacy with the reader. This page is usually located at the end of the book, although many prefer to include it at the beginning.


The forewords offer an introduction and a synthesis of the content of the book, they are a way of giving an overview of what the reader can expect to find in the ebook or electronic book, it is also an excellent method to generate curiosity and motivate the reader to follow reading.


The index is the general structure of the book, it is essential since it helps to organize the logic of the book and facilitates access to the information within it.

Executive summary at the end of each chapter

It is an excellent way to consolidate the concepts explained and offer the reader a summary to which they can always turn instead of rereading the entire chapter. Executive summaries at the end of chapters have become very popular these days.


Ebooks are excellent in the sense that they allow us to include links to our sites, social media pages, blogs, etc. Include all the contact information you want, as far as the love of your privacy allows.

If you do not want to include your personal email, include an email created for your business or especially for the electronic book, but always offer some form of contact, especially since the feedback from your readers is very important.


If you can, offer bonuses, people love them. Always provide a little more than they expect and you will pleasantly surprise them, in addition to generating loyalty to your products.

Bonuses can be anything related to your product that has value.

Depending on the product, the bonuses will be tools, templates, additional exercise guides, other strategies to earn money, plugins, another related ebook, etc. What you can think of that you have and that contains value for the customer.

Design of an electronic book

When designing an ebook, many times a standard layout is more than enough.

There are other people who choose excellent design. Personally, I think that design matters a lot, since it is not only how it looks, but also how the flow of information is presented and how easy it is perceived by the reader.

If we dump a block of 2000 words on a sheet with nothing more than that, the reading can become boring and heavy. If instead we include images, blank spaces, colors, good taste, etc., we will be able to achieve the ideal that is that the reader gets carried away by the pages effortlessly, floating and enjoying the experience of reading a good ebook.

If you are not a designer and you do not know how to design, you can always hire a designer to do it for you on the well-known pages  and .

Another way to make a good design is to “get inspired” in the design of a book that you like how it is designed, especially informative books, and adapt it to your ebook and to your liking.


The cover design is not as important as it is with a traditional book, but it is still quite important. The options to make a good tapa are several. You must first decide if you want to do it yourself or hire someone to do it.

If you decide to hire someone, you can go to  or , or you can try sites like , which is a crowdsourcing platform, this means that you request a job and offer a certain payment and people compete to win your work by presenting one or several designs, you have to choose a winner and that one gets the money. Depending on the amount you offer, you can have between 10 or hundreds of designs to choose from.

If you want to do it yourself, you can use the program you have that is more to your liking and is easier for you to use. I have come to design with Word, and I used Power Point a lot until I learned Photoshop and Illustrator. You can download a photo from  or  (choose large size) and then include some text and some lines and voila. Get inspired by other ebooks and you can’t go wrong.

3D image of the cover of your ebok or e-book

There is a site called  that allows you to easily design a banner for your ebook in 3D. The program is free to try, and once you’ve settled on a design that you like, you can choose to download it.

If you want to download it without the watermark, you must pay US $ 4, which is really very little money compared to what a designer would charge you. You also have the option to pay US $ 9 and use the application for a month, although you must unsubscribe before the end of the month if you do not want to continue being charged, since that price is for a monthly subscription.

Text processor

Use any word processor, the one that is easier for you to use, be it PC or MAC.


It helps to build a template before starting to write the ebook, so we don’t have to reconfigure the word processor every time we start a new section. The template must include page size, font, font size, headers and footers, font color.

Page size

The recommended page size is A4, as it is the most commonly used and it is easy to print, some use A5.


It is recommended to use traditional typeface, Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, Cambria.

I recommend using the following sizes and styles for headings and paragraphs.

The headings 1 (header 1 or h1) are used for the introduction of a chapter, the general title of a section, etc., the recommended size is 22, bold. First subtitle, size 18, italic. Second subtitle, size 16, italic. Third subtitle, size 13, bold. Paragraph and body of the text, size 13, normal.


