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Top 10 app monetization platform



app monetization platform

app monetization platform

App development is a business with the goal to earn money. There are different mobile app monetization options that you can use depending on your ad network. Here are some mobile app monetization platforms given for you. These platforms offer a simple service to monetize app for their developers to help them generate revenue through quality advertisements. Check out the list:

  1. Google AdMob

It is one of the best mobile app networks with a hundred thousand advertisers working. It is integrated with Google Analytics to monitor interactions of users with ads in your app. It offers tight security with a full-fledged ad verification system for the app developers. You can choose in-app purchases and reward ads for your app.

  1. MoPub

MoPub is a mobile monetization channel setting ads with an auction payment method. It offers Inventory Packages that are sets of ad inventory to allow companies to segment inventory and expand their reach.

  1. Chartboost

Chartboost specializes in cross-ad solutions. The monetization channel helps developers to sell ad space in games to companies and release cross-platform ads. It is highly recommended as a platform to test ads and run paid marketing campaigns.

  1. Unity Ads

Unity Ads offers you playable ads meaning the users see a video along with a small game version and a call to action at the end of the advertisement motivating them to download the app. There are Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality ads that layers to the real world so that people get an exceptional experience.

  1. AppLovin

The platform offers you informational analytics and has nine tracks to monitor installation resources. You can track your audience coverage level and eCPM in various nations.

  1. Audienceplay

Audienceplay allows app developers to target and run ads on selected audiences. It helps them earn through alternate earnings and repeated streams. It also offers personalized monetization with unique app monetization techniques.

  1. net

It is a global advertising network offering complete advertising techniques to monetize apps. The platform enhances the revenue of the publisher and offers great Return on Investment to advertisers. and its products are licensed and it facilitates top quality ads on more than 500,000 websites.

  1. Adcolony

Adcolony is one of the best mobile advertising and app monetization networks. Its working is based on acquiring users and monetizing while offering them a good experience. It is an application monetization podium to help publishers and advertisers get high campaign results.

  1. Gamezop

Gamezop offers a publisher program where app owners can promote their game or URL. Its major earning source is Adsense. The platform runs native ads and shares Adsense revenue with the publishers.

  1. Facebook Audience Network

The platform allows advertisers to publish their ads to people using apps not from Facebook and Instagram. Publishers also get revenue through Facebook ads when users click on advertisements in their application. Ads placement on Audience Network is more cost-effective than Facebook and Instagram.

Your decision to choose an app monetization platform depends on several aspects including your technical requisitions, niche, etc. Make sure you consider all the points and then decide.

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