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Clash of Clans Mobile Tips and Tricks for Beginners



Clash of Clans Mobile

Clash of Clans Mobile

Clash of Clans is a tremendously popular and addictive game. In it, you can attack villages and defend yourself against your enemies, for which you need a good strategy along with a vast repertoire of tips and tricks. In this guide, we try to explain how to start playing and make better use of resources.

Supercell seems to have hit the mark when it comes to creating mobile games. His two most famous creations take the top positions in the Top Profitability on Android and iPhone. In both cases, we are talking about strategy games, although with quite a few differences between them.

In the case at hand, the pioneer is a game that consists of attacking villages and defending your own. It is necessary to enlist the help of a clan, must read how to play clash of clans on pc because you need to aware about it if you want to play it on PC, and be smart when it comes to building your defenses and managing resources. Hence the importance of knowing the best tips and tricks for Clash of Clans. Clash Royale is the other alternative, which is not far behind either.

The model is widely imitated in other applications. Everyone wants their share of the pie when it comes to the freemium model, which leads millions of players to spend money in the integrated store, where you can buy premium items for real money. In this case, Supercell’s two mobile video games far outperform their rivals. Many players with whom both accounts are undoubtedly another attraction that works as a call effect.

This also has several advantages and disadvantages. First, as we will see later in this Clash of Clans guide, many users abandon the application, creating a “no man’s zone” at the lower levels. So the first days can seem more tedious than they should, although things get more exciting and competitive when you manage to level up.

Gold, elixir, dark elixir, and gems: what it is for and how to get them fast

These four elements are the primary raw materials within this virtual medieval world. Each of them has its utility, and they are achieved in different ways. Of course, we have no choice but to send an alert message: many of the hacks and tricks to get gold, gems, and elixir in Clash of Clans not only do not work but will cause an immediate ban.

As in Clash Royale, many websites are offered a shortcut to get gold and gems quickly, but they are a hoax. It is impossible to modify the database that Supercell keeps of its players. In the case of achieving it, the joy would be brief because the developer realizes yes or yes of these imbalances.


One of the basic materials of the game. It is used for several things, mainly to build buildings and troops and improve them later. You get it in the mines of the same name and keep it in its corresponding gold store.

Keep in mind that you can only hold 2,500 gold in principle, so you have to hurry to build a warehouse that can save at least 40,000. It is the amount you need to have a clan castle, an essential requirement to join no.

It is a key element because, thanks to it, you can build elixir collectors and stores of other resources, essential to have the best troops and defenses.

This is the best way to get more builders.

Elixir and dark elixir

It is a mainly military element, the raw material used to build and improve troops and create buildings related to your army. Before collecting it, you need to have enough gold to make your gatherers and a good warehouse.

It has a variant with even more value and power: the dark elixir. Instead of generating basic troops, it is what is used for the Kings, such as the Barbarian and the Chest. It also has a type of dark building called the Dark Barracks.

Obtaining a dark elixir is much more complex than doing the same with the normal one, although, with some tips, you can produce it and steal it faster.

First steps to start playing

Suppose you are new to Clash of Clans. In that case, the first element of the Wiki and any good strategy is that you take your time to explore the menus, the main screen, and all the options of the game, as well as to see what environment you are in. village and the possibilities offered by the terrain.

You have probably already played other similar minigames. However, you should know that most of them imitate this creation of Supercell, which for several years has ended up imposing its growth model on the mobile market.

Here we reveal the basics for the first bars of the game. If you want a more comprehensive guide on overcoming the first levels of Clash of Clans, you can read it here.

Clash of Clans gems: the trick to get them for free

As we’ve said before, unlimited gem hacks don’t exist. However, there is a way to get them without paying, and that is by accumulating credit on Google Play if you are an Android mobile user.

This premium currency greases the accounts and the profitability of the game, so the developer company wants you to get hooked on it and buy these minerals in the in-game store. However, it is better that you refrain from doing it in the first levels.

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Once you see that you need them and that otherwise, you will get stuck, it is better that you have used applications to earn money from mobile for a while. The best example of being apps is Google Rewards, whose operation we explain here. You can use this virtual money to buy Clash of Clans gems for free.