The use of color has become very popular in ebooks. It is used to highlight titles, important words within paragraphs, links, etc. Don’t abuse it, but the use of color is a very powerful tool to make your ebook more attractive.


There are many options for choosing the format of the book. If the ebook is for download, the best is a PDF format, since it is the most commonly used. If your intention is to publish the book for Kindle, you must use another special format. The PDF format is the most universally used, that’s why I recommend using it.

Writing style

The style you use will depend on your audience. Never assume that your audience handles the same knowledge as you. When you have to explain something cover all the details, those who already know what you are talking about will simply skip that paragraph, but for others it can be very useful.

Use a professional but not distant style, and be careful with humor, it can be a double-edged sword and generate the apathy of some or many readers.

When explaining things make sure you don’t go fast enough so you don’t lose your audience. Do not go so slow that you are bored either. Always to the point, avoid paragraphs and filler words.


Ebooks offer the possibility of generating additional business. There are many cases of people who sell ebooks at a market price considered cheap, because in reality their strategy is to sell you a lot of other things that are included in it.

When you think about your ebook, imagine what services or products your readers might be interested in and generate affiliate links to those products.

How to create a landing page or sales page

What is a landing page or sales page?

A landing page is a page specially designed for the sale of a product or service, whose main function is to convert the interested parties who come to it into a sale. There are many styles of  landing pages  or sales pages. Here you will  find an example of a good sales page that offers the knowledge to import products from China. Look at how it is built, analyze the colors, shapes, details, this one uses video, in some cases only text and images are used.

Another good example of a sales page is this one in which a diet is promoted to lose weight by eating whatever you want . 

If you want to dedicate yourself to making money online, learning to create and design sales pages or  landing pages  is an obligation that sooner or later you will have to face, and I recommend that you learn as soon as possible, since the best techniques to make money from the Internet include create your own landing page or sales page.

Sales pages are essential, you can have the best product, but if you don’t have a good sales page or landing page created, you might completely fail.

Think of your landing page as part of your marketing strategy, in fact it is a very important part of your strategy, with the power to make your customer convert or not (convert means they buy your product, service, enter their personal data ,etc).

How to create a landing page or sales page?

Personally, when I create sales pages or landing pages I use a program called Optimize Press , which allows you to easily create a sales page in several languages, including Spanish. It is a product that is not that cheap, but it is an excellent investment since it allows us to build an unlimited number of landing pages, and it is the standard used in the industry. I clarify that if you decide to buy  Optimize Press through this link I receive a little commission, which helps me to continue building this site, and it costs you the same price. So if you decide to buy it through these links I will be grateful. 

There are other options, companies that offer options to create landing pages, you can choose the one you like or convince the most, I have already indicated my preference:

How long does it take to create a sales page?

You have to invest a little time, but it is quite fast, it will also depend on the complexity you want to give to the design of your landing page, although my recommendation is to keep it as simple as possible and to the point.

What things should you include on the sale page of your ebook?

1- Present the problem

Every person who looks for a product is because they have a need, an unsatisfied problem, explain what the problem is so that the audience identifies with the need and becomes aware of the product.

Think of one of those irritating commercials on TV “Are you tired of ab machines that don’t work and end up piling up in the garage?”

2- Offer a path to the solution

It’s in the part where you include the “What if there were …” “A product that allows you to do sit-ups while watching TV effortlessly …”

3- Present your product

“At last the new 5000HD abdominazer arrived, it leaves your stomach with Schwarzenegger in four days” Talk about the characteristics of your product and why your product is the solution to the problem or need. Be honest, not like those irritating commercials.

4- Testimonials

You can offer some free samples to acquaintances and ask them to give you their testimonial, users like to know that others have approved the product. It is very common to see testimonials from well-known bloggers on landing pages or sales pages.

5- Details about the product on your sales pages

Offer as much detail as you can about your product, use persuasive language but don’t overdo it, no one likes a salesperson that’s too strong.

