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5 Product Packaging Design tips that Impacts Sales of your Brand



Packaging Design tips that Impacts Sales of your Brand

Packaging Design tips that Impacts Sales of your Brand

When you visit a supermarket or retail store, you can see many products from different brands displayed on the same shelf. It is the primary reason why packaging design is just as essential as the product itself. We know the essentiality of first impression in any element and not in any place does it matter more than in branding or promoting a product.

As a creative design agency , we know that customer only spend 6 – 7 seconds before making a decision else they switch to the next option. A Successful and engaging packaging design will make your product more appealing and reflects the brand’s values.

Importance of Packaging Design

Your product packaging design is the identity of your brand and the promise you convey to the audience. When we look into various studies, we can analyse that consumers are more likely into beauty or appearance than functionality. For example, just look at how companies like Amul brand their products and packaging. Such brands realised from their experience the importance of packaging design to get a good pitch in the competitive market. Moreover, well-branded products can definitely create an emotional attachment that helps develop a long-term relationship with the customer.

You might have come up with concerns about investing a considerable amount in the packaging of your product, as you might have come up with many other expenses. However, remember that investing in premium packaging will definitely enrich the value and create a memorable experience for your customers.

5 Ways Product Packaging Design Impact Sales

An effective product packaging can certainly impact sales. In the current era, as the competition is high in the market, only brands with beneficial packaging can attract the customer’s attention.

Now let’s discuss the topmost five methods of product packaging design that affects the sales of a brand:

  1. Product Packaging Reflects Quality:

The honesty, permissibility and quality of products are usually depicted in the quality of their packaging. The best way to explain this is to determine the feeling or quality a consumer gets when purchasing your product from a retail store. The quality of design and material used influences a lot in developing the confidence of buying the product.

If you develop a top-grade product that gives a new experience to consumers, you should never compromise on the overall quality of the packaging design. In modern times, people have the mentality to determine a product with the finest packaging quickly. Indeed, remember that when a product’s packaging is catchy, believable and appealing, it will inevitably drive consumers towards it.

  1. Product Packaging Informs Prospective Buyers:

Consumers always stick with those brands that provide a proper message on product packaging, like facts and other helpful information about products they want to purchase. Specific, reliable information is valuable, and understanding what they are buying helps customers feel trust in their choices.

Also, packaging with a supportive message will always engage buyers to stick loyally with their brand. For example, when you unbox a mobile phone, its packaging is adequate to please your moment. Not only to the product, but the packaging also provides a particular message about the company to the consumers. Thus, when a consumer gets a compelling message, it also feels trust and confidence about the choice they’ve made.

  1. Product Packaging Draws Attention:

It’s the reality that brands often get better results from the product packaging they use. For instance, we know that the face wash will glow your face, and shampoo makes your hair smooth, but when displayed in a store in front of many other similar brands, only a good product packaging can make a customer choose the best out of it.

Packaging that snatches the customer’s attention and elevates its product’s USP’s often helps in creating more sales due to the attention it receives in the store. When you evaluate many more prominent brands, you’ll come to know that most of them focus on their packaging than the core product, which made them successful in the market.

  1. Product Packaging Offsets Price:

Consumers prefer to purchase products that look attractive when placed in their households. It is particularly true for a long –term based products and is used daily. Even retailers are also more fond of spending money on purchasing products from brands they believe range from their own trust and values. When companies present good looking products, consumers realise the product’s value through the packaging, thus spending more money to purchase such products.

So when such companies are magnificent in providing attractive packaging to consumers, it becomes easier for them to enlarge the revenue as much as they want.

  1. Practicality/ Ease to Use

Good packaging is created by considering the applicability of the consumer. Providing a handle or channel on the product makes it easy for the shopper to carry and use it. When it comes to the customer point of view, easily opened cans, sustainable boxes, and packaging, which require not much pressure or tools, can definitely grab the customers’ attention, resulting in product appeal and an increase in sales.

Therefore, you cannot proceed with a product package that is not convenient or practical to the consumers. The practicality depends on the factors like product shape, size, and ultimately functionality of the packaging.


With this blog, you might get the importance of product packaging in the success of your business as a whole. As a branding design agency, we totally understand the impact of product packaging that makes on sales. As a professional designing agency, it’s our task to help you achieve better results through eye-catchy, attractive product packaging.

If you have furthermore concerns regarding how to create compelling product packaging, you are most welcome to have a visit to our DesignerPeople office located in Delhi NCR. We are available on all working days and always there to help you. Visit us, and we can have your branding discussion over a cup of coffee.

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