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Top 9 health benefits of swimming





Swimming is useful in daily life and on holidays that we spend time at the seaside or the pool, you need to hire someone who can build a new swimming pool where you can enjoy your holidays. Exercising in the water has many health benefits that you don’t know. How many calories do we burn while swimming? Will regular visits to the pool extend our lives and improve lung function? Which styles are the healthiest for the spine? Do you want to know what swimming does? Discover the 9 health benefits of swimming:

9 health benefits of swimming

It supports the respiratory system, swimming has a positive effect on the respiratory system as it increases the efficiency of the lungs. The greatest benefits of swimming come when you move indoors because the airways are forced to work most efficiently. The standard lung capacity is approx. 5 liters, but the best swimmers can boast up to 11 liters of capacity.

1. It is good for the joints.

What are the best benefits of swimming? It works great for our entire body. Water perfectly relieves the whole body, which is 10 times lighter it due to the buoyancy force. For this reason, swimming is a particularly recommended activity for all people who have joint problems or are injured. Apart from the adults, swimming is equally beneficial for the kids as well including infants and toddlers. You can check the Private Swimming Lessons in Singapore Condo – SwimJourney in this regard if you live in Singapore.

2. It helps to lose weight.

Does swimming make you slimmer? During an hour of intensive training in water, we can burn up to 600 kcal. As a result, swimming consumes more fat stores than a moderate effort on land (e.g., jogging). In addition, regular visits to the pool will help you build muscle mass and an impressive body shape.  What muscles work while swimming? It all depends on the selected styles, which we will discuss in a moment.

3. It stimulates the circulatory system.

Swimming stimulates the work of the heart and the entire circulatory system, thus extending our lives. If you ask yourself the question “swimming – what it gives, “the answer may surprise you. Thanks to this activity, you have a 60% greater chance of avoiding heart disease than people who do not regularly engage in any physical activity. Swimming is also recommended for people after heart attacks.



4. It improves stamina and endurance.

Swimming is a demanding sport that engages and strengthens all large muscle groups. During activities in the water, we work with the whole body, not only with the selected part, as in most sports. Additionally, depending on the pace and style of swimming, we can significantly improve our endurance and condition.

5. A positive effect

We feel light and calm in the water, especially swimming. Besides, every sport releases a dose of endorphins to improve your mood. According to studies, people who go to the swimming pool regularly are less likely to suffer from depression and are simply happier.

6. Corrects posture defects

Swimming and the spine? Physical activity in the water does not burden the spine or joints, but it perfectly strengthens the muscles responsible for supporting the entire body. For this reason, swimming is recommended for people suffering from spinal curvatures or those who have a sedentary job.

7. It improves the flexibility of the body.

We can allow ourselves a greater range of motion in the water without fear of injury and by shaping our flexibility. To swim well in a given style, we must also be able to coordinate all our movements and the work of the respiratory system.

8. It lowers the level of bad cholesterol.

According to research, swimming for a minimum of 30 minutes 3 times a week significantly lowers blood pressure. Thus, the resting heart rate decreases, which reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood. Swimming – the advantages are indisputable for the figure and health.

9. It helps to reduce stress.

Like any other physical activity, Swimming is a great way to reduce stress and get rid of excess energy. After a hard day, relax in the water for 30 minutes to relieve muscle tension and feel more relaxed and fulfilled.

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