6- Price

A strategy that works very well on sales pages is to publish the crossed out price and next to it the discount price they would pay if they buy it now. You can also say something like “Normally you would pay for this product $ 70 dollars, today you can get it for $ 35”

7- Bonus

We all like to receive gifts, they generate loyalty, and they generate a good predisposition towards sellers. Usually include in the bonus something that you have made for the product and offer it as a gift, extra with the ebook. For example, “And as a bonus, they take two templates to design their ebook, two model covers and designs for landing pages.”

8- Warranty

You will find  many products on the internet that offer a guarantee to buyers . For example, if after 30 or 60 days you are not happy with the product, we will refund your money without any objection. People offer this guarantee because customers feel more secure buying a product that offers it, and the reality is that in general only 3% of people return products, there are many people who, even dissatisfied, do not even bother to ask for it. they give you your money back, even more so if the product purchased is of low or medium value.

9- Urgency on your landing page

Creating offers for a certain time  is also a strategy widely used in sales pages these days, it creates a feeling of scarcity. Offering a fixed-term offer is one way to force the buyer to make an early decision.

Think that with all the offers and products that are around today, if those who come to your page do not decide to buy your product at that very moment, they probably will never do so, then you must create the pressure that it is now or never, with things like “the offer price will remain in effect until blablabla (4 days from the current date)”

There are some plugins that install on the screen of your landing page a timer with a countdown for each individual user and that after the end of that date the offer is actually canceled until further notice. Implementing this strategy on sales pages has been shown to increase sales.

Test your landing page or sales page

People who are dedicated to internet marketers test multiple elements of their sales pages, such as colors, titles, images, positions, etc. It happens that there is always a page that converts better than another and your mission is to find the page that converts the most. You can test the results of sales, subscriptions, clicks and registrations to your emailing list.

To test your different pages you can use  Google Analytics, the content analytics function , which is totally free and efficient.

There are also paid options for professionals or entrepreneurs with a little more experience:


visual website optimizer




Ebook Selling Platform

How do you sell an ebook?

The ideal of any business on the Internet is automation, to be able to “forget” about the product and dedicate ourselves to other projects, while we continue to generate money from sales.

Total automation is very difficult to achieve, although not impossible, it will depend a lot on your skills in the art of delegation.

There are a large number of platforms from where we can sell our electronic books.

The most convenient and easy to use is  E-junkie.


E-junkie  is an e-commerce system mainly dedicated to the sale of electronic products, although physical products can also be sold. It’s easy to set up (with the only problem being in English), they charge only $ 5 per month, and the products are available for sale all the time.

E-junkie  offers a shopping cart and is responsible for guaranteeing the download of the product, so once configured you do not have to do anything else.

What is necessary to trade in  E-junkie ?

You need to have an account in one of the online payment platforms, be it PayPal, Google Checkout, TrialPay,, etc.

Setting up  E-junkie  is very easy, we have to open an account and then in three steps we are ready to sell our ebook.

Step 1

Select “Add product”

Step 2

Insert the name of your product, the price, and the message.

Click where it says “send transaction data to a URL”.

Step 3

Upload your product and then copy the button to include on your blog or website. Ready! Incredibly easy right?

Remember to test that everything works correctly before going on sale.

In addition to E-junkie there are a large number of other platforms that serve to sell your ebook or electronic book. Here you will be able to find 20 sites to sell your e-book. Choose the one you like the most, they are all easy to use and more or less the requirements are the same.

Sale button

The sale button of your ebook or any product is very important when it comes to increasing sales or conversions. The buttons that work best are very attractive, large and simple, like this one from  Optimize Press . Always make your sell buttons like these if you want your sales to increase.

Optimize Press Sell Button

Optimize Press  offers one of the best sales pages on the market, it comes in several languages ​​and with multiple configuration options, including several sales buttons.

Price the ebook

When defining the price of a product or service, companies have complex mechanisms that often involve market research. We are not going to go as far as that, since the investment that we should make is not justified by the potential returns, but I am going to show you a technique used by large market research companies that will be immensely useful and that can be done from our blog at no cost.

