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We are in the middle of a pandemic and digital marketing seems more important than ever. Every business aims to rank its websites on Google, and if you belong to the same clan, you cannot ignore the importance of link building. Come to us, and let’s put together a solid strategy that will help you earn high-quality links. Let alone other things, SEO links remain among the top three important ranking factors out there.

That being said, you should keep learning about the new techniques of link building. It is true that a reliable SEO link building company can help you, but you should also stay abreast with the new link building trends. Whether you are a beginner with this link building or are doing it since a long time, there are dozen approaches that will help you. In the coming section of the article, you are going to learn about some noteworthy link building strategies and tactics that are still effective. We will further explain how you can reach the first rank along with various ways to stay at the top of the search engine page. Before we move towards the link building tactics, let us have some basics clear here:

What is Link Building? 

Link building plays a critical role in ensuring the success of an SEO campaign. SEO link building can be simple defined as encouraging other websites to use your links – it can be as simple as a hyperlink from one site to another. SEO experts say that inviting other websites to use your links is the toughest part, but it is highly rewarding when you get it right.

Let’s try to understand the concept of link building with an example here: Imagine a website A links to website B. This process gives a strong hint to Google’s algorithm that this website deserves a higher rank for the keywords. These links are often referred to as backlinks, inbound links, just links, external links and so on. The higher quality links points to your website, the higher you should rank on Google, and thus, the more organic traffic you receive.

Nevertheless, there is a word of caution here. All links aren’t created equal, and some can even cause the website to decrease the visibility, we will cover this point later.

Importance of Link Building in SEO

Any SEO link building company will encourage you to create high-quality links to be posted on third-party websites and it is critical to your success. Let us see how.

Link building doesn’t happen in a day. It demands time and effort and there is no hiding from this very fact. It is harder to get it right, meaning that those SEO marketers who successfully execute tactics to build better links that their competitors shall see significant growth is their organic traffic and revenue. Thus, you need to understand why these links are so important and should account for a good portion of your SEO campaign. For those in the North West seeking expertise in this crucial area, partnering with a specialized SEO company Manchester can provide tailored solutions that align with cutting-edge link building strategies.

Some of the notable reasons you must put a strong focus on links building in SEO are: 

  • Good links help Google to find your website faster
  • You rank in the top search engine searches
  • You can increase the credibility and reliability of your website
  • You could benefit from targeted referral traffic.

In this age of break-neck competition, you cannot ignore link building. At the same time, you need to ensure that the rolling out tactics give you a competitive advantage.

Some Key Elements of a successful Link Budling strategy

Link-building involves a lot of aspects than you might think. You must never create links blindly. While planning a link building strategy, you should make sure that not all the links are created equal. The following are some of the key components that you need to work on for your link building strategy:

  1. Contextual Links: Create links for a page that holds more value and information for the audience. This is important because Google will judge the value of a link by seeing what is inside the link. These contextual links are placed in the body of a web page against those placed either at the footer or sidebar. They need to be of high-quality.
  2. Editorially placed links: These links exist because a third-party has decided to add a link from their website to yours. It can be due to a payment or any other incentive.
  3. Focus on links from unique referring domain: To create high-value links, you should create a great link profile where links are coming from a high number of unique referring domains rather than a few similar ones.
  4. Strong Topic Relevance: Links should come from the website, who’s products or services are similar to yours. After all, why would a person jump from one website to another if there is no link between the two.

Link Building Strategies for 2021

After talking in detail about some basics of link building, it is time that we introduce the latest link building strategy as a reliable SEO link building company in town.

To build the links that actually bring a lot of traffic and improve your organic ranking, you need to make sure that a right strategy is followed. First, you need to clear yourself between strategies and tactics.

Strategy stands for what you are going to do.

Tactics stands for how you are going to do it.

Different strategies will balance different levels of effort and resources with potential rewards and returns. The more difficult a tactic is to implement, the better the results you will see. A few months back, a survey was conducted by SEMrush where they interviewed some 850 SEO professionals to reveal their popular link building strategy. We were surprised to know that guest posting remains the most popular one.

Oftentimes, we rely on the tactics and strategies that are most familiar with. With this in mind, we would advise you to cast your net a bit wider and explore the following strategies. Hopefully, they will help you.

  1. Quick-Win Link building

There is a common misconception that all the links are resource intensive. This is untrue and you will find a lot of quick-win opportunities here. A quick win strategy will often see a high value return for the low effort you need. Although you need to be realistic and understand that this strategy is rarely known.

  1. Traditional Link Building

This is the most conventional form of link building and you place a link through your efforts. This type of link building is completely in your control as opposed to relying someone for placing the links here and there.

  1. Link Earning

If you are really keen on gaining some competitive advantage with your link building strategy, you must ensure that you spend a little to get editorial place links. Link earning tactics require high effort, but they give a high reward in return.

  1. Pain Link Building

Although this strategy is a straight up violation of Google Webmaster’s guideline, paid link building is still common in 2021 for a simple reason that it attracts more visitors and guarantee great results. It is a manipulation of Google’s algorithm and a low effort yet extremely high-risk tactic.

We discussed the most popular link building strategies for the businesses today. This shall also include the black hat and white hat link building. If you wish to know more about the strategies and tactics of link building, connect with our SEO link building company.

Jamie Barton is the author of this article. To Know more information about SEO link building company please visit the website.

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