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Features of Office 365 You Must Use



MS Office

MS Office

Microsoft Office 365 is packed with loads of features. These have the impact of boosting the productivities of the small businesses considerably. There are some features that really stand out from the pack. You need to know about them and make them a priority.

We have scoured the many features that this product has. In our explanations below, we shall highlight ten of the leading features and why they are important to make use of. Linktech Australia does offer more information about this suite while also helps firms in getting started with it.

Best Office 365 Features

#1: Microsoft Sway

This is a professional digital storytelling app. It empowers businesses to express their ideas by the use of an interactive and web-based canvas. The app does have an inbuilt design engine whose role is to produce professional and visually appealing presentations.

Unlike many other options that exist, this one does not require extensive formatting or added training. For this reason, it converts your contents to be visually stimulating regardless of the browser or screen you project them to.

#2: Microsoft MyAnalytics

The Microsoft MyAnalytics monitors and analyzes the manner in which you spend your time while at the workspace. It tackles this by way of maintaining a detailed log of all the activities you engage in. Through it, you may also identify those places that require some improvements.

It does possess an add-in that showcases activities of your latest work experiences and how to respond to the same. Through its e-mail digests, you are sure to obtain weekly and periodic highlights of the activities of your past weeks.

#3: Lync 2010

Lync 2010 is an instant messaging client that empowers you to carry out online meetings. It is highly regarded as the best for PC-to-PC video and audio connectivity. Unlike other features of this resource, this is installed on the desktop and used offline.

For this reason, it may function regardless of whether a connection is available or not. It bears many similarities with Windows Live Messenger. Use it to conduct live meetings with others around the globe.

#4: Cloud Storage

If your communique entails the use of photos and other attachments, you may wish to take advantage of the cloud storage that the resource comes along with. The role of the storage is to provide a backup for your files and other attachments.

Rather than attaching heavy files that may clutter your inbox, you only have to send out links to the resources. The user on the other end will only have to click the link, and that is it!

There are many third-party cloud storage and backup services available. It’s important to back up even the cloud itself, don’t worry about your files with cloud-to-cloud backup solutions as they provide additional protection to your important data. Check this site to learn more about automated Microsoft Office 365 backup.

#5: Resume-reading Feature

A resume-reading feature exists in the office suite. You use this to read and make meaning of the contents of the document. It basically guides you through the process of scouring a document and navigating its lengthy contents.

The feature makes it possible for you to conveniently make meaning of the contents. It also lets you stay organized and stems from any confusion that may arise when taking readings. Need we add that it automatically bookmarks the places you have stopped at?

#6: Self-decluttering smart inbox

Most office suites are cluttered in the sense that they incorporate too many contents that make the interior stay disorganized and difficult to navigate. Office 365 suite contains a clutter feature. This analyzes the activities of the mailbox and flags the high-priority messages automatically.

It then goes beyond that to move the less important messages to the clutter folders. In this way, it enables you to peek into them at a time that is convenient for you.

#7: Microsoft Planner

Make use of the Microsoft Planner to manage your projects and create a consistent streak of workflow. The planner also oversees the assignment of the tasks to the individual players that constitute the entire workforce.

This feature may also serve to keep track of the status of the tasks. It ticks the tasks that are completed while also stating the length of time left for the ongoing or pending tasks. By this arrangement, it minimizes any likely confusion that may arise.

#8: Power Map

Power map facilitates the interpretation of data. It visualizes the data to enable you to easily peek into it. This, it does, by converting the two-dimensional data into three-dimensional forms. In this manner, it lets you easily make deductions from the data set.

In this way, you are more likely to come up with actionable solutions. Besides visualizing the data, this resource also lets you interact easily with the various aspects of the data set.

#9: Skype in-app integration

Skype is by far the king of all the vise-conferencing tools we have. Microsoft Office Suite understands this so well. That is why it has also integrated the app. With Microsoft 365 Office Suite, you need not to separately make a call.

It lets you make the calls within the resource structure. Through this arrangement, you are assured of smooth and seamless interactions and a minimal loss of time. Other than this, you also stand to synchronize your activities well.

#10: Real-time co-authoring

Lastly, the resource enables real-time co-authoring. This simply means that it allows you to collaborate with other writers and content producers at the same time. It manages this principally by allowing the smooth sharing of data via SharePoint and the OneDrive cloud storage.

Also coming along is the handily integrated sidebar. This has a set of tools that perform a range of tasks. Examples of these are editing, updates, sharing and receiving files, conversion of files, and tracking of changes.


There are many other features that the Microsoft Office 365 suite has to offer to anyone. The ones we have identified and explained above are just the tip of the iceberg. You need not stop there. Instead, you have to go beyond the ones we have mentioned.

Even without delving into those extras, we would wish to ask you not to even debate whether or not the resource might be good for your business or not. The suite represents the future of office work. You should have implemented it as early as possible.

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