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What is Certified Articulate Storyline Training?



Certified Articulate Storyline Training

Certified Articulate Storyline Training

Over the years, technology has allowed many industries to progress. With the introduction of the internet, people could suddenly create and complete courses online. At first, only major companies could afford the experts or the software to create an online course. Now, platforms like Articulate Storyline exist for the masses.

What’s Articulate Storyline?

As mentioned in the introduction, Articulate Storyline is software designed to help people who want to create an interactive course. While some platforms are too advanced, Articulate Storyline manages to master the balance between simplicity and detail. Beginners enjoy the simplicity, and experts have enough detail to create advanced interactive content.

With the advancement of technology, Storyline has improved in recent years and now offers creators opportunities to develop interactive mobile courses and content. For example, Storyline 3 is the most recent edition of the software. Everything you need is found within the B Online e-learning CRM and all you need to do to get your interactive course out into the world is hit the publish button.

Thanks to the responsive player, the course works on all devices and adjusts depending on the device of the user. Whether the user has a mobile or a tablet, the course adjusts with no extra work for yourself. Storyline 3 hides sidebars to increase the real estate for the course itself, uses touchscreen features, and takes advantage of other technology to keep the experience pleasant for users of all devices.

Certified Articulate Storyline Training

At first, the marketplace for Articulate Storyline was scattered because there was no certified system in place. Now, thankfully, Australia and New Zealand are home to certified training partners. What does this mean? In short, you’ll get a certification in Articulate Storyline, which is useful whether you use the platform for your hobby or for work.

As long as you partner with a certified Articulate trainer, you’ll receive a qualification in this very software. What’s more, most offer online training these days which means that you can get the qualification from the comfort of your own home office (or sofa!).

Although the pandemic has affected this niche somewhat, you’ll also find in-person training in cities across Australia. If you choose the online route, companies normally use a certified trainer to deliver high-quality content using Zoom or another digital tool.

If you’re a business, you might want to get multiple staff members trained at the same time. If this is the case, some providers come to your workplace and deliver the course there instead. This way, your team gets training in Articulate Storyline and can get straight back to work when it’s all over.

Depending on the course you choose, this will determine the level of detail available. The very best courses will go into Conditional Triggers, Variables, and all the creative elements on offer with Articulate Storyline. However, the goal for the course is always the same – to develop your understanding of Storyline as an online course creation tool.

You’ll need to learn how to structure text using tables, how to implement interactive elements into the course, and how to create games to make the course more fun for attendees. After certified Articulate Storyline training, you’ll know all about creating exciting and informative HTML online courses. While some people use this skill to make money on the side, others need it for work. Either way, it’s a great detail to have on your resume and a great way to learn about one of the most exciting content creation software solutions in the market.

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