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What to Avoid When Producing Videos



What to Avoid When Producing Videos

What to Avoid When Producing Videos

Video production is a complex and tiresome process, but it’s worth your effort if done correctly. Many people assume they can produce their own videos to save time and money. Although hiring a videographer isn’t necessary, you may make significant mistakes if you lack experience in video production. 

Consequently, you may produce a poorly made video that is not appealing and does not follow industry-standard best practices and guidelines. Moreover, mistakes in the production stages may lead to additional takes, bad camera angles, and extra wages for the actors. Ultimately, you may waste a lot of time and money in the production process.

What Should You Avoid When Producing Videos?

For your video production to succeed, you must maximize the use of your resources. This article provides a breakdown of 6 common mistakes to avoid when producing videos.

Being Unprepared

Video production involves a complex series of steps. As such, pre-production and preparation are essential for all videos and films, even amateur ones. Preparation entails having a complete script with an entire dialogue and going through a couple of practice runs before the actual shooting. This measure ensures that the video production stages go smoothly and quickly. Moreover, it saves you the extra cost of reshooting scenes or the need for additional editing.

Failure to Understand Your Video Recording Equipment

The idea of creating a video can be fascinating. Typically, video creators start shooting without fully understanding the role of each piece of equipment in the video production process and how to operate it.

As a result, they produce poor-quality videos or, in extreme cases, damage their gear. Although you don’t have to master all the details of how your video camera and lights work, it would be best to have a basic knowledge. 

Poor Audio Quality

A video’s audio quality is crucial in the production and post-production stages. Research suggests that poor audio quality directly correlates with a lack of trust in your video content. In other words, your audience will struggle to understand your message, no matter how solid the visual side of your video might be.

Environmental factors often affect audio quality during the production stages. However, the quality of your recording equipment may also impact your sound. Therefore, unless you intend to reshoot some scenes or pay extra wages for the actors, you must use quality mics from the onset. Also, ensure there is no noise interference from the surrounding.

Bad Lighting

Lighting also plays an imperative role in the video production stages. If you shoot your video in a poorly lit environment, your videos may become blurry or, worse, unwatchable. More importantly, inconsistent lighting drastically reduces the overall quality of the video. Therefore, even as you invest in lights, ensure you have consistent control over them. 

Using the Cheapest Services Available

“Cheap is expensive” is a common phrase in various industries and settings. This saying also applies to video creation, especially when you outsource the services of professionals. Inexpensive services may lead to poor results. You may spend more money on your project in the long run. For this reason, it is best to find a reliable video production company or a creative director boasting great reviews to help you build a content strategy and assist in video production.

Final Thoughts

Video production may be a daunting task that requires careful analysis of every step in the process. Mistakes can affect the overall quality of your production, and eventually, you may incur additional expenses.

If you are looking to navigate the tedious journey and avoid some of these mistakes, working with a professional who will help save time and extra costs would be the right decision.

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