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IB Schools in Shanghai



IB Schools in Shanghai

IB Schools in Shanghai

The International Baccalaureate or IB curriculum is one of the most remarkable education systems globally, which holds students accountable for their work since it’s based on well-defined standards. IB schools provide a balanced and rigorous programme to prepare students for the emotional, social and intellectual challenges in their university education. Ib schools in Shanghai provide a curriculum that develops students’ vital skills, including problem-solving and critical thinking to achieve academic excellence and offer solutions to challenges facing the world today and in the future.

How to Choose an IB School

The IB curriculum is a well-structured programme that provides numerous benefits to students. It’s vital to understand how the system works to help you select the best IB school that meets the global requirements. Some of the vital things to consider when choosing an IB school include:

  • Accreditations

An accredited IB school is a school that has achieved the IBO high standard in education and strives to ensure that this standard is maintained in the school. An IB school has to be authorized to teach the IB programme it offers to its students. When a school is authorized, you can be assured that it meets the high-quality standards of the IB worldwide. The authorized IB programme helps learners to think critically and offer solutions to complex problems.

  • Resources

Schools authorized to offer one or more IB programmes must be well suited and equipped to provide an international quality standard education. An effective IB school has procedures and policies for language placement, assessment, collaboration and curriculum planning. An efficient IB school is well resourced, equipped and offers various options for students with diverse interests and needs.

  • Global ranking

When selecting an IB school, it’s vital to ensure that you check its average point score for the last academic years and compare them to the global average score or average grade. When comparing IB schools, it’s vital to note where they fall in relation to the world average. The best IB schools have impressive test scores that fall above the regional or international average.

IB Schools in Shanghai

Shanghai is China’s trade and economic centre, where people from various parts of the world come to live, study and work. It’s one of the largest cities in China and one of the most populated cities in the world. This city has a rich history and is home to diverse cultures and an international community. Teaching in Shanghai is regarded as a respected and attractive profession with clear career advancement mechanisms to support teachers in various institutions. Shanghai has some of the best IB schools accredited and offers students top-quality education. Some of the best IB schools in Shanghai include:

  • The Western International School of Shanghai

This is one of the best IB schools in Shanghai that offers top-quality standards of professional performance in international education and holds accreditations to provide an IB programme. This school nurtures students to think independently, inquire and drive their learning to enhance their skills and knowledge. The WISS aim is to shape students into ethical, confident, brave and international-minded global citizens with the intellect and skills to shape the future.

  • Shanghai Community International School

The Shanghai Community International School is a remarkable school that offers a full continuum of programs from Nursery through grade twelve, including the middle years’ program, primary years programme and diploma programme. The IB programme offered in the school is academically rigorous and balanced, which enhances personal development and fosters athletic and artistic skills to help students develop an international mindset.

A foreign teacher teaching in Shanghai will have the most rewarding experience teaching the IB curriculum since it helps develop students’ skills and enhance their academic performance. The IB programme enables Students to understand the relevance of what they are learning while developing their analytical and critical skills to become knowledgeable learners who will contribute positively to their communities.

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