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Best Free Online Games For Kids 



Online Games For Kids

Online Games For Kids

Too much to deal with alongside keeping the kids entertained amidst the pandemic lockdown? Here’s what you can do. 

Kids need constant attention. Apart from the love and care that you obviously have for them, you also have to keep showing them that their entertainment is your responsibility.

“Can I use the tablet? Can I play games on your phone? Can I buy so and so games?” These are the things I have been hearing constantly from my kid lately. It’s the season of lockdown. My office has found a corner in my house itself. I was happy with the thought that I would get some more time with my kid. Also, I would no longer have to run on the schedule. Not even in my wildest dreams had I imagined this is what my kid does all day long. More than him, I have begun missing his school. Anyways, there is no gain in whining about coronavirus anymore. So, I decided to find a solution for my kid’s gaming craving once and for all. I did some research and found out a list of the best free online games for kids in 2021.

I played them myself and strangely enjoyed most of them. Maybe that’s why kids are glued to the computer screen all the time. Also, these games are completely free, so you don’t have to rip your pocket off anymore.

So, here are the top free online games for kids that are safe, suitable, educational and loved by kids!

  1. Home Base by Scholastic

It is a roleplaying game that lets the kids travel to the world of adventure with books and characters that they are familiar with. Having loads of games and explorations, Home Base would encourage reading skills by reflecting kids about their favourite books and characters. They may also get to explore some new ones!

  1. Typetastic

If your kid finds pleasure in imitating typing on your laptop, this might be a game for them. Typetastic is an adventure game filled with opportunities to let them type. The game is as simple as Clicks Test. Any kid, from elementary to the high school level would love playing it.

  1. Prodigy Game

Math is a tough subject to teach. But, not anymore. Prodigy Game is the ultimate fun way to teach maths to kids. More than 50 million parents and teachers all-round the globe love Prodigy. It is the same with kids as well. Your kid would create his/her own wizards, explore the world of fantasy and solve maths problems.

  1. Gamestar Mechanic

It’s never too early to pursue one’s dream. Gamestar Mechanic boosts the morale of young mechanical minded kids and pushes them to design their own video games. The game is filled with informative courses, quests and more to keep the kids hooked for good.

Final Words

These four free online games for kids have got the highest rating by kids and parents alike. Me and my kid are in complete awe of these games. Hope you like them too!

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