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Broken Macbook Screen? Here Are Your Options





All MacBooks come with aluminum unibodies, which makes them resistant to everyday wear and tear.

Like all laptops, however, they can still break. Take the screen, for example, it can easily crack if you drop it onto the ground. Fortunately, it’s fixable. If anything, you just need the right tools.

That’s not all—there are other things that you can do with a broken MacBook screen, which we’ll be going over below.

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Replacing the Screen Yourself

Gather your tools and materials. Aside from a new screen (make sure that it’s compatible with your Mac model), you’ll also need a hairdryer, microfiber cleaning cloth, and suction cup.

Start by heating the edges of the broken screen with the hairdryer—that’ll loosen up the glue that’s holding it in the place.

Once the edges are heated, attach a suction cup to the screen. Press it firmly to the glass and lift slowly—the broken screen should come off the MacBook.

Clean the surface underneath the old screen with a microfiber cloth. Make sure that there aren’t any fingerprints on the display.

Remove the adhesive strips from your new screen and put it on your MacBook. Ensure that it’s properly aligned and attach it by gently pressing the edges with a clean cloth.

Remove the screen protector afterward and give the edges another round of heat using the hairdryer.

Tip: Don’t feel comfortable replacing the screen yourself? You can always take it to Apple or a local provider (refer to this screen replacement guide for more information).

Using an External Monitor

You can connect an external monitor to your MacBook as long as you have the right adapter. For example, you can connect a USB-C VGA or Digital AV Multiport Adapter to one of the Thunderbolt ports on your MacBook.

Remember to shut down the Mac before attaching the monitor. It should display a mirror of the internal display once it’s started up again.

If the monitor shows the image of a second screen, go into ‘Display Preferences’ and check the ‘Mirror Displays’ box in the ‘Arrangement’ tab. You may also have to reset the NVRAM or PRAM at startup.

Selling the MacBook

In some cases, it may be better to sell your MacBook than to replace the screen. For example, you might want to sell it if it’s an older model or if it’s accompanied by liquid damage.

While it won’t fetch the highest price on the market, you’ll still be able to sell it for a good amount, which you can then use to purchase a newer model. Not only will it have the latest technology, but it’ll also come with a year of AppleCare+ so if anything happens, you can get it repaired or replaced.

Knowing What to Do With a Broken Macbook Screen

Don’t throw away your device just because it has a broken MacBook screen. For one thing, you can always replace it. Or, if you want, you can connect it to an external monitor or sell it for money!

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