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What Exactly Is A Hot Tub And How Does It Differ From A Hot Bath?



Hot Bath

Hot Bath

The definition for “hot tub” may have changed over the years, where it used to mean a tub full of hot water but now it means something more complicated, usually called a Jacuzzi. Researching online, I’ve found there are even inflatable hot tubs on websites like TubHQ. So what is a hot tub? And what about baths and jacuzzis?

Defining A Hot Tub

To be specific, a hot tub is basically a bathtub that has jets to propel hot water into it. Usually, a hot tub should have enough room for more than one person. There are a variety of different models available these days, but hey generally fall under one of two categories: fixed hot tubs and portable (inflatable) hot tubs. Each has its pros and cons, and we won’t get into their comparison in this article. There are also hot tubs that come with air jets instead of wet jets.

What Is A Jacuzzi?

The term ” jacuzzi” is often used interchangeably with a hot tub. However, it is a trademarked name. The company is a family business that was started in Italy. Although they dabbled in the manufacture of different products, the Jacuzzi brothers are most well known for inventing jets that could be added to a hot bath to alleviate muscle and joint pain. They have been making hot tubs since the early 70s, and the term “Jacuzzi” was trademarked in 1978.

What Is The Difference Between A Hot Tub And A Hot Bath?

The primary difference between a hot tub and a bath is the use of jets. Besides that, hot baths do not have a mechanism to maintain a steady temperature. Another major difference is in the use of products. Bath salts, soaps, and other products are often used when people are in a hot bath. However, the jets in a hot tub make it difficult to use. The advantages of using a hot tub are far more than that of soaking in a hot bath. Also, hot tubs require significantly more upkeep and running costs. It’s worth noting though, that baths are usually drained every time they are used. Hot tubs keep the same water for a longer period of time, and don’t require draining unless there is a reason to deep clean. Hot tubs usually require the addition of chemicals to balance the pH and also to keep the hot tub sanitary. This is almost a non-issue for bath owners.


A hot tub is a great way to relax after a long day, or to help alleviate pain from working out. If you have the option and budget that allows you to get a hot tub, even an inflatable one, we highly recommend it. They are a great place to have parties or even just to wind down with a glass of wine. Hot tubs are undoubtedly more comfortable, albeit more of a hassle to maintain and keep clean.

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