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Does My Business Need a Website?



Does My Business Need a Website?

Does My Business Need a Website?

Nearly every large company in the modern age has a website.  That number doesn’t reflect small business at all, though!  Less than 64% of smaller companies have a website, even though 70% to 80% of people shop online in their daily lives.

If you’re considering taking the next big step and creating a website for your company, you’re not alone! You can even hire a website development agency for creation of your website and they will give you the best results in this industry. These are some of the top things you should ask yourself to be safe!

Do You Sell Physical Goods That Can Be Shipped?

If your company sells physical products, are these items capable of being shipped cost-effectively?  Unfortunately for many smaller furniture or machinery companies, this can be too expensive initially, but for businesses that sell smaller goods, there’s a good chance you can ship your items.

Consider how much packaging would be necessary to ship your items, and decide if you can factor that into the cost of these products online, giving them a slight markup to account for the expense of packaging them.

Are Your Services Able To Be Completed Digitally?

If you sell services rather than items: are these services able to be completed digitally?  For restaurants, this may look like offering a delivery option.

For companies like dental offices, it could mean that you provide appointment sign-ups online so that patients don’t have to call or come in to schedule an appointment.

Do You Need Help Reaching More People?

If you’re a company that doesn’t want to offer anything for sale online: consider if you need a website to provide information about the company.  Many people want to know about the business they’re looking at before they visit it.

You can advertise through an SEO marketing agency to draw customers into your website and then allow your website to either guide them to the physical location or put your company in their mind so that they stop by the next time they’re out.

How Much Are You Able To Invest In A Website?

Creating a website can take a lot of money and time and can be a large amount of work if you’re not prepared for it.  Unfortunately, this means that smaller companies of just one or two people don’t have the time or finances to set up a website or maintain customer service for it.

Some simple website builders can be a great option to try until you can afford a large website from your sales.  These can be easy to put together but are often simple in design, perfectly suited to a company’s first website.

Are You Willing to Invest In Advertising?

How much are you willing to invest in advertising to bring your company’s site to people’s attention?  Although it’s a lot of time and money to advertise, your website will lose money through hosting costs if you don’t put in the effort to drive traffic to it.

Thankfully there are many different ways to advertise, from SEO articles to working with influencers online, so you’ll be able to find an option that works for your business.

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