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HUAWEI Band 4e: A Professional Sports Monitor



HUAWEI Band 4e, an ideal sports accessory for children, students, professionals, men,  women, and everyone. If you are looking for a training band that can offer the best performance at the lowest price, then HUAWEI Band 4e is not a bad choice. The bracelet has a sleek design concept and has a soft material surface so that the band is easier to wear and easy to see. There are many colors to choose from. A personal fitness tracker will customize it for you to use on different occasions.

Long battery life and excellent compatibility

The battery capacity enables 2 weeks of use or up to 40 hours of continuous performance tracking with a single charge. With a fully charged band, you don’t need to bring a charger with you for a two-week trip. On a single charge, it has enough power to charge you for 2 whole weeks without any problems. Charging to 100% takes about 1.5 hours. And thanks to its long battery life and quick charge function, you are always ready. The band arrives half-charged and you can start right away. This feature allows you to stay connected to your life, not your charger.

Band 4e Huawei - Via Amazon

Band 4e Huawei – Via Amazon

Simple operation

You need to activate your band the first time you use it. Just connect your band to the charging cradle and in just a few seconds the band can be paired via Bluetooth as standard. In addition, you can only operate your band with simple touches: To switch between the screens, just touch the “Touch” button. If you hold “Touch”, you can activate the corresponding function. In addition, functions are also activated by movement: to activate the screen, lift your wrist or turn it inward. To switch between screens, rotate your wrist when the screen is on.

Band 4e Huawei - Via Amazon

Band 4e Huawei – Via Amazon

A variety of functions

All the common functions you can think of: heart rate measurement, GPS, motion measurement, distance measurement, calorie consumption, sleep monitoring, alarm clock, pedometer, sedentary reminder, phone lookup, etc. can be found in this product. to fully meet your daily needs. The bracelet has the ability to measure and display the calories burned to meet your daily exercise needs and keep your health in all directions. The HUAWEI Band 4e has a heart rate monitor that monitors and records heart rate data so you can better understand your health. Sleep monitoring can monitor the duration of daily deep sleep, light sleep, and waking sleep through the line graph of heart rate change and sleep change for one week in the app to adjust your work and rest. To achieve more functions you can connect the band to your phone, you will never miss a call or a message. It vibrates to let you know when your phone receives a call, text, or message.

Band 4e Huawei - Via Amazon

Band 4e Huawei – Via Amazon

Track basketball performance

The Band 4e identifies exactly 10 types of movement data and evaluates the overall performance of the game, regardless of whether you are playing tennis, basketball, or badminton. If you touch the touch button in foot mode, the screen for the basketball session will be displayed. To start, just hold the button down for 3s and you will get a record for your basketball performance. You can open the Huawei Health app,  touch the exercise record card on the health screen, and choose basketball to get specific data. The data include training duration, active time, active time ratio, distance covered, calories burned, pedometer,  vertical jump height, vertical jump number, slope time, movement speed, etc. that recorded by Band 4e during your basketball playing time. What’s more appealing, you can even share the data with your friends.

In summary, HUAWEI Band 4e is a much improved and developed model for all sports enthusiasts. You can download the Huawei Health app and connect your band to your phone the first time you use your band. With professional measurements and testing,  Band 4e will be more able to monitor your health and improve your training! With its budget price of RM 69.00 on Huawei 1212 sales, it’s time to get one.

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