This material is used to exchange it for others within the game, such as elixir or gold. Thus, it is tremendously valuable, so users who have paid for them are concentrated at the highest levels.

The legal way to get them without resorting to external applications is to upgrade your village buildings, cut down trees, and destroy rocks. Some gems appear randomly in your surroundings, although they are not too abundant.

How to get experience points

To have better buildings and troops, you need to level up. So little by little, you are accessing better fortifications and soldiers. In many cases, the jump in terms of experience points required is so significant that it can take several days to achieve it.

Getting experience points fast in Clash of Clans is difficult, and the ways to add XP are limited. It can only be done in one of the following ways:

  • Building and improving Buildings
  • Destroying the City Hall of other villages
  • Remove items such as rocks, trees, or logs
  • Completing achievements
  • Donating troops to other members of your clan

Through achievement system

As in Clash Royale, this game has a reward system based on the achievements you achieve. Every time you unlock one of them, you will add a certain amount of XP. There aren’t many, not enough, to make a difference, but they can help you level up faster at key moments.

Clash of Clans Mobile

Clash of Clans Mobile

Each achievement is divided into three parts, each with a price in experience points: 

  • Part One: 10 XP
  • Part Two: 100 XP
  • Part Three: 1,000 XP

Removing obstacles from the surroundings

In the same way that achievements are divided into three parts, obstacles around your village give experience based on how difficult it is to remove them. The longer, the more XP, following a system that is summarized as follows:

  • 10 seconds: 3 XP
  • 15 seconds: 3 XP
  • 20 seconds: 4 XP
  • 30 seconds: 5 XP
  • 45 seconds: 6 XP
  • 60 seconds: 7 XP

Be generous with your clan; the trick to level up fast in Clash of Clans.

For each troop you donate to your clan, you earn one experience point. This system is limited, as otherwise, all members would constantly contribute endless troops, leveling up not just fast but meteorically.

Each clan is assigned several loaner troop slots. Once it fills up, it’s over. If it is one with little movement, it will be difficult for you to exploit this trick to gain XP, so choose which team you want to join.

As the clan levels up, the empty slots to donate soldiers will increase, although keep in mind that these will always be few and that there are not for all members. Be generous and lend some of your best units.

Play with your head and do not rush

For years, first in-browser games and later on smartphones, the turn-based strategy model with timeouts has become common. There is an initial gift in every game: a shield that temporarily protects you against attacks from your enemies.

As a newbie to Clash of Clans, the first step of the guide is clear: take it easy and take advantage of the shield week that makes you invulnerable for seven days. After that, it is free, although if you decide to take the step and attack an enemy, it will be automatically deactivated, exposing you completely.

During the first week, you should improve the important buildings, such as the various warehouses and defenses. Then, try to collect as many resources as possible to do so and build powerful troops quickly once the grace period passes.

Since they can’t attack you, you don’t run the risk of wasting your resources as spoils of war. So instead, upgrade the main buildings, and very important: save your gems for later.

The main characters of Clash of Clans and their characteristics

Now that you’ve managed to get out of the newbie zone, it’s time to prepare for war. To win both in the defensive and offensive phase, you must select well which soldiers and troops you want to create. Unfortunately, not all of them combine pretty well.

In this guide, we have divided the characters of Clash of Clans into three types: infantry ranged attack and flying. It may be a bit unfair to put some magical classes in the same bag as others that are not, but these categorizations are more responsive to your specific strengths and weaknesses if any. If you want to expand your knowledge, here we detail what each type of troop consists of.

We have deliberately left out some characters in our compilation that you will discover as you level up. With the chosen ones, you can attack any town with guarantees of success.

Improve your defenses according to a predefined strategy

Before you start building like crazy, keep in mind that in Clash of Clans, you must follow a long-term defensive strategy. Your village will take shape, so in these first moments, decisions have unimaginable long-term repercussions. If you make the wrong decision, you may be on the wrong track for the rest of your journey.

Before creating the first wall, make sure you can surround all of your key buildings evenly. Of course, we are talking about the Town Hall and the Warehouses, the main objective of any enemy attack. Try to protect them anyway by placing a tower of archers and a cannon.

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One of the complications lies in the paradox that affects small villages. It is absurd to try to separate your critical structures in the first level, so it is best to group them and focus on protecting them. As you progress and your village grows, you realize that you could divide them across the map not to reach them in one go and a quick attack.