The point of balance

Defining the correct price for a product is a difficult matter. If our product is sold cheaper than the customer is willing to pay, we would be leaving money on the table, on the other hand, if our product is more expensive than the customer thinks to pay then we will be losing customers.

The art of defining a price is to find that price that allows us to maximize our profits.

 How to define the price of the ebook?

The easiest way to define the price of an e-book is by  comparing the prices of the competition . We can search for data on other similar products on Amazon, E-junkie, Clickbank, etc., and create a grid of products and prices.

We can do a little research to see what each one sells and how our proposal compares to the rest. Once we have that idea, we must make the decision of what price we want to charge, if an average price between the prices of the competition, if more expensive or if cheaper.

The decision we make in this regard will significantly affect our sales.

Price manipulation

The advantage of selling products online is that it  allows us to change the price as many times as we want , and launch offers that last days or weeks or even hours.

Suppose we define the price of our e-book as $ 20 and go on sale at that price. A good strategy is to say that the price is actually 40 dollars and that for a limited time there will be a 50% discount, then depending on how the sales are going, it can go up or down a little in the future.

You can try different prices with the bidding technique, until you find the range that works best for your product and keep that price from there on, until the useful life of your e-book is over.


If your ebook is a book that can be updated and continue to sell, then do it! Updating a book is always much cheaper than launching a new one, many times you can incorporate new sections, or simply update some concepts so that the content remains current. You can keep selling the ebook saying it is second or third edition.

Price and quality

Many times it happens that people with a cheap price may think that the product is not of good quality. It has happened to me as a consumer, many times I have rejected a product for thinking that it is so cheap that it should not be a valuable product. Take this into account also when defining your price. Lowering the price to sell the product cheaper than the competition is a good strategy, but it can have the opposite effect.

Again, the only secret in this case is to test until you find the price that maximizes your profit.

The Van Westendorp method of measuring price sensitivity

Van Westendorp created a  system to define price sensitivity  from the point of view of consumers. His technique was (and still is) used in many market research agencies.

The method that Van Westendorp created can be used to define the price we should charge for our product. The only thing we need is to have a blog with a considerable number of visits and a wordpress plugin to carry out surveys or “polls” (there are many free ones out there).

How many answers do we need to get reliable data?

From 50 responses we can obtain useful information. Ideally, we want to get more than 100, and the more the better. If our blog has a sufficient number of followers we can invite them to complete the survey and thus help us determine the price of our e-book.

Questions to include in our survey

At what price do you think this product would be so expensive that you would not buy it?   

At what price do you think this product would be so cheap that you would feel that the quality would not be good?

At what price do you consider that the product begins to be expensive, not so much as not to buy it, but that you would have to think about it to know if you want to buy it or not?

At what price do you consider that the product is an excellent offer, an excellent purchase for the money you invest?

Once we have the answers to these questions we must generate averages of the values ​​indicated by the respondents. These values ​​are extremely important parameters to help us define the price of the product. We will know within which range to move so that our product can be sold without appearing as too cheap or too expensive.

Marketing and promoting an e-book

There are several marketing strategies to sell your ebook. Next, we are going to analyze several options in detail, and we are going to dedicate a special post to the “sales force or affiliate marketing”


Launches are a great way to get readers’ attention, generate curiosity and expectation, and engage the reader with the product, the reader will want to know more, they will want to know what it is about, they will at least be willing to take a look at it, and If the product convinces you, you are likely to buy it.

To launch a launch, it is recommended to make small announcements on your blog and / or mailing list, tell that you are creating a new project that you hope to launch in three months (for example) and that you will provide more details as the date approaches launch. Then every so often you can count a little more until you reveal what type of product it is.

Two weeks before the launch you can put a banner on your blog and accompany it with a post and an email to your contact list, confirming the launch. Do the same a week before launch. Update the banner on your blog indicating the days until the launch of the product, on the day of the launch make a new post announcing it and send an email to all your contacts, by then you will have generated enough interest so that people at least have the curious to analyze what you have done.

