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5 Common eCommerce Problems and How to Fix them





The responsibility of online stores does not end with the sale: we must assure customers that the product reaches their hands-on time and in good condition. The shipping process is not easy, as there will always be the possibility of having to deal with problems such as late deliveries, products damaged by mishandling, or unexpected charges, to name a few.

Fortunately, most of the problems that can occur in fulfillment are easily solvable for those who have experience. But, if that is not your case, in the following paragraphs we will show you some of the most common problems in the area, and their respective solutions:

1. Unexpected expenses

Even if you focus on local shipments, it can always be the case that you receive an order from another country. You may not feel safe when making international shipments, since you will have to deal with other companies and you are unaware of the extra expenses that may arise due to customs and taxes.

To find out the cost of a foreign shipment, you can use online calculators offered by courier services. It is also important to consult the rules for international shipments of these companies. Each country has different charges for duties and taxes, but with a tax calculator, you can get an idea of ​​how much your client will pay, for which you must be well informed about the rules of commercial law.

2. High shipping costs

Online store customers always hope that they won’t have to pay a lot for the courier service, receive a discount, or that shipping is free. If the cost is very high, rest assured that they will not buy. What to do in these situations?

To be able to offer your customers attractive offers without representing a loss to you, you must evaluate the performance of your service of sending and receiving products. In that sense, having a logistics partner capable of responding in all aspects of packing and shipping could be more profitable than you thought.

3. Products damaged or lost

Even in the best companies, it can be the case that the merchandise suffers damage, loss, or theft route. In that case, related insurance could be the answer when the damage is done. Thus, you can respond to the customer without absorbing costs. However, when these types of problems occur, it is especially important to have the services of an experienced logistics partner, capable of developing the entire chain of processes according to the highest quality standards. eCommerce management software is a great way to track problems, curb website glitches and increase profit opportunities over the course of your eCommerce company.

4. Out of stock products

Due to poor inventory control and / or an outdated online store, orders may be placed for merchandise that we do not have. Faced with this type of problem that can occur in fulfillment, having a platform that allows you to control the stock in real-time is essential. In that sense, the Shipit platform can work together with your e-Commerce thanks to its API. Thus, you can have access at all times to an updated record of your products.

5. Returns

Returns occur mainly because the product does not meet customer expectations, representing a waste of resources and time for any business. To minimize returns, you should create very detailed descriptions of each product with photos at all angles, along with specifying your return policies very well.

In any virtual store, it is important to be aware of all the problems that can occur in fulfillment, in order to know how to act in each case. After all, these are situations that could happen, and the ability to react is essential to give satisfactory responses to customers.

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