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The Impact Of Technology In Our Day To Day Activities And How It Has Given Us A More Promising Future






We are lucky enough to live in a world where technology is at its best. The constant innovations in technology have made our daily life easier and more enjoyable. We live in the first half of 21st century, and the things we see right now couldn’t be imagined a few years back. Technology has touched every part of our lives from health care to transport efficiency, day-to-day activities, socialization, entertainment and so on.

The Internet and social media

The Internet is one of the best technological innovations. The modern world has become a smaller place because this amazing technology has made people come closer to each other and get connected, just like getting in touch with a guy next door. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., are technology-driven. All these social media platforms have a large following. From celebrities to common man, all have their loyal user base.

The introduction of social media has made communication go global. From the time we get up till we go to bed at night, every second is spent on social media platforms. Heated debates about the current political scenario on Twitter every second and the Twitter likes for every opinion voiced through a Tweet have come to have a great importance. Global communication on a large scale is seen on social media every second. It has given birth to worldwide movements like “Black Life Matters” and “Me Too”.

Business, too, has made use of such platforms in a very positive way. Many have seen success by promoting their brand on social media. There are good and bad things about technological wonders like Twitter, but it depends on the people who handle it.

Information at your fingertips

Gone are the days when we had to hunt for an encyclopedia or run to the library to get some information. Now with the likes of Google, any information is easily available on the Internet. Due to the constant innovations in technology, a wide source of information is readily available at our fingertips. You can search just about anything on the Internet.

Google maps are a great help when travelling. It’s amazing how the GPS can navigate us and take us to our destination without complication. Through the years, technology has slowly changed the way we live, think and act. Smartphones, smartwatches, etc., have made our life more efficient and easy to handle. Learn more about passage planning software.


With the pandemic showing no signs of retreat, we are getting more and more dependent on technology. Education has been hit hard, and the children’s future would have been in jeopardy if, with the help of technology, the online classes would not have started. Now the teachers can reach the students and teach them without any difficulty.

Even companies are following the work from home process, and most of the employees and the employers get in touch through webinars and perform their duties smoothly and efficiently. If it were not for technology, the businesses and the education system would have collapsed. 


No more long queues outside the bank. All the banking procedures are done without stepping into the building. Paying bills, all kinds of bank transactions are done digitally. Paypal, Google pay, etc., are the new technological concepts in banking.


Netflix, YouTube, etc., are platforms that enable us to stream movies and videos according to our interests. Entertainment now is not limited to TV sets and theatres. We can watch numerous movies of different genres just by downloading an app. It captures your interests and provides you with the contents you like. Technology has made everything convenient, and during the testing times of pandemic when all are locked inside, this kind of app is worth it.

The future is changing for the best

The future’s looking bright. The above points are just a few ways technology has touched our personal lives. But there are so many more important things like robotics, space technology, electric and self-driving cars, solar panels, bullet trains, and it never ends. Even the computers that people use today will continue to become better and better and do calculations that will surely advance humanity. Get the most reliable information on So with confidence, we can say that the future is changing for the best.

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