Promotion in forums

Forums are a powerful tool for contacts and advertising, whether for the site, a blog or a product, although you have to be careful when you comment in a forum.

If one enters a forum and creates a new thread titled for example “new ebook” or something like that, and in the body of the message you talk about the new electronic book you have launched, it is considered “spam” and you can generate the effect contrary to the desired, in addition to risking being expelled from the forum.

The way to promote our interests in the forums is through the art of subtlety. First, one must become a moderately active participant, give an opinion on some topics, and then look for a topic that another has created that is related to our interest, participate in that discussion and subtly at some point say “I know of an electronic book that can help you is on the site such “or things like” yesterday I read in chaujefe a new strategy related to that that can help you. ”

The forums generally do not accept to put links, some allow to include links in the signatures, in which case you can put a link to the page where the product you want to promote is located and respond to the question of the forum by adding something like “and if you have another If you have any doubts, ask me, I have a lot of experience in the subject and I can bring you information that would be very useful to you ”or something like“ that is what I do, and that is what I promote ”and those who are interested in the subject are very likely to click on your signature and land on your site.


Discounts and promotions are great ways to build interest in your product. We all love sales, and we love to think that we bought for 10 what cost 30 or 40.

At the launch of your e-book you can implement a discount strategy that offers something like “The first 200 buyers of the product will receive a 50% discount and instead of paying $ 20 they will pay only 10! All I ask of them in return is a sincere comment about the product ”.

You can also launch promotions that last a week or days after your ebook has already been launched, something like “next week I’m going to offer a 75% discount on the ebook! Instead of 20 dollars they will pay only 5! But just for that week, then it goes back to $ 20. ”

The good thing about online businesses is that they allow us to change the prices of products easily, use this to your advantage, to create a feeling of scarcity and rush buyers to make a decision.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is Google’s advertising system, when we enter a search we observe on our right (and now also at the top of the searches) a series of results, those are paid notices that people hire from Google, and in which we can define , for example, that every time someone Spanish-speaking writes the word ebook in a search, the warning is displayed.

Google Adwords is easy to use, but becoming a master of the art takes a lot of time and practice, and it is possible to lose a lot of money very quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing.

There are tons of tutorials on the internet about how to use Google Adwords, I strongly recommend that you learn a lot about the tool before using it if you do not want to spend a fortune without having reached any goal.

Facebook Ads

It is similar to Google Adwords in the sense that they are paid advertisements. They also appear to the right of our Facebook page. It offers the possibility of segmenting the market according to demographic indicators, for example, you can choose to show the ad only to men and women between 25 and 45 who like the environment and who are university graduates.

The good thing about doing this segmentation is that we will be able to target our niche market. If we want to sell a product for high performance athletes, we don’t want to show the ad to 70-year-olds, we would be losing money.

Facebook Ads is also easy to use but it takes time to become a master of the art. I also recommend that you read several tutorials and train yourself before investing a dollar in the tool.

Buy advertising space on other sites

Many times it is much better to invest our money in specific sites that we know attract visitors who would potentially buy our product. For example, if we have created an ebook about “how to raise your baby to be super-intelligent” a good option to put an advertising banner would be those sites that offer thousands of baby names or sites of the style, we know that all Those who enter these sites is because they are expecting a baby or because they already have one, which indicates that they are all within our segment.

To contract a banner on a specific page, we must contact the site administrator and ask him how much an advertising space charges us for a month. We can test that first month to see how many clicks it generates, and if we see that it convinces us and is profitable for us, we can ask the owner of the site if they offer a discount for periods of three or six months.

If we see that the site does not work we can try another. You can also try different banners, until you find the one that produces the most clicks.

Affiliate Program or Sales Force

The Sales Force is one of the most important legs of marketing. We can have an excellent product, a competitive price, a good design, etc. but without a sales force our ability to sell the product is greatly reduced.

