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Most of us know that plagiarism is wrong and is an illegal act. Still, there is a huge majority of youngsters who are not aware of this and the consequences of plagiarism. Some people also think that explaining plagiarism and urging them to check it is a complete waste of time. First, we would like our readers to know that plagiarism is a serious offense. We would not encourage you to feel easy about it. Today, tons of plagiarism checkers are found on the internet, and screening duplicate content has become much easier. This post will examine some information about, which is among the most famous services!

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Why should you not plagiarize?

There are many reasons you should not copy or duplicate content from other writers/authors. Some of them are discussed below!

Plagiarism can be caught quite easily!

If you think that you can get away with plagiarism, then you are mistaken. Today you have to save your original content for being accused of accidental plagiarism. So there is no chance that you can get away with deliberate attempts of duplicating content. Plagiarized content can easily be caught by search engines and the modern plagiarism checkers, so you should get rid of this thought!

Plagiarism is illegal!

One should know that plagiarizing content is not just unethical but is also illegal. If you are duplicating text/ideas/images or even video content, you are simply breaching the copyrights of that content. It is directly a breach of copyrights and other protection laws. If you don’t want to get yourself involved in legal issues, you should avoid plagiarism.

You will fail to learn and improve your writing skills!

If you duplicate content from other people, you depend on their work rather than learning to generate your original one. You must know that practice is the only thing that can make you perfect in any field. If you are not putting any effort and are depending on the work generated by other people, you won’t learn anything new.

Plagiarism is unfair to people who work hard!

By stealing content from other people, you are unfair to them. A person who is working hard and is spending hours creating fresh content can be discouraged and disheartened. We have seen many cases where writers have stopped creating new content because their older posts/essays were duplicated. 

Types of plagiarism that plagiarism checkers can detect!

Here are the different kinds of duplications that an online plagiarism checker can detect!

Complete Plagiarism!

This is the type of plagiarism/duplication in which a person copied almost all the content from another source. You must know that complete plagiarism is always deliberate and is one of the most serious types.

Patchwork plagiarism!

This type of duplication refers to the content in which you can easily find small replicated content patches. This is also a type of deliberate plagiarism, and you should always avoid it. You must know that patchwork plagiarism is difficult to find, and you would need an intelligent tool to find plagiarism.

Lazy plagiarism!

This type of content is accused of having plagiarism just because it doesn’t have the proper quotes and citations. This type of plagiarism is often detected in the work of students. 

Accidental plagiarism!

If your work is original and you have written it all by yourself but still is being accused of plagiarism, it would be known as accidental plagiarism. This type of plagiarism occurs because of the amount of content available on the web.


This plagiarism tool website is a designated service that can help you check all sorts of content for plagiarism. This is one of the best plagiarism detectors that you can find on the web as it is free and very much reliable in its results. This plagiarism checker’s working process is quite simple, and even a layperson can learn how to use it without any experience. 

If you want to try this plagiarism checker, then all you have to do is navigate it on your browser and then follow the steps listed below:

  • You have to enter raw text in the input box of the tool.
  • You can also add complete files or URLs using different input options of the copyright checker.
  • After entering the input text, all you need is to press the ‘check plagiarism’ button. 
  • The tool would get you complete reports in less than three to eight seconds.

This plagiarism detection tool can easily cater to thousands of words per input. You can search up to 25K queries with this scanner. You must know that this plagiarism checker tool’s deep search feature can make the scanning process accurate and the results even more reliable. This plagiarism detector is very easy to use!

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