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5 Telltale Signs Your Computer Has a Virus



Signs Your Computer Has a Virus

Signs Your Computer Has a Virus

Can you name the costliest computer virus in history? The aptly named MyDoom worm caused an estimated $38 billion in damage!

We’ve talked a lot this year about the coronavirus, but when’s the last time you thought about a computer virus? Chances are you don’t give it much thought unless you start having computer problems. 

If you’ve been having computer issues, it could signal an infected computer. Here are five sure signs your computer has a virus.

  1. It’s… Going… So… Slow…

Does it take forever for your computer to start? Do you lose patience waiting for your browser or apps to load? Does it take several minutes to load even a small file?

It could be a sign your computer (or its software) is old and outdated. More likely, though, everything has slowed down because you’re working with an infected computer. Talk to an expert for additional information to help you diagnose the underlying problem.

  1. Frequent Popups

Have you noticed a surge in popups while you’re browsing the internet? Do random windows appear even when you’re working in a different program offline?

Popups and spam are a sure sign your computer is infected with a virus. These popups often tell you to visit a certain site or download “anti virus” software, which of course is a ruse.

Ignore all these popups and never click on them or download anything. Doing so will only install more spyware or malware that could steal passwords or hijack your web browser.

  1. Unknown Programs & Icons

Are you working on your computer when a random program suddenly starts running in the background? Did new icons appear on your desktop that you didn’t download? Is there a new toolbar in your browser that you can’t identify? Is the start menu not working in Windows 10?

Again, these are all signs that you’ve been hacked and infected. Many viruses can spread to connected devices too, so watch for these signs on your tablet or smartphone.

  1. Spam Emails Sent From Your Account

Have you ever received a strange email from a friend inviting you to check out a certain website or download a particular program? It’s easy to identify when your friends have been hacked, but it’s not always so obvious when you’re the victim.

Check your sent folder or outbox to see if any unknown emails were sent from your account. Another sure sign is if you’re logged out of your email or social media accounts and you can’t seem to log back in.

  1. Random Computer Crashes

Oh, the dreaded blue screen of death. Nothing makes your heart sink faster than watching your screen freeze or, even worse, completely shut down when you’re in the middle of a project.

If your computer keeps freezing or crashing for no apparent reason, a virus is almost certainly the culprit. 

Watch Out for These Signs Your Computer Has a Virus

If you notice any of these signs your computer has a virus, call a professional ASAP. You can’t do much with an infected computer, and the problem will only get worse over time.

After you get rid of a computer virus, you’ll need greater tech advice. That’s what our site is all about, so stay right here and continue browsing!

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