There are no tricks that will make your village invulnerable. You will see the proof of this when you reach higher levels and observe the different configurations that expert players have chosen for their urban layouts.

Your defenses should stick to one of the two following strategies:

  • Create a concentrated and strongly protected core
  • Scatter your key buildings to make it harder to wipe you out completely
Clash of Clans Mobile

Clash of Clans Mobile

HenchmanFlyingAir defensesLaunch them into combat when you have destroyed the anti-aircraft guns
GoalkeeperRanged attackMoving targetsDefensesThey have no fixed goal and tend to change on the fly. Focus them on destroying infantry and defense
Wall breakersInfantryMortarsRampartsTry to send it away from the mortars or when they have been destroyed
GiantInfantryWizards towersDefenses, walls and infantryThey have a lot of life, so you can use them as a shield for other troops
BarbarianInfantryInfantryThey are the base troops. They are ideal for distracting enemy defenses and overwhelming their defenses
HealerRanged attackHelp heal your infantryIt takes up a lot of space, so it is not convenient to have several
DragonFlyingAnti-aircraftInvulnerable to cannons and mortarsLike other flyers, they must come into play when the AAs have been destroyed.
WizardRanged attackInfantryThey take a long time to build. Better as an infantry escort
Ride pigsInfantryWallsUse it to jump enemy walls and attack specific and valuable targets
PEKKAInfantryWallsThey have a lot of life, so it is the best shield you can carry. Force the enemy to focus on him
GolemInfantryWalls, infantry and ranged attackIf you combine it with a healer, it is practically indestructible

Cheats and best attack and defense strategies in Clash of Clans, by levels

The levels in the game are many, and they depend on what state your town hall is in, the troops and achievements you have achieved, and, of course, the evolution of the experience bar that you see in your main window.

That said, the levels are divided into three tiers, marked by the increasing difficulty you encounter as you progress through the game. The tips and tricks of Clash of Clans work best in the first step, in low levels where everyone is learning to play, and you can make a difference with a good tutorial.

From level 90, things change. You are already beginning to meet people with significant amounts of gems acquired in the store, with dynamics and strategies to protect themselves and attack, as well as with mighty troops.

The advantage of this game is that it is simple in its classification. Three levels are divided in turn into about 40 sublevels. Below we see which attack and defense strategy is best at all times.

Basic: from 0 to 40

The first week is important because of the mentioned shield that protects you. After that, there are seven days in which you must SECURE your long-term success, building the structures that help you obtain resources and increase your ability to generate troops exponentially.

For example, if you start building troops, you will quickly run out of elixir and gold, having trouble building new buildings. Forget creating soldiers until the shield is nearing completion, at which point you do have to create an army powerful enough to plunder.

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The objectives during the first week are the following:

  • Upgrade Elixir Extractors and Gold Mines
  • Upgrade warehouses to store more materials and join a clan
  • Don’t build buildings that need constant recharges

Keep in mind that the elixir is the raw material used to improve structures, while gold is what you pay to build them. They feedback on each other, so don’t lose sight of either one.

The warehouse must have a capacity of 40,000 to join a clan. Belonging to a team gives you protection and an excellent opportunity to gain experience and have better troops. The sooner you reach that capacity, the better for you.

What to do when the shield runs out

Once the protection shield is used up, you will have to resist attacks from other players and carry out your raids. Hence the importance of having developed an effective defensive strategy, with archer towers, cannons, mortars, and well-planned walls. 

Regarding the attack in these first levels, one of the most valuable tips in Clash of Clans is not to attack rivals who seem too formidable. Retaliation can be dire, ending with the destruction of your village and the plundering of your resources.

You are necessarily going to have to leave your village to attack another. You must do and need to earn spoils of war and use it to your advantage. At the beginning levels, an advantage is that there are a large number of abandoned villages. They belong to players who have left the application, and they remain both at the primary and intermediate levels because the defenses are relatively good.

However, lacking a recent surveillance job, they are easy to raid and are laden with gold and elixir. So one of the tricks of Clash of Clans is to find these villages and take advantage of the fact that they will not launch counterattacks.

