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know how we can get Approval for Google Adsense in 2020



Lots of people are showing interest in blogging these days they started it as a part time but now they making blogging there career but before shifting from hobby to the career they are very about there source of Income and the best way of earning from the Blog is Google Adsense. But today this is not a easy task to get approval from the Google adsense because Google is become so strict about its policies as Google is getting so many applicants this days. More then 1000 bloggers are applying for the Adsense daily. Don’t be worry about the other here I am going to tell you some tips how to get google Adsense approval in 2020 hope you like it.

First I just advice you to read the Google Adsense Guideline carefully

Lets now learn the Basic Tips for the Adsense

Uniqueness of your Content

I am not doubting on your writing capability ,but here I am here talking about the Google “what Google want ? ”,what Google looks on your website while reviewing your website for the adsense approval. Google always look for the unique content so when ever you write your blogs so try to write some quality content so that your viewer love to read it and if you are satisfying your viewers it mean you are satisfying the Google conditions as well . So I suggest you to refer some good blogs and try to learn not only how to write good content even try to learn how to write unique content. As you notice so many blogs that they have same content on their website but still they have Google Adsense, but if you read them deeply you came to know that they have some uniqueness with each other that is why they have google adsense approval on there block as well so try to pick that quality of the blogger to Improve your blog as well. Because if you have unique content on you blog or web it will increase your chances to get Google adsense Approval.

Create some Backlinks

Backlinks are very important while applying for the adsense. If you have backlinks with some good website then it will increase your chances for the adsense approval because through backlinks Google can be ensure for trusting about the quality and other factor of your website, so try to create links from other website, now you are thinking that what is that backlinks and how to create it ? Don’t worry I will tell you the simple and easiest way to create backlinks for your blog and web, for example you can do a guest posting for other website and blogs, try to do some genuine commenting on other good blogs to create a relationship through comment with other bloggers. If you want you can also use Ad-word too to advertise your blog or website.

Avoid illegal Content on your Web

If this kind of thought came in your mind that “putting some illegal content or some porn content your web you can attract lot of visitor to your blog” so I just suggest you to drop this idea from your mind as soon as possible because by doing this may be you can attract lot of naughty visitor but you cant attract Google to approve your adsense, As Google already mention clearly in their polices about it but lot of people avoid this guidelines and put this kind of content and pay the penalty so please read the guideline once again where clearly mention that you can’t put Google adsense on the post related to the porn, Hacking & Gambling.

Do not forget about Google Analytics and Webmaster Tool

This are the services of Google and don’t forget to link your blog or website with this, because if you link your website with analytics and webmaster then Google can easily get better & accurate information about your blog and web. So registered you website with this services of google before applying for the Adsense

Design and Navigations of your Web

Google always take care of there user and very cautious about the comfort of there viewer and doesn’t want there viewer to visit those website which has improper design and navigation so your website or blog should have neat and clean design and easy to navigate so don’t go for too attractive and colorful themes just try to make it as simple as you can or I suggest you keep white background so that it become very easy to read.

Don’t use any other Adds while Applying

If you are using any other adds on your blog then I suggest you to remove all other adds before applying for the Google adsense because Google doesn’t like that blogs have too many adds because in google opinion so many adds means less user experience so be focused on rich user experience. I know there are some other adds campaign which is compatible with Google adsense but I suggest you to avoid all adds while applying for the Google Adsense.

If you are using Images then give Credit to Them

This is the very basic point which so many blogger avoid they know that it is useful to put images with each and every post ,but they don’t know that simply copying the images from internet and put it on your web can harm your web. It can make your blog a part of a copy content so try to avoid using images in such a way if you know a bit about the Photoshop then you can create your own images and Google will definitely love this.  If you don’t know how to create images then don’t forget to give proper credit to the designer of that images which you are copying simply from the other website. Giving credit is the quality of a good Blogger so always apply this good blogging practice.

Improve the Traffic from the Search Engine

Lot of people share there blogs on networking sites and they are getting good traffic from there but that is not enough try to increase your traffic from search engine as well for that you can use some good SEO plug-in and try to implement some good keywords in your blogs that that it can be easily search in the Google Search and get traffic. Because If you are getting traffic from the search engine then it means you have a quality content on your blog and your chances og approval also increase. After getting Google adsense approval you came to know that Google provide contextual adds which means it shows those ads or ads of those product which people are searching on search engine.

Create some important pages on your web

Many people don’t care about the pages on the blogs they just keep writing post on there blog so I suggest then there are some basic page which is very useful for you and don’t avoid this pages and if you still not created this pages on your web so try to implement as soon as possible before applying for the Adsense.

These basic pages are:

  1. About Me
  2. Contact Us
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. Terms and Condition

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