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3 Services Citrix Provides, and Why Your Company Might Need Them



3 Services Citrix Provides, and Why Your Company Might Need Them

3 Services Citrix Provides, and Why Your Company Might Need Them

There is a company called Citrix that has been making big waves in the professional world. If you have not heard of them yet, it’s time that you found out a little about them. Once you hear about what they have to offer companies, you might decide you need one of the services they provide or several of them.

We’ve taken the time to list some of the major services that Citrix provides. If you don’t have any of these services yet, you may want to look into this company before more time passes.

The Virtual Machine

There is more than one Citrix partner that has latched onto this company’s popularity. That’s part of what makes it so valuable: it doesn’t just work by itself. Various companies and services can integrate with it so that it becomes a more powerful tool.

Citrix offers both a virtual desktop and app, so you can use it when you’re on the go, and you have your smartphone on you, or if you’re sitting at home and you need to work in digital space. Citrix offers what tech individuals call a virtual machine, or VM.

The VM uses a hypervisor so that remote client devices can utilize it. In other words, you no longer must come to work at one central location. You can work at home at your leisure, which more and more employees want to do these days.

If you are a company that wants to allow remote work, but you are not sure how to go about it, getting Citrix can be the proper first step that sets you on that path. If you’re still trying to make all your employees work in a central office space, that could be the final straw which makes them quit. Of course, you could also set up a hybrid model where they work from home sometimes but also come in to work occasionally.

Software as a Service

Citrix is also an example of a term you might have heard before, which is SaaS, or software as a service. SaaS is very popular these days because if you get it, that means your company does not have to purchase a proprietary software suite that a web designer creates for you.

Creating your own proprietary software suite for your workers to use can be very expensive. It’s much better to use software as a service, where you pay to rent the software that another company creates for you. You can definitely customize it any way you want if there are features you don’t need and others that you do.

Citrix is a prime example of this model. You can get them to add whatever features you need and remove others. Plus, they will handle all the updates on their end, so you don’t need to hire a whole IT staff to do that for you. These suites are also quite easy to learn how to use, so even individuals who are not tech geniuses should do fine.

It’s Cloud Computing Technology

Citrix is also handy because it’s a cloud computing technology example. Cloud computing has really taken the business world by storm, and once you learn a little about it, it is easy to see why.

With cloud computing, you have virtually limitless space for business-related data. In business, data is power.

If you have a ton of data related to your clients, you need to keep that safe, or else some determined hacker might steal it. A data breach will get you a lot of bad publicity, and it will make it much more likely that no one will trust your company anymore.

Also, you must keep all of your employee data somewhere to get them their paychecks on time and for tax purposes. If you have all that in the cloud instead of in paper files, nothing can happen to it. As long as you have excellent online security measures, such as those that Citrix provides, your workers and customers alike can breathe easily.

Citrix is just one of the many cloud-based companies that offer businesses their services these days, yet it has rapidly grown into one of the more popular ones. The ease of use is the biggest reason why.

While some companies are reluctant to get these software suites, once you see how easy they are to use, it’s hard not to feel like paying the monthly fees isn’t worth it.

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