The ease with which the Internet has found the solution to this problem is surprising.

Today every company that aspires to gain an important place in the market has developed an affiliate program.

You should do the same with your ebook.

How do affiliate programs work?

Affiliate programs work by giving a commission to whoever has referred the sale of our product. Standard commissions in the online industry range from 50% to 75%. There are many times when products even offer 100% commission, how is it possible? Because someone has developed a product that has other businesses included within it, or wants to generate a contact to their website, or a new person registered on your marketing list, or just getting known.

Whatever the strategy, what is clear is that the more commission the more tempting the product will be for the affiliates.

Isn’t 50% too much commission?

Many will think that, but the reality is that they should not be concerned as the more tempting the product is for promoters, the more promoters will join the program and the more your product will be promoted.

Promoters will reach potential buyers and users that you would otherwise have no way of reaching. It is not that you lose money the more commission you give, but quite the opposite, improve your reach and possibly have more sales.

Think for a second, if you promote your ebook among your contacts and your strategies, you will sell a certain amount, let’s say 30 units. Now, if you incorporate a large sales force, it is possible to sell much more, say 3,000 units. The easy conclusion is that “it is better to earn 50% of 3,000 units sold than to earn 100% of 30.

How to create an affiliate program?

Both  E-junkie  and  ClickBank  have affiliate programs. If you use any of these platforms to trade your ebook, setting up an affiliate program is very easy. These platforms will provide a link for each of those who want to promote your product, you do not have to do anything, that is a huge advantage.

Imagine the headache and time it would take to manage a sales force of 20 people, paying commissions yourself and following up on each one. On the Internet, you can have sales forces of thousands of people and once you have configured the program you do not have to do anything else. The platforms are responsible for paying you and each of the affiliates automatically.

Remember that every venture we do on the Internet has automation as its ultimate goal, to be able to enjoy those benefits while we dedicate our time to other projects or to enjoy our free time.

4. Email Marketing

Email Marketing or Newsletter from your blog or website

How important is email marketing?

Most of the people who are dedicated to making money online when asked what they would do differently if they started again, they answer “I would invest time in developing email marketing from the beginning”. It is also common to hear ” the money is in the lists “.

Email Marketing is a great way to earn money and maintain an active business for the long term. Among the enormous advantages it has is that it is easy to handle and even automate.

How does Email Marketing work?

It is essentially sending emails to a contact list, also known as a newsletter. The difference with spam is that the contacts we are talking about are people who have agreed to be part of our list and have the ability to unsubscribe whenever they want.

Why is Email Marketing so powerful?

Because  people who agree to belong to a list trust the person who sends those emails , that relationship of trust makes people much more willing to try new products or services when they are recommended by the author.

Email Marketing is also an  excellent way to build audience loyalty  and build more personal, fruitful and lasting relationships.

Below you will find all the  necessary steps to be able to create an efficient email marketing campaign  or to organize your newsletter, click on each step to obtain details of what you should do in each case.

Steps to become an expert and earn money with Email Marketing

1-       Important considerations

2-      Register with an email marketing company

3-      Set up your account and create a registration form

4-      Design the registration form with Optin Skin 

5-      Configure your automatic responses

6-      Automatic response strategies

7-      Content of emails

8-      How to prevent your emails from becoming spam

9-      How to get more subscribers

Important considerations for building your mailing list

Components needed to build an email list and earn money

1. Traffic

It’s a no-brainer, but the more traffic the better. You must get people to come to your blog. In my newsletter I talk a lot about how to get traffic and about how to position your site, these are things that you cannot find on the blog since the focus is different, but if you register you will be able to access all that valuable material that I will gradually send you for free.

2. Incentive

Just the promise of an excellent newsletter is not enough, you must offer something that is tempting, a gift that makes people leave their email to get it, make sure it is of excellent quality.

3. Registration form

You must aim to have a good design and that people see it. You should also include it in various parts of your site, in this seminar you will find more detail about the positioning of the registration forms.

