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How To Increase Your Score In Block Puzzles



Block Puzzles

Block Puzzles

A block Puzzle is a fun trivia game and puzzle that combines Tangrams and Tetris. The game’s basic guidelines are as follows: Drop blocks anywhere on the screen to position them in a way that they will fit into the shaded area in the middle. This game appears easy at first glance because there are so few bricks. Yet as the number of blocks grows, it gets more challenging.

There is no question that your goal when playing a block puzzle is to complete it successfully and earn better scores. This is achievable, especially if you have the right advice and strategies. In this article, we go over tips for solving block puzzles. Let’s explore them.

  • Make a plan.

Sadly, some players lose sight of their surroundings because they focus on clearing rows and columns. However, a game does not last forever no matter how long you play or how quickly it seems to go. The game regretfully ends early when this happens because there are often several blocks at the end of a row that simply cannot fit elsewhere on the board. Hence, if you want to play for a long time and raise your score, you must prepare beforehand.

  • Pay attention to horizontal and vertical lines

The objective of the block puzzle game is to avoid constructing as many brick stacks as possible. Blocks must be lined up vertically and horizontally to cover spaces on the game board. After you complete a line, you can gain points and remove a space from the board. This sets this game apart from similar games where the goal is frequently to stack the most bricks or match shapes and colors.

The gameplay in this block puzzle game is more engaging when lines are constructed and, finally, the board is covered with either horizontally or vertically placed pieces, albeit doing so could earn you some points.

  • Don’t stack blocks on the board.

Make sure the blocks are appropriately arranged. Thinking about which pieces would be most effective for your strategy before placing them on the grid would be advantageous. You must also have accurate timing and aim because it will be simple to position your pieces faster than your opponent. If you occasionally make blunders, don’t worry as that’s normal.

  • Clear as many columns as you can

In block puzzle games, clearing lines gives you points. A large number of identically colored rows or columns, however, might not be immediately apparent to you or your opponent.

Concentrating on specific areas may quickly gain points while confusing your opponent. This will make them make mistakes, which you can take advantage of by deciding on their next move.

  • Make an effort to produce more lines than blocks.

There are several ways to clear a line. Either one swipe or three successive turns can be used to clean things up. Nonetheless, organizing uncommon shapes like diagonals or diamonds involves some of the most creative and difficult procedures.

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