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Social media analytics for brand health



Social media analytics

A brand is always a sum of the contact and interactions that customers have with it. The messaging coming from the company is also an important part of branding. Most importantly you should know a company has no control over brand perception. This is a consumer-controlled domain. Perception is important, whether for a brand launch or you want to stay ahead of all your competitors. Social media analytics is one of the ways you could use it to boost your business. At this point, you get direct feedback from customers using competitive intelligence. With this information, you could do a lot to improve your brand health.

Using media to understand brand health and perception of consumers

At this stage, you should be focused on what consumers say about your product by making use of competitive intelligence. The media is also another example of areas that you need to look at. Consumers use social media to express their perception of a product and experiences.

Putting this parameters consideration is important for the active protection of your brand. Having a company that deals with social media analytics is crucial. This is not only for big companies since upcoming businesses can participate.

For effective monitoring, you can contact a social media analytics company to have a competitive intelligence conducted for you. NetbaseQuid is one of these companies. This company helps you to analyze large volumes of experience data from customers. You will always be on your toes on information shared about your brand.

NetbaseQuid helps you to;

• Get real-time feedback from social media channels on brand perception through competitive intelligence.

• Visibly get into the context and conversations that form consumer opinion.

• Check on whether things are improving brand perception or just getting worse.

Brand passion

This is one factor that you can use to promote your business. Once customers have a passion for your product, price is not a major concern. This shows how important brand passion is for the growth of any business. Check what they like and use that as your branding strategy. You can increase their passion through;

• Finding out what consumers love to amplify their strength.

• Identifying experiences, product attributes, and services.

• Understand how consumers feel about you and your competitors.

Brands that are perceived to be strong have higher chances of doing well compared to others. This shows how brand perception is important. Media plays a role in brand health. Keep track of all news on your company. Look for opportunities, trends, and partnerships. Identifying the risks involved is another way of maintaining brand health.

Measure brand health against the competition

Keep an eye on your competitor’s rankings, this gives you a good picture of how your brand is fairing on. This is an important asset in ensuring that you stay competitive, secure your reputation, and grow your business through the retention of customers. Take a keen focus on the brand perception of your brand and competitor’s brand. Identify what drives attitudes, emotions, behavior, and sentiment. This gives you a broader understanding of what your competitors are doing.

 It could be that they are doing their brand marketing in a good manner or not. But either way, this puts you in a better position to improve on your brand.

• Take into account your competitors’ position on the media platform.

• Check consumer reaction on prices, quality, or services.

How are customers responding to competitors? After taking all these matters into account, measure your financial outcomes, customer behavior, and business drivers. Take customer experience analytics and integrate them into business intelligence for decision-making purposes.

Social media analytics is important for brand health. This platform is an important asset in media influence. The levels of interaction are at a personal level as compared to advertisements. The impact of brand health on customer retention and care influences their emotions towards your brand. This helps to improve services and consequently leads to high brand ranking.

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