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Explore Smart Tricks to Get More Views in 2021 for Boosting Your Brand on TikTok



TikTok is a new player currently dominating the social media circuit. Ever since its inception in December 2016, it has been gaining incredible growth and phenomenal popularity. Most of the Z generation kids or teens consider TikTok to be the best social platform ever. This video-based app is undisputedly the fastest growing social media platform at the moment. TikTok allows everyone to create short compact videos, incorporate funny songs, upload unique content, and even make use of apt filters. 

As per Search Engine Journal, TikTok boasts of an insane reach. Some companies are doing things the perfect way on this platform, and their efforts are ultimately paying off in terms of a boost in overall presence and brand awareness online. Dunkin has proved to be a powerful player on TikTok. It has gained over 1.4 billion views specifically on its hashtag #dunkin. TikTok should not be regarded as merely an ‘addictive scrolling machine’ that all your Gen Z nephews, nieces, and kids are obsessed with. TikTok is a versatile social media channel with maximum chances of going viral. Here are a few tricks for getting more views on your TikTok videos in 2021.

Remember Collaborating with Others Pays

Top influencers and big brands utilize this stratagem judiciously to cross-promote one another. Focus on collaborating with the maximum number of people and the maximum number of times possible. Remember collaboration always pays and brings in new followers and triggers a boost in views on your TikTok videos. It is best to seek collaboration from people, who are having the same range of followers as you have. It helps to minimize your chances of rejection.

Focus on Using Best Music or Soundtracks

Focus on utilizing the best soundtracks because the sound is an integral part of a TikTok video. It is best to incorporate trending sounds on all possible occasions. You may come across trending sound ideas simply by capturing ‘video’. Go on to clicking sounds and scrutinizing them under the section called ‘Trending’. If you are thinking of reaching older users, try to incorporate classic sounds into your TikTok videos. This way, you could broaden your fan base. Moreover, you may buy TikTok views for boosting your fan base almost instantaneously.

Organize Contests & Giveaways

Any experienced marketer knows pretty well that giveaways are a perfect way of gaining likes, views, fans, customers, and mentions on TikTok. Brands or businesses have been running contests and giveaways since time immemorial just for gaining more exposure and boosting overall brand awareness online. You should focus your attention on running contests and giveaways for achieving exponential growth. In this context, you may know that giveaways could be ranging from signed shirts, signed postcards, signed books, or even meetings with you.

Always Insist on Feedback

Asking for customer feedbacks boosts engagement and helps you to identify your shortcomings or drawbacks. Once you have created numerous videos, it is a good idea to ask your fans and followers regarding ways you could improve your videos and entertain your audience in a much better way. 


Once you gain more and more fans, you can get a boost in views on your videos for achieving success on TikTok. Your fans take immense pride in making amazing videos with you. They are capable of presenting you to new audiences so that you could get more and more followers. 

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