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SEO Video Marketing: Defining Your Video Marketing Strategy



SEO Video Marketing: Defining Your Video Marketing Strategy

SEO Video Marketing: Defining Your Video Marketing Strategy

These days, video marketing can be an extremely powerful tool when used right. So, it comes as no surprise that video is becoming an important aspect of the modern world of content marketing. Creating great content is important to ensure that the video content reaches its target audience. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered an effective mode of boosting content or video marketing.

Below are some of the top tips for video marketing on various social media platforms:

  • Define the goals of the video
  • Web optimization
  • Metadata
  • Create large amounts of video content
  • Share them on various social media platforms
  • Add the video to your website
  • Transcribe the video
  • Create an engaging video thumbnail
  • Include targeted keywords in the video file name
  • Keep the duration of the video in mind
  • Encourage the users to like, share and comment on your videos

Incorporating a video while defining your marketing strategy is an important step for any type of business. It can be video content on your daily activities or planning a video marketing strategy within a campaign. Whichever the case, you should make sure all the channels are working effectively and efficiently.

Marketers are encouraged to define or structure their marketing strategy through the following – reach, act, convert and engage. This framework would let marketers use the data to measure and track the marketing channels and also make decisions to attract more customers. Below is the SEO technique that would help you define your video marketing strategy:

Let the objective be clear – You should be clear about the objective. This is why you plan to make the video and how it is associated with your target audience. You can produce a video to enhance the brand, augment the current content, or showcase authority on a particular subject. Some of the steps that you can adopt while defining the objective are:

  • Research the topic thoroughly with respect to how it provides value to the user
  • Create a structure of the content to effectively connect with the user
  • Distribute, share or publish the video content on all the relevant social media platforms
  • You can use a combination of media that includes owned, earned or paid sources

SEO video marketing is mainly about making the video content available and discoverable on search engines such as Google, Bing, YouTube, Internet Explorer, and elsewhere along with social platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and others. There are differences in each type of platform, but there are few steps that can help you to optimize the viewership of your video on all domains.

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5 steps recommended for SEO video marketing:

  • Video – The quality of the content in the video should be high. This includes good images and effects, good research and other elements that grab people’s attention. For instance, a question and answer segment can help provide qualitative insights about the viewers using different topics.
    Additionally, you can use video imagery for thumbnails, end screens and cards to grab people’s attention and increase CTR. A majority of the videos on social platforms such as YouTube have thumbnails that are customized. Thus, it is important to create attractive thumbnails in order to attract more viewers and increase the video watch time. A video editor can help you create a great video that would make the final product look attractive to viewers.
  • Audio – A good video includes great audio that helps to understand the insights as people don’t prefer to watch a video without sound or a video with bad quality audio. Thus, sound is a powerful way of connecting with viewers. Also, you need to keep in mind that the videos on Facebook are watched without sound; whereas, more than 95% of the videos on YouTube are watched with sound. So even if you want to buy YouTube views on WP Dev Shed, you will still need quality sound for your YouTube videos to get more attention from the audience.

Thus, viewers who watch the video and audio together raise brand awareness by around 20% compared to those who either watch or listen to the clip. Additionally, search engines such as YouTube make use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create transcripts from the audio of the video. Thus, it is recommended that you should create a separate audio file as it leads to better quality transcripts which will lead to a stronger SEO.

  • Text – Indexing text is still the preferred choice for SEO compared to video or audio files. Thus, the text that you include in the video to promote the content is important. Keywords, titles, tags, descriptions, captions, transcripts, etc. are some areas where you can use the text to optimize your SEO.
    • You should skillfully use the target keywords in order to avoid overload. Remember that these keywords should be used along with the video’s metadata and other supporting text.
    • The video should be properly titled as it would help viewers know what to expect from the video.
    • Make use of specific or general tags that accurately describe your video; just make sure that at least one tag is the main target keyword.
    • Make use of one of two targeted keywords at the starting of your description.
    • Describe the video using simple l language that is understood by all.
  • People – A great video is one that is accepted by all viewers. Video with a high amount of engagement, less watch time and more interest would prove to be most successful and would send the search engines a signal that the video is worth watching. Thus, it is recommended that you upload the video using each platform’s native player to increase the exposure of the video.
  • Measurement – Performance measurement is one of the key aspects that would help you to analyze what has helped or not helped the video, and what else can be added to the video in terms of content in the future. To measure the performance, you can use video platform analytics, web analytics, and other sources to understand the impact of your videos in terms of conversions and visitors to the website.

All the above SEO steps would help you to make the video interesting for viewers, increase watch time and attract more viewers.

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