4. Monetization

It refers to the strategy you will follow to earn money through your mailing list.

Considerations to build a good newsletter

1. Stay active.

People must know about you , they must build a connection with you. If you don’t stay active and send them the first email a few months later, they probably don’t even know who you are and delete the email.

2. Do not saturate.

Only you will be able to determine what is the  appropriate email balance . Generally, once a week is accepted as reasonable, twice a month too, even once a month, as long as you have sent a series of emails in a row at the time of subscription Try not to send more than one email a week .

We will explain this in more detail in  Automatic Response Strategies .

3. Give value.

If subscribers feel that your emails do not add value, it is very likely that they will never open them again or that they will unsubscribe from your list. In my case, in most of my emails I send important information that is not published on my blog.

4. Inform.

Email marketing is an  excellent channel to inform you about events, seminars, courses or news related to your niche.

5. Dialogue with the audience.

Through email marketing it is possible to consult your readers about their opinion regarding a topic, or to look for ideas for new posts, new products, etc. Feedback is always important to continually improve .

6. Present your own products or services or those of others.

Emails are one of the forms of sale that best convert  (after webinars), but some people abuse the resource and want to sell so much they end up scaring readers, who end up opting not to receive more information.

7. Create your voice.

This may take a while, but you will surely find your style of communication with your audience. You must analyze what communication tone you want to use, whether a formal tone, an informal tone, use humor, etc.

It will depend a lot on who your audience is, your niche and what your qualities are as a writer.

8. Build genuine relationships.

Connect with your readers  and as your time allows, answer individual questions, get involved in their projects, and provide advice. You never know where you will find a potential partner for your ventures!

9. Interact with the blog.

Lean on your blog, on the information you already have developed, send your subscribers to review some of your posts from the past whenever you want, it is a way of inviting them to investigate the files with the promise that they will find valuable information.

10. Customize.

This is easily done through email delivery platforms, you can include the person’s first name somewhere in the email, creating an atmosphere of greater intimacy and trust.

11. Encourage subscribers to stay.

We’ll take a closer look at this point in  How to keep your subscribers,  but remember, getting subscribers is the easy part,  keeping them and building relationships is the real challenge.

Register with a mailing list company

Why is it necessary to hire a mailing list service?

Mass mailing companies are essential for email marketing for several reasons, mainly:

–        They allow you to easily manage a large number of registrants . Remember that even if you initially have few people on your list, it is likely to grow a lot over time, and especially if you create several sites or blogs.

–        They provide the forms for people to register  (they are the ones that ask you to enter your name and email address)

– They        automate the entire registration and cancellation process . You do not have to intervene in each case, which saves you a lot of time.

–        They allow you to customize the messages.  Marketing experts have shown that personalized messages get a significantly higher positive response.

–        They protect you from spam.  If you want to send a huge amount of emails from your email account, they will probably accuse you of spam and close your account. These services comply with the proper regulations so there are no risks.

–        They allow you to test different options  to see which one converts the most.

–        They offer valuable statistics  on the number of deliveries, average openings, unsubscriptions, registrations, etc.

Which Email Marketing Company Should I Choose?

There are a good number of companies in the market, here are 4 of the most important ones:

MailChimp : It is the one I use, I like the fact that until you have 2000 subscribers your shipments are free, it is a way to help those who are just starting out. The downside is that this free service does not include the autoresponder service.

Aweber : One of the favorite companies of the best known bloggers. The first month of registration they charge only one dollar.

Benchmark Email : Very easy to use platform, also with good design. It offers the possibility to try the service for free. Good price scheme depending on the needs.

Get Response : They allow you to try the first month free. Then they charge per month.

How to set up an account in Mailchimp

While there are several mailing list companies, I’m going to show you how to set up an account with Mailchimp. The other companies have similar processes, once they can handle one they can easily handle the others.

The first thing to do is go to Mailchimp and register. Once they have passed this process and have logged in with their username and password, they will access the initial screen, they will see that it is quite intuitive.

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