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Access Management and IAM Security 





What is Access Management?  

With the help of access management solutions, businesses can authenticate, audit, and authorize their applications and IT systems. Access Management is an integral component of any Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. This tool helps in strengthening a company’s security and reduces any risks by controlling access to cloud-based applications, IT infrastructure, and services.

Access management’s main work is ensuring that users have access to the right resources whenever and wherever they require them. Additionally, most access management solutions have tools that can track log-on attempts and check user activities. One well-known tool that has been protecting businesses’ data for years is HelloID, one of the best access management software available in the market.

Here are some of the benefits of implementing access management in your business.

Benefits of Access Management

Improves the User Experience 

With Access Management, IT admins can create unique digital identities. These identities include a different set of credentials for each user. As a result, Access Management eliminates the hard work an individual has to put in to manage dozens of corporate resources and application accounts. Access Management also allows users to access corporate networks irrespective of time, device, and location.

Eliminates Password-Related Problems  

Access Management helps enable easy sign-in for your users. It ensures that your passwords are saved on the browser instead of writing them down on an excel sheet or sticky note. With this simple step, you don’t have to write down a password repeatedly or—even worse—use a single password for everything.

Access Management also provides the best security features so that your password remains safe. This system follows best practices to safeguard credentials, including timely updates and strong authentication measures such as biometrics, role-based access, and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

What is IAM Security?

IAM (Identity and Access Management) is an essential part of IT security. It manages digital identities and user access to an organization’s data, systems, and resources. With IAM security, you get various programs, technologies, and policies that reduce risks for the business. IAM software ensures compliance, mitigates risks, and increases efficiency.

Benefits of IAM Security

Increase in Security

Businesses are mostly prone to internal breaches. There is always some loophole within the organization that tends to create a chaotic situation. The most effective way to protect an organization from such internal threats is by implementing a strong IAM structure. In studies regarding organizational efficiency, at least 75% of the organizations agreed that IAM led to a decrease in unauthorized access incidents.

Multi-Factor Security

IAM security provides enterprises with two- and three-factor authentication that ensures there is no data breach. For example, it uses biometrics and security technologies such as iris scanning, face recognition, and fingerprint sensors to prevent data breaches.


Access Management and IAM security are two important aspects of safeguarding an enterprise’s data. It is clear from the above that enterprises cannot work efficiently without implementing these two tools. To keep your data safe, you need both IAM Security and Access Management in your organization.

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