An attack strategy will work almost certainly during your first steps, mainly due to the shortage of enemy towers and mortars. It consists of dividing your troops so that, while one group entertains the enemy defenses, the other penetrates through its precarious walls to attack critical structures. Then, once you manage to destroy the Town Hall, you can safely return home.

Intermediate: from 40 to 90

Most likely, at this point, you are already part of a clan. It is a wise decision and one that becomes necessary in the long run, although always try to choose an active team in which its players share troops. Otherwise, you will have all the drawbacks of a clan without a single advantage.

The middle phase of the game is where many users decide to get off the phenomenon. Now you have obligations to your team, and it is not so easy to raid villages or defend yourself. As a result, the game starts to get complicated and requires more and more attention and time on your part.

The problem now is that there is no abundance of elixir, gold, or gems. You have to maintain a strong army because you do not want them to destroy your town, but at the same time, improvements in defensive buildings are necessary for the face of the increasing power of your enemies. It is not easy to reconcile both, so take care of each of your investments to the millimeter.

Here is a round of tips to protect your economy in this echelon of Clash of Clans:

  • Upgrade your extractors to be able to collect elixir and gold more quickly
  • Save gems and don’t waste them like crazy
  • If necessary, use some of the ones you have to buy a temporary shield

If you go through complications, a day’s protection or maybe a little longer will help you recover and repair the damage. Ditching a few gems to get it can prevent further damage to your defenses and City Hall.

The defensive strategy that works best right now

Although Clash of Clans may seem like a children’s game for many people, the need for a complete guide with strategies makes it clear that it is not. On the contrary, it requires organizational skills and a lot of head to avoid making fatal mistakes in the long run.

Within this application, the intermediate level is the most committed. At the top, there is much more balance between attackers and defenders, while between 40 and 90, chaos is more recurrent.

The importance of building your city with an excellent defensive strategy becomes clear right now. The raiders already come with giants and wall breakers, so you need strong defenses, with walls of level 6 or higher to at least temporarily stop both units.

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Many times you will see that completely disrupting an offensive is not possible. You have to try to weaken it before it reaches your key buildings, especially your warehouses and City Hall. So the goal becomes to delay your most powerful soldiers with some of these tips:

  • Surround yourself with various walls, from least to the greatest strength
  • Place mines, aerial bombs, and other traps far from your cannons. Thus there will be no unprotected point.
  • Do not unbalance your defenses, or the enemy will dodge the best-defended point.

Advanced: +90

You are already an expert in Clash of Clans if you have come here, and there is no tutorial capable of surprising you. You have leveled up fast or slow, but you have arrived. Likely, you have also left money along the way, even if it is from some of the advice we have given you.

The fortresses surrounding the advanced-level villages are at first sight impregnable. They have all kinds of towers and various walls that their hogs cannot jump over and that the rest of your shock units have a hard time knocking down. To make matters worse, anti-aircraft guns make it challenging to use dragons and other flying units.

How to attack a well-defended city

What to do than against players who know all the tricks of Clash of Clans and have an impeccable defensive strategy? It is not easy at all. To start, you must have very good golems and PEKKA since they are the ones who will make it possible for the other troops to work quietly in the assault.

It is also crucial to know which units reinforce others. For example, healing magic is great for making the golem never fall and keeping the village towers and cannons entertained.

Additionally, spells can freeze enemy defenses so that dragons can rampage through the population for a few seconds.

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One of the full towers at this point is infernal. You can attack them from the sides, their weak point. However, they are tremendously damaging to most troops, so use a PEKKA against them, or you won’t stand a chance. As he catches her attention, he surrounds her with barbarians and other infantry units.

Delay and delay before landing the final blow

Assaults at the advanced level are very impressive when you are the one taking them. The deployment is so broad that it seems impossible to resist for long, but you can do it. So what is the key to a good defense in Clash of Clans? Delay the enemy in your outer walls, weaken him and make him arrive badly at the moment of attacking your most valuable buildings.

Try not to invest too many resources in your exterior walls. It isn’t easy to cover it entirely with towers and other defensive elements by occupying a larger perimeter. If you defend yourself with increasing strength from the outside in, you will only achieve that; by rotating the outer wall, your enemy will easily reach the center of your village.

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