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5 Technologies that Can Help Your Business Thrive





There are all kinds of tech out there that can help a business get to the next level. Say you own your own business or operate one. If so, you should know about some of these. If you’re not using them yet, consider whether getting them for your company might open doors for you, let you better compete within your niche, and start dominating the market for your services and products.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is great for remote work. Since the remote work model is here to stay for many companies because of the pandemic, it’s hard not to look into technology that can make your at-home workers comfortable and happy.

Two-factor authentication, which some in the IT world abbreviate as 2FA, adds an additional security layer and allows you to confirm someone’s identity when they’re logging into your software suite from a remote location. You want to make sure of the person’s identity who’s trying to access your company’s proprietary information, so spending the money to put 2FA in place makes sense.

Two-factor authentication requires you to implement a second way to identify someone’s identity other than just their login ID and password. The additional factor could be a mother’s maiden name or another question that only the person logging in can answer.

Fitness Wearables

You want to encourage your workers to live a healthy lifestyle. If they work from home, you know that they’re probably putting in a lot of hours in front of a computer. That’s great for productivity, but you also want them to stay physically active if the lifestyle they’re leading for your company makes them sedentary.

Asking them to wear a fitness wearable that you get for them as a gift, perhaps around the holidays, is a way you can monitor the activity in which they’re engaging during the day. You want them to complete their assignments, but you can also encourage them to take walks during the workday.

You might have a weekly competition to see which employee can take the most steps. As their boss, you can join in to promote solidarity. The winner might get a restaurant gift certificate or some other fun prize.

Cybersecurity software

Cybersecurity software can be used to detect intrusions into a network, system, or device. It blocks malware before it reaches the computer and some can even prevent data from being removed. Other forms of security software are designed to protect users against ransomware. Users might also want protection against keyloggers.

In the modern world, cybersecurity is a vital issue. With a rise in sophisticated hacking in recent years, it’s become especially important to keep your data safe and secure in this digital age. Malware is a type of software that infects your computer and steals information from your system without you noticing it happening. There are a number of different types of software that can help protect you from the threat of cyber crime.


If you have a business website, like so many companies do, you might want to consider paying someone to develop a chatbot for you. Chatbots can cost as much as a few thousand dollars to develop, but if you have that kind of money, you should see some significant investment returns once your bot is up and running.

Your chatbot can remain a permanent fixture on your website. When someone stops by at odds hours of the day or night, they can communicate with the chatbot, and it can answer most questions they have that your FAQ section does not address. If the potential customer still has questions the chatbot cannot answer, it will pass them off to a live operator or encourage them to send you an email to which you can respond promptly.

Electric Vehicles

Maybe you have a company vehicle fleet that you use to get your products onto store shelves. You might also use it to transport raw materials around, getting them from your supplier to the warehouse where you create your products.

If your vehicles still use gasoline, you might want to look into either hybrid or fully electric cars. If you decide that you’re ready to go with electric vehicles, you’re helping the environment in a significant way. You can also sometimes look for government subsidies to help you pay for the transition.

As a business operator, you should always look for tech that can help you and your workers with safety and productivity. Whenever you can embrace new tech, that sends a strong message that you’re not afraid to modernize the industry in